Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Well this week has been interesting and super long. Whenever we have preparation on Wednesday it feels like forever. I didn't have transfers like I thought I would haha. Which was happy but now I'm not so sure...because I'm district leader and I don't wanna be. I´m nervous because I feel like I'm brand new and I don´t know enough but its alright I guess, my companion has been district leader before and well I know that if its what I'm supposed to do I'll have help. My district is really cool though so I'm happy about that, I been here in the zone with most of them for a while, we have the wards Mixihuca, Balbuena, Moctezuma, and Zaragosa with 4 sisters and 6 Elders including my companion and I. They're Hermanas: Beck (Rock Springs), Pech (Cancun, MX), Candido (Brazil), and Fuqua (Utah) and Elders: Navejas (Sonora, MX), Anderson (Virginia), Feller (Las Vegas), and Paz (Pachuca, MX). It´s fun because I get to talk to them everyday, try and help them with their investigators, and do divisions with them but I'm nervous about the baptismal interviews and the district classes. Pray for me...haha...
The twins are the same twins that I have always talked about in Mixihuca but we did have some 12 year old twin investigators in Muzquiz. The twins Monica and Veronica Lugo are 30 and were baptised a week or 2 before I got here. They´re really great and we're teaching their younger sister that lives with them. Her name is Guadalupe haha. They also collect postcards and I told you a while ago to send one from Idaho but I forgot to send the address so I´ll send it right now and you can send them a note. They're taking an english class and I'll help them translate it. This week Veronica made us a pumkin pie (that doesnt exist here she asked her sister in california how to make it) it was really good. 
I can now say that I have gotten used to the weather in Mexico and I am going to die in Idaho. The weather has now changed to winter and its soo cold. It´s hard to get up in the morning from the cold and I use a sweater everyday now. Then I checked what the weather was and its only like 50 degrees-AT NIGHT-, the lowest its gotten i like 47... We´re like the crazy californians. Everyone walks around in coats, scarfs and hats but its still green everywhere and it hasn´t even hit freezing. 
I really liked the Christmas devotional, have we ever watched it before? I don´t think so. We went to the stake center to watch it with the Lugo family and Erika. It was good and Guadalupe really liked it. It was good because she hasn't really liked church much, she likes the gospel she just doesnt like the way people always talk about their own lives or especially about marriage or family (she's not married and she doesnt want to be) So she loves the conferences and everything but not the ward (shes only gone twice to the ward and to stake and general conference we'll keep trying).
This week is exciting because Thursday we have Zone Conference, Friday the ward party (the food will be great and we're going to bring a lot of investigators), Saturday the cultural celebration for the Tijuana Temple, and Sunday the dedication. I'm happy we get to see the dedication and how cool is it that we just barely had the Mexico City re dedication and now Tijuana. Yulieth thought that we were all going to go to Tijuana to watch it so she was excited but no haha just to the stake center, she missed the last one so I'm glad she has another chance. 
Sounds like you're all getting ready for Christmas. I haven't gotten the package yet but I think soon. Its exciting but it doesnt feel like Christmas to me or at least not yet. We saw some christmas trees at the market and I looked at the tag and they all said Salem, Oregon, craqzy right? That's where they're from at Kesler's too but you knew that they would bring them all the way from Oregon to Mexico. Its weird to me because there are also people that just go to the mountains here close and cut their own so I don't know why they bring other trees so far. So everyones already bought all the presents? Sounds like you're all very busy but don't forget to take a break every once and a while... and also think of the real meaning of christmas, its cool to be a missionary this time of year because people are thinking a little more about Christ or at least trying and realize that they should think about him more. 
I'm reading the Book of Mormon for the 3rd time in spanish and its great! I'm loving it and I know its true. I can now say that I understand all of it and I have learned the importance of reading it everyday. Every single day we need to strengthen our testimony that its true and then use what we learn, if you don't use it you loose it. 
Thanks for all the pictures Dad. I love them. The Star Valley temple looks really cool and its crazy because I feel like you just barely told me they hadn't even started but it looks like they're way far! The deer and the kids in the pool were cool too. Send me some nice pictures of the snow and maybe one of you guys in front of the tree or something. 
Well love you lots. Have fun in the 3rd row at the conference center and at Jace's concert, they'll be awesome. I'm happy to be in Mixihuca for Christmas and by the end of the cycle I'll have completed 6 months in the ward... crazy huh? Love you and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Inskeep

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Us at the temple visitor center with Evelia and part of her family and also the hermanas that took us on the tour 
 Turns out they did send us pictures from thanksgiving!
(with Elders Koerper (Kentucky) and Paz (Honduras) our zone leaders, and the hermanas Beck (wyoming) and Gantz (Florida) and the twins Monica and Veronica)
 Elder Castro and I with the Mendoza Family (Brandon 14, Guadalupe, Toñito 7, Israel) 
I found my first companion Elder Castillo at the temple! He goes home in JAnuary
Well Im glad you had fun in Wyoming for Thanksgiving. We had dinner with the Lugo family (the twins that got baptised a while ago) and some other missionaries which was good. They took some pictures but they haven't sent them to me yet so I'll send them to you later. I miss grandma too. 
The stake conference was good. The session saturday night was way boring I hope its not like this everywhere but it was just about ward council and probably 80% of the people that went have nothing to do with ward council. But the general session was very good, it was all about the family and they had a deacon, a laurel, a YSA, and a mom and dad speak about different parts of the family and how to be spiritually stronger as a family, it was great, they talked a ton about the sabath and tithing which was interesting and also about the temple. Josefat and Rey were ordained which was great, Arturo was in Cuernavaca for the weekend so he didnt go which is alright maybe hes not ready. I was so happy for Josefat, I don't think its very normal that a missionary gets to find a family, teach them, baptise them and see the dad ordained an Elder, how cool is that, we still don't have a bishop but I'm thinking maybe they'll wait a year for Josefat to enter the Temple and call him as Bishop haha...
Last night we went with our investigators the Mendoza family to the Temple to see the lights. It was beautiful. We had planned to go to the visitor center but it was closed because there was a special devotional before they turned on the lights so we were a little sad but at least they liked the lights and we had more time to talk more about the temple and its importance. We're going again tonight with the twins and their parents and sister who aren´t members. 
I don't think that the ward really does anything specail, Maybe its just that the ward really needs them, their aren´t a lot of members with callings...who knows why... but Monica, Veronica (the twins), Rey and his wife, and Jasmin have callings. The YSA group is really welcoming and they dont even have a leader, they just do stuff on their own on weekends and invite everyone so that has helped Arturo and Yulieth. The twins have fellowshipped Erika and Evelin really well. The patriarch is also Evelin and Josefats neighbor. We just need some more help with Evelia because she doesnt know a lot of people. Other than that I'm not sure, its just that they were all ready for the gospel and willing to work.
I hope I'll get the packages soon too, I got the email asking about the taxes and was confused, I thought it was a scam or something until I read the letter. When they get to the offices I should get them pretty fast because I'm not that far from the temple and everytime someone from the zone goes to the office they bring back everything for the zone and give it to us at church or in our district class every tuesday. 
Well the Mendosa Family has their date for the 19th, Eduardo who's girlfriend is less active the 12th, and hopefully Samantha and Lupita (the twins sister) soon! We're also hoping for the permission of Evelia's kids. Itzi, Raul, Noelli, and her nephew David. 
Next week is transfers so I'll write on Wednesday. Hopefully I dont have transfers but who knows...I've been here a while. 
Love you lots and its great to hear from you. Send me pictures!
Hasta luego
Elder Inskeep

Evelia's Baptism!
Hola papas!
Evelyn's baptism (we learned her real name is Evelia which makes it easier because we already have an Evelin) was great!! We went to practice the baptismal interview with her and the family on wednesday and her husband actually knew it better than her. Then we found out we needed a special interview so we had to go to the offices at the temple so she could be interviewed by president, so it was a good excuse to get her husband to go to the visitor center and she knew it, she told him she needed him to go with her. It was great, the moment he walked in I know he felt something and he loved the Cristus, and took a whole bunch of pictures, then when Evelyn was done we took a tour, we went through the Eternal Families exhibit and then watched a mormon message about not procrastinating. The sisters who took us on the tour did a great job (a sister from Sinaloa, Mexico that has been out as long as I have and a brand new sister from Ecuador) he really changed after that. He needs to go to church and he still refuses because he has to work, the sad thing is is that I understand, he sells potatos in the Merced Market everyday and works from 4 in the morning until 5 or 6 at night and does not make very much, of course Sunday is the biggest day in sales, I wish he would just go once and he would see a difference. I know he will be baptised some day though, and hopefully his kids, nephews nieces and sister soon. 

Its good to hear that the stake conference went well! We have stake conference this weekend too. 
I dont know what the difference is here with the converts but I think its just because they're ready. It really is amazing that the last 11 people baptised in this ward are 100% active. They're so great, I really love this area, I think I'll probably have transfers soon because I've been here a while and I'm going to be sad about it. I already told you they dont have thanksgiving here but the Lugo twins invited us to eat thanksgiving dinner with them on thursday which is exciting, they told me that I have to show them how to do thanksgiving or Dia de Acción de Gracias. haha. Yeah it was so great that Arturo, Josafat, and Rey (a convert from a few weeks before I got here) were ordained Priests in the Aaronic Priesthood, it was also way cool Ferndando (our ward mission leaders brother who is 17, a priest, and goes on visits with us everyweek) was able to ordain them. They will be ordained to the Melchezidek in the Stake Conference. They are all progressing so well. 

I am so thankful that I was born to goodly parents in the gospel of Jesus Christ. That I'm a citizen of the United States of America. And that I am serving a mission in la Cuidad de México. I'm SO grateful for the great examples you have been to me and for your testimonies in my life to strengthen mine, I'm thankful for your patience. I'm thankful that I have 6 siblings and for everyone of them and their examples to me and everything they've taught me. I'm thankful I grew up in Blackfoot, Idaho and all of the friends I met there and their help to me. I'm also grateful for all of the people I have met here in México; the members, my companions, and my converts. I have learned so much here and I'm grateful for that and all the experiences I've had. I am thankful for the opportunity I have to be a better person through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the ability I have to help others do the same and see their progress. 
I love you soo much and have a great week!!! Happy Thanksgiving 🍗 and Happy Birthday to Anna!! Tell everyone iHola!
Elder Inskeep

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Well this week has gone fast. Eveline and Josafat are so great. Josafat has his interview to be ordained to the aaronic priesthood this week and Arturo already had his. We hope they will be ready to recieve the Melchizedek in stake conference in a few weeks. They are already serving by helping clean the church and they are always prepared for the classes. 
Ask Bro Kinney what the ward/branch was called and if he remembers where the church was? Our building is old and all of the others nearby are newish so it could be the same one. That would be super cool if he was here and met some of the people I know. I also keep thinking about Michael because he served in Tampico and theres a lot of missionaries from there or people that served there. Theres a brother in our ward that is 40 that went there named Hermano Arzate Im not sure how old Michael is but they might know each other.
Thanks for the line of authority, its interesting, and cool because we know where the authority comes from.  
Well its good you're busy. They report to the high council during the week? I thought it was on sunday. 
Its been all busy here too. Its a little bit hard because everyone here is busy with christmas stuff too. This weekend was their version of Black Friday called Buen Fin. Its weird that everything for christmas starts here early because theres no thanksgiving. Which is sad.
I've realized...again...from talking to Elder Anderson that I talk weird in English from hardley not speaking it and thinking in spanish and I also have an accent in spanish so I cant speak normal to anyone. 
This week we will have the baptism of Evelyn Perez!!! Shes the mom of the victoriano family that has been listening to the missionaries for a long time. We visited her on thursday and she started to cry. She said shes tired of waiting for her husband to give permission to the kids to get baptised she said she realized that maybe she needs to get baptised first and then she can help her family. We also started teaching her brother which is cool. 
Well Im excited to get the package. Im sad because I wanted to send some of the cheap mexican candy that they sell in the market close to our house for christmas but turns out you cant send candy into the US. Mexico doesnt care if you send stuff here but the US is super strict. Ill have to find something else. 
Umm... Well good luck in stake conference and with everything. Here soon we'll be talking over skype haha. Time goes so fast!!!! In 2 days Ive been here 9 months. Tell everyone hi. Love you lots and hope you have a good week!
Hasta luego
Elder Inskeep
 Me with Kevn right before he left in the park in front of the house (the bluish green building)
Evelyn and Josafat's baptism
Buenas Tardes
The baptism went great. I´ll send the pictures, they´ll be better because Yulieth took them for me haha. Im excited for them and they are so excited to prepare to enter the temple! 1 year! 
Sounds like you´re all busy and doing a lot of painting! You´ll have to send pictures when you´re done. I got a whole bunch of emails from friends in the mission today which is fun. Emily in Bolivia has 6 months in the mission, Kevin got to Monterrey today, Elisabeth is in Carolina and sent me a funny video of her and her companion singing songs from the prince of Egypt, Cooper sent me an email to tell me he didnt die in the hurrican in Texas, Caleb had transfers in Costa Rica, and Jared is training in Wisconsin. Did you hear Taylor Smiddy is going to London? Eduardo and Andrea still havent got married so we´re hoping thats soon...still hoping. We found another family last night that live behind the church, Israel, Guadalupe, Brandon, and Toño Mendoza. They are so great! They´re catholic for tradition and because they want to be close to God but they dont like the church because they dont feel its focused in the truth! We taught the restauración and they liked it, we´re going to go to the temple visitor center this week! Israel is a tour guide so he gave me his busness card for when you come to Mexico. We also found another family that live in the same building as Darinka, the mom is super sick and in the hospital so we havent met her but we taught the daughter one day and the dad the other. Gervacio (the dad) has a friend that is a bishop and he seems pretty interested the only thing is that they´re both super catholic and its going to be hard for them to get rid of their saints and stuff. We also put a date with the Victoriano Family again and this time the dad didnt say no (he didnt say yes either but theres hope), Its cool because theres the mom and dad, 3 kids and a nephew and 2 nieces that we can baptise. 
The pictures of the dance looked fun. I think I know everyone but Anna´s date. The pictures of Carter and Cole looked great too and its funny to see that Cameron is still reffing. Hows Kelsey going with violin? 
Im sorry Im not thinking of very much to say... After we get done writting we´re going to go to Subway in the other ward Balbuena, with Elder Navejas from Sonora close to Arizona, and Elder Anderson from Arlington Virginia. Elder Anderson just got here 2 weeks ago and hes pretty fun to be with. I also feel bad for him because he always says hes frustrated with spanish and I know how he feels, the first few weeks are hard. He keeps asking me how long it took to learn spanish which makes me feel good because he thinks I know it well haha. In the morning got up and started the laundry and then cleaned the apartment. When we finished the clothes were already dry so that was nice. Laura our landlady (Kevin´s aunt) is opening a cake business downstairs so its going to smell really good in a few weeks haha. Now she has a gym and a cake business which is kind of funny. People can eat the cakes and then go to the gym to burn the calories. 
Why does the site give free physicals? What class did you teach in gp dad? We´ve been teaching the class too because the teacher went somewhere. I really love teaching it because its full of all the people Ive worked with that I love in this ward, the twins Monica and Veronica, Jasmin, Yulieth, Arturo, Erika, Eduardo and Andrea, Josafat and Evelin, a guy that got baptised in Chiapas and then moved here named Fernando, and a few people that are reactivating. They´re all progressing so well! Veronica, Monica, and Jasmin all have callings that they are working hard in, Yulieth is going to give the prayer in stake conference (shes nervous haha) and Arturo is going to be ordained next week and we´re hoping Jose Armando (one of the kids we baptised almost 3 months ago) recieves the aaronic priesthood too! 
Who knows if the cookies will send well. I think they´ll be fine if you seal them real good. People send food to missionaries all the time so it should be alright. 
Im loving it and learning a ton. Its not easy but everyday I remember how worth it it is. Love you lots and have a good week! 
Elder Inskeep

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Well sounds like youve all had a busy weekend. Weve been less busy this weekend and we even had to be at home early saturday, sunday and today because its day of the dead and people get crazy in the streets. Honestly I dont like day of the dead. Its a holiday when the people remember their ancestors, more traditional families set up an "offering" which is a picture of the person they are remembering, candles/incense, and food that the person liked. They believe that the spirits of the people can eat the food and that maybe you can communicate with them. Then they combine it with Halloween and all the kids (and some adults) dress up as dead people and go to parties and walk the streets, asking for candy. We even had some kids ask us for candy last night when we were walking home but we didnt have anything and they werent very nice about it. Then theres all kinds of drunk people and fireworks so its loud all night. They always eat a sweet bread called pan de muertos or dead bread haha its actually really good even though it doesnt sound like it haha. 
Well to answer your question mom its not really like New York but it is at the same time. I know that you would like it less than you liked New York but for sure when you meet the people (I think its probably the same everywhere) you would like it more. Its sure is big but in the part Im in the majority of the builds arent that big because Im in the historic part, which is cool. We have a neighboorhood that has some pretty big buildings but theyre not that nice. The nice part of the city is outside of the mission. The Moctezuma stake is pretty much full of normal people not rich or poor but our ward has a variety because downtown is pretty poor, then theres a lot of normal neighboorhoods and then some nice apartment complexes that we hardly ever enter unless a member lives there because they have guards and high walls. Its nice to be downtown because there is a ton of transportation we have the 11 metro stations that are part of 4 different lines so we can go where ever we want in metro and it costs 5 pesos. Then Metrobus costs 6, Microbus is 4, Trolleybus is 4 or 2 depends on which one. We almost never use taxi but theres a lot of those too. You could look up Zocalo, calle Francisco Madero, Mecado la Merced, Parque de los periodistas, El pueblo de Magdalena Mixihuca, for pictures. We live in colonia "el Parque." Youve seen the ward limits right?
The weather has been pretty nice, cloudy from the storms in the coast and its only rained at night so its been great. I think theres probably always a chance of rain because it rains a lot, almost everyday in the afternoon, luckly it hasnt rained too hard in a while. I think we´re done with the rainy season. It was pretty hot today, we had the zone activity and Im pretty sure I got a little sunburned so thats fun. We always play a sport in the activity and today we had an American football and a soccer ball (football). In the first 5 minutes somebody kicked the soccer ball on the roof of one of the stake center so we had to play american football. It was kind of ridiculous because the Latinos dont really know how to play and neither do the sisters (and neither do I) so that leaves the Elders from Las Vegas and Virginia to teach everyone. It was wierd but fun. Later someone got on the roof for the soccer ball and we played soccer like always.
Josafat and Evelin got married on friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So theyll get baptised on thursday (Josafats birthday, he turns 32) Now we´re hoping Eduardo and Andrea have an appointment with the judge to get married this week and baptised the next... Darinka also needs to get married and quit smoking but we still havent met her husband and she isnt too motivated to get married. She told us the other day she always thought that she and her husband had enough commitment together with their son (Mateo) but if things didnt work out she´d find someone else...
We changed time last week too so who knows what is the time difference right now. My companion is good.
The pictures of Carter, Cole and Jace looked good! Is Anna playing something right now? She probably between x country and basketball right? Kelsey and Jo are still jump roping? Id like to see pictures of that too. Youll also have to send me pictures of the dance.   Id also love to see the leaves  (they dont fall here) and the snow when it comes. Anna didnt write me this week so Kelsey is officially the best.... Theyre all good but Kelsey is la mejor. 
How are the Curtis.s? And Marcus and Star?
Good luck with the Tater Trot Mom! Hope the weather is good. Ill think about the talk...I still have time right? When is the conference? I think youll do great with whatever because you have the experience in the primary and youll have the spirit to tell you what is important to say. The Mixihuca primary president is really good, its really cool to see the primary and everything they learn and how much Luna (Andrea and Eduardos daughter) loves it. 
Welp I think thats all, love you lots and have a fantastic week! 
Hasta luego
Elder Inskeep

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Well both Anna and Mom asked about the hurrican but everything here is fine. In fact I hardly even knew about it. The coast is like 5 hours to the west and like 7 to the east and we are extremely elevated so we´re fine. Its actually been really nice because its been cloudy all week and it only rained alittle bit today. Arturo and Erika arent anything. They are two seperate people, Erika had a boyfriend when she was younger that was LDS but I dont think he was a very good example because they lived together, shes had a really hard life, she had her daughter when she was 16, married and divoriced in her 20s and now shes 35 and her daughter who is 19 has 2 kids. How crazy is that? 35 and shes a grandma. Shes an extremely good person and works in the billing office of a hospital like grandma haha. She is also a dedicated member of Alcoholics Anonymos? AA. i dont think she was ever an alcoholic but she likes to help people so she goes to do service. Arturo is 24, a univeristy student and works for a Taxi company as the radio guy that coordinates who goes where. His girlfriend is a member and preparing for a mission and his girlfriends brother is on a mission in Argentina. 
Tell Lana I said hi and thanks for the support and for saying that my letters are good haha. Its hard to write. I loved the videos of Jace wrestling! He did good and I also loved moms voice in the background! ¨go Jace´ and ¨did he just win?...Oh!!! Whooo Jace!¨ haha so good. Thats crazy youre so busy! Its also super great that you are inviting everyone to the party! Thats cool someone finally bought Grandpas house and shes a nice neighboor. Does Anna know her son? I was thinking maybe I know him but then I remembered that Im 19 and he would have been in Middle School when I was in high school. I cant believe Anna is going to be 17!!! They dont really celebrate Halloween here because they have their own holiday the first and second of November that is a combination of Memorial day and Halloween when they honor their ancestors but everything is all spooky and halloweenish...I still dont really understand but Ill tell you more about it when Ive lived through it. Its called Day of the Dead.... 
Yep Kevin left and Im sad haha...Im going to miss him alot because he like my best friend in Mexico and my companions were always a little different but it was great because Kevin was always with us haha. Ill send you his address. He left yesterday morning and he´ll be in the CCM until next week I think. I forgot to tell you like 3 weeks ago that I got to ordain him as an Elder so that was cool...he wanted his line of authority but Im not sure how to get that...? We also got to go when they set him apart as a missionary. It was nice. 
Thats so awesome that you had a general authority come to the ward...its weird he only went to 11th ward. The missionaries had investigadors at church? Its weird because I was thinking about it and I dont ever remember a single investigator expect for Saige...speaking of Saige and Jessie how are they? 
Thats cool you get to talk in stake conference. The primary is great. We had our primary program on sunday and it was really great! The primary here is really big for Mexico (still small for the US but..) there are like 25 active kids which is really cool. All their kids did their parts and even some of the older kids gave talks. An 8 year old girl that got baptised on saturday even gave the closing prayer. The songs were really great and it was fantastic for our investigators and converts, simple and sincere. They all want their kids to be part of it. Luna (Eduardo and Andreas daughter) went went to primary for the first time on sunday after being to scared to go every week before.
Speaking of Eduardo and Andrea we are hoping they get married this week and baptised the next (again)...and Josafat and Evelyn and also going to get married this week and baptised on the 5th Josafats birthday. 
My new companion is Elder Castro from Bogota, Colombia. Hes alright, I still dont know him very well but it seems like he works hard and knows how to teach well. 
Today we went to Zocalo and walked around and visited some of the free museums. It was alright but you get what you pay for is more than true in Mexico because they were all kind of boring. One of the museums was about the huge earthquake of 1985 that 20,000 people died in and kind of changed everything in the city. It also caused a ton of fear in everyone that survived it because now whenever there is an earthquake or even if its just a drill, people flip out. Like crazy crying, screaming, and praying in the streets, people will like pass out or throw up theyre that freaked out. I still havent felt an earthquake but theres been some small ones when the alarm has gone off. The crazy thing is the earthquakes dont even have to be that strong and they do a lot of damage here because the spanish filled in a lake to build the city so the ground is spongy. That is also why all the big buildings sink. We also went to an art museum and went behind the cathedral to see the pyramids that the spanish built the cathedral on top of to get rid of the Aztec culture. 
In Muzquiz we didnt have a laundry machine but here we do. Im just so glad that we have one and I never want to wash garments by hand ever again. My shirts are fine because we always took them to the laundry mat and paid the lady to wash them. In Mexico they dont have laundry mats that you wash your own using their machine. 
im not sure about the camera. How nice is it? I do want a new one but I dont want to spend any money either haha. I dont really need anything here but Im goin got need so much after...
I dont know if this was a very good letter but I dont feel like it was...lots of random stuff. sorry. Good news is is that monday will come quicker so we´ll talk again soon. Remember Andrea, Eduard, Evelyn, Josafat and everyone in your prayers.
Love you lots and thanks for everything!
Hasta luego
Elder Inskeep
 Arturo and I
 Erika and I
Erika´s baptism (her boyfriend, a sister that has befriended her, Erika, and I)
Thats so cool we have a yogurt place in Blackfoot now!!! Is it good? I still have a hard time with the word yogurt in spanish because its the same word just said with Mexican accent and I feel weird saying it. Kelsey looks super tall and skinny in the picture. Thats also cool about ace hardware its close to the house and what kind of stuff can you buy there? Its like cal ranch or something right? Why is the general authority going to speak in the ward? Thats wierd. I cant read what the shirt says but thats cool carter designed it. 
( the question is do we think we have the only true church)The question that the lady asked mom is a super common question and Ive always kind of felt the same way I dont want them to think that I think Im better than them, we just have to help them realize that the reason that we want to share it is because it has helped us and we want to help them, other churches do good things but nobody follows exactly what the scriptures say and have the authority and the ONLY way we can really know is if we study and pray. They also always ask us... 1: is it true you dont believe in the Virgin? (the worship the virgin of Guadalupe here) answer: we dont believe in guadalupe but we do believe in Maria, we dont worship or pray to her but we know she was a good person who had an important role in Gods plan. 2: why is it ok for Nefi to kill Laban (half the time they get confused and think Laban is Laman Nefi´s brother) answer: 1 Nephi 4:13...
Yep Erika and Arturo (Arthur in english) were baptised this weekend. It was so great! They were both so nervous but it was great. Erika cried through the whole thing before she was baptised she couldnt even sing and Arturo figeted a ton and kept whispering to me Ïm nervous haha. After I baptised Erika she came out of the water and said "ya?" (thats it?) haha. I was so happy. Ill send the pictures. Theyre not very good but at least you can see what they look like kindof haha. It was funny too because Elder Pardo went home on Friday and Ive been with Elder Perez that got here the same time as me whos companion went home too, so yep weve been in charge of 2 wards but weve had more to do in Mixihuca than his ward and his ward is also 30 minutes away in metro so its a little bit difficult. On sunday we had to to divisions the whole day because Elder Perez{s ward and ours both start at 8 so I was with Kevin all day and Perez was with someone from his ward...(sorry I feel like Im writing weird so hopefully you understand alright, things are coming to my mind in spanish) 
Today in the morning we cleaned the house and did laundry (I love having a laundry machine) and then we went to Buenavista a big mall nearby with Elder Montecillo (the mexican from minnesota) his companion Elder Andrade from Tabasco, and Kevin. We went bowling (is that how you spell it) and ate some tortas, then we went walking downtown to see some sites and then to the market. It was nice to have a peaceful day and not be worried about the schedule. 
Thats funny you guys talk in spanish together! When I try to talk in english I just talk a lot of spanglish, especially with conjunctions like y=and tambien=also tampoco=neither. I really cant even have a conversation in English haha. 
Ive told you about the District before, thats what we watch in the MTC and in our training...Theyre good. Thats sad about the Elder. Im excited to hear about all the sports that are going on youll have to send me pictures! Tell them all good luck? What other hints did Anna want to say, all she talked about was homecoming and powder puff. Sounds like its been a fun week. I hope theres not more Im forgetting... Love you lots
Hasta luego
Elder Inskeep
Well sounds like youve been way busy. I think this year and a half that I have left are going to go by super fast for all of us. Thats fun that everyone came, its funny to remember sophie. Sounds like Dad is super busy at work which is great, maybe he´ll hire me again for a little bit before I go to school after the mission. Carter and Cole play flag football? And Jo and Kelsey jump rope? I dont understand why Anna is taking health and human anatomy. You only have to take one of them...Yeah I believe it. Jace is super giving. I told you he gave me $50 in an envelope in the airport. Thats cool and hes going to be rich when he grows up because he works hard and hes so giving. God blesses us for what we do and according to what we do. When you help other people Heavenly Father helps us. Well tell Joise felicidades for her baptism. I saw the overall things that they use for baptisms in the picture, here we dont have those. We have to tell the investigator to bring white clothes and if they cant we have to find someone in the ward who is the same size and borrow some.  
We didnt have the baptism this week...we were sad but in the last lesson we had on friday when he told us he didnt want to get baptised right now my companion and I had the same feeling about something that maybe hes missing that we need to teach again and maybe a little more in depth so he can get over it. Hopefully itll be soon because hes pretty much a member hes just missing out on the benefits. This week we will have Arturo on Saturday and Erika on Sunday, so thats exciting. Theyre both excited and inviting people so it should be great. We ve recieved alot of references lately also so hopefully we can find some more people that are ready! Elder Pardo goes home on Saturday so Ill be with another Elder from a nearby ward whos companion goes home too (Elder Perez from Campeche Mexico, he got here with me) until I get my new companion. Im not sure if itll be next week or the week after but the week I get my new comp Ill write on wednesday and Ill get to go to the temple again. 
I learned why its so hot here, its really not that hot the sun is just super strong because the pollution makes the ozone thinner (which is why new york was so hot too) and we are also super high in elevation so the air is thinner and we´re closer to the sun, the pollution can also magnify the rays of the sun. So now you can understand haha Ive been saying its so hot and Ive seen the tempature but I dont understand celsius so I never really understood how hot it really was but then I converted it and realized that the weather here is perfect and its never that hot. The sun is just super strong. 
Thank you so much for your prayers and everything! Everything is going really well and Im happy. Its weird that there are so many new missionaries that are newer than me. I still feel super new but now they tell me Im old...
Love you lots! Tenga una buena semana!
Elder Inskeep

Friday, October 9, 2015

 Me, Elder Pardo, Elder Feller (Las Vegas), Elder Preciado, some hermanas from the ward and Jasmin (middle) before her baptism
 food....I think its spelt was good though
 Yulieth (the colombian before her baptism and with her son Geronimo 
 Before Eduardo´s (from Muzquiz) baptism
Some members from Barrio Muzquiz
Buenas tardes mis queridos papas. que maravillosa es la oportunidad hablar con ustedes hoy...
Its exciting that Josie gets baptised on saturday tell her congratulations and also FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS (happy birthday if you didnt already know) it is crazy that shes 8. Sounds like she got some fun stuff. Thats awesome you got to go to conference. I was hoping i would see you haha but I didnt... I loved conference. Thanks for the pictures. On saturday we left the house at like 9.30 to get to the stake center before 11 with our investigator Andrea and her daughter Luna (Eduardo her husband had to work) and also our converts the twins Monica and Veronica and also Yulieth and her son. So there was 8 of us in the streets trying to catch buses to the stake center. We were there all day because theres only 2 hours between the sessions and with like 45 minutes to get back to the area it wasnt worth it to leave. One of our neighbors the Hermana Jorgina gave us sack lunches both saturday and sunday that were way good so we just sat in the stake center, ate, watched the world news report of the church, and called investigators and less actives inviting them to the next sessions. It was nice and the food was good. Arturo went in the afternoon then on Sunday our investigators Laura, Josafat, Evelyn (who are all new) Silvia, and Lupita (the twin´s sister). Also some less active families. I was so glad that they all went and we hope that some others got to watch it on the internet, we´ll have to confirm all that this week. Im excited for when we get the Liahona so I can read the talks again. Laura is a new investigator who has been really depressed the past few months but she started talking with her niece that lives in the united states says that shes found a lot of peace in here words, turns out that the nieces husband is a bishop in Texas. They called the mission office and then the office called us, we went to visit her that day and she already has 3 lessons. Shes progressing very well and every time we visit her she gets better. Her daughter has noticed too so maybe we can start teaching her and her family soon too. Josafat and Evelyn are another young couple we found with a 2 year old son, the only difference is that this time they´re already MARRIED!!!! Theyre super interested and they are progressing really fast because they are already reading on their own and everything. Josafat is super smart and uses words that people don´t normally use so I felt a little uncomfortable in the first lesson because I didnt understand as well and then on top of that he had already done some studying between the contact and the lesson so when I started to say the first vision he already knew the words. How weird is that? I was like what is happening is he a member and this is a joke or what...they look like members and everything... but theyre not their just really interested and have studied a lot. Im a little bit worried about Rodolfo because hes missed church and he didnt go to conference. I feel bad because I know he´s super busy. 5 days a week he gets up at 5 to go to school. With traffic and his busy schedule (hes studying biochemistry) sometimes he doesnt get home until 10 or 11 at night, then he has homework. So i understand that hes tired but hes so ready he already knows everything and he wants to go on a mission he just needs to get baptised. I hope he gets baptised this week. Erika is ready though so thats good. And Arturo has already invited everyone he knows so hes ready too haha. 
I dont know if you heard that Kevin got his mission call to Monterrey Mexico, its close to Texas. 
Well it sounds like you guys had a fun week. I felt bad for the waitress at Maddox she was probably super embarrassed. Its funny in spanish embarazada means pregnant so sometimes when people dont know spanish very well they make the mistake and say they are embarazada but really theyre embarrassed. I also know exactly how the Tongan sister feels and I feel bad for every new gringo that comes because the first little bit is hard. Now the hard part for me is to still have the desire to study. I know Im super far from perfect but I can communicate fine and I feel comfortable so I dont have as much of a desire to study. But I know I need to so I can be way better so Im going to work in that. Today we went to buy groceries in the huge market we have in our area called la Merced. Its huge, its one of the biggest in Mexico and its super famous, it even has its own metro station. Its cool to because everything is so cheap. We spent like 200 pesos together and itll last us a long time. We bought some extra bananas because they were cheap and we´re going to make a milkshake. Well Elder Pardo has 2 weeks left in the mission. Its alright but I hope my next companion isnt going home like the past 2 because all they talk about is going home and on Pday they just want to visit converts before they leave. I just want to rest or maybe see something cool. Well I think thats all I have to say. Love you lots and hope you have a fantastic week. 
Con amor
Elder Inskeep

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ward mission leader Mike, our convert Yulieth, and I (yo)

The visitor center with Eduardo Andrea and their daughter Luna

Fireworks from the delegation

Fireworks from Delegation

Well the mouse story this week was pretty funny! I can just imagine how crazy the house was and that Anna was still in her own world. Haha it made me thing of the time the birds got out and Carter and Cole and I were scared, Anna was sleeping and Jace and Kelsey had to try to put it back in the cage  while Jo just sat on the couch and bossed everyone around. It also reminded me of the rats here and how freaky they are and the stories Ive heard. Thank goodness Ive only seen a few... The last time was last week when we were walking to an appointment at like 7;30 underneath one of the metro lines in our area that is above ground. We were underneath because it was raining and it was also starting to get dark and its a good place to walk because its like a little park. We passed one of the columns and Elder Pardo said look a group of cats...I looked and then they noticed we were there and started to run away. Then we notice their tails and that their hair was different. Aggghhhh their rats! At least they were afraid of us haha. But your story made me laugh.. Im excited for you guys to be at conference, Ill watch for you! Im also so excited to listen to the words of our living prophet and also that our investigators will be able to go and through the spirit I know that they will know he is called of God. The new apostels is cool too!. I hope that one is latino that would be really cool!. 
This week went really fast and everything is going really well. We went to an appointment with Eduardo and Andrea and we had planned to talk to them about the law of chastity and that they need to get married and one of the first things that Eduardo asked before we even started the lesson was what he needed to do to get married in the temple. They are so great!!!!!! I love them so much. Erika has her date for saturday. Shes progressing really well and everything is going good but we dont think shell be baptised this week only because we dont want to rush her and theres still just a little bit more she needs. Arturo and Rodolfo have dates for the 10th so pray for us that we can help them be ready for that and that they will know they are ready and they need to. Arturo is super ready but Rodolfo still feels nervous mostly for his family who are catholic (like everyone) but he says he wants to serve a mission so... he has to get baptised first haha. Darinka and Lupita and doing good too Darinka just needs to go to church and get married...and Lupita went this week but she felt uncomfortable in the relief society so hopefully everything will be good with her. 
Tell Kelsey thanks for praying for me! Shes great I love her.
Its funny when you said sister palmer I thought of the sister palmer here haha we have a sister palmer in the ward wierd right?  There are so many cool stories from missionaries that come from hard backgrounds and whos families arent members. I really am super happy to be here in Mexico and I also know that Im protected. 
I met a kid the other day from BYUI that was here on exchange for a semester and I thought that would be soo cool. Maybe I could do that? 
Everything is really great and I cant really think of anything else to say...I still dont have a way to send my pictures but I have some from the visitor center and from Kevin that Ill send...Speaking of Kevin his mission call came today and hes going to open it tonight and 7 so thats super exciting! Love you all lots! Adios
Elder Inskeep

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My zone with the seventy that came
Buenas tardes,
  Compadre is closer than friend but in spanish there are a ton of words for friend like cuate (which also means twins that arent identical) bato, pariente, carnal, ect some are normal and some are how they talk in the rough parts of town haha. Its good that you have a lot of work and everyone is busy. No I didnt get to shake hands with Eyring nor Holland but it was still cool that they were there close. We didnt have any baptisms this week, Rodolfo is scared of his family who are very catholic and Erika needs a little bit more but Erika is October 4th and Rodolfo is october 10th. We`re hoping Eduardo and Andrea will be soon if we can get them married. Darinka is also ready but she needs to get married too and we havent met her husband yet either, she said hes open hes just really busy so hopefully we`ll have a lesson soon. The little kids Tomas and Jose Armando still need to be confirmed but they went to Puebla to visit family a long time ago and still arent back, we also have a guy named Jorge that was baptised in LA but we need to confirm him, hes really busy so weve only talked to him a bunch on the phone so hopefully thatll work out soon too. We have two Guadalupes, Guadalupe Tello and Guadalupe Lugo that are really good, we need permission from Sis. Tellos daughter to teach her because she lives in a Senior citizen home and the people that work there are a little cranky and dont want us there teaching so we`re trying to figure something out with that and Sis. Lugo is the sister of the twins that were baptised recently and shes really great but super busy because she is the head accountant of a grocery store chain here in mexico and soon shes going on vacation for a few weeks to visit her other sister in California. And those are the ones that are close for right now. In this ward the ward mission leader conducts the baptismal serves and takes care of filling the font and everything so thats nice. The counselor trys to come to most of them but sometimes he doesnt but we have permission to baptise without him as long as we have the mission leader sense hes the only one in the bishopric. Yep he has to do all the interviews and everything, imagine how busy he was doing interviews for the temple dedication. He does well though especially for being the only one, all the converts are recieving callings and everything, Jasmin was just called as a counselor in the young womens. The weather here is the same as it has been for almost the whole time, i dont understand because they say that theres a rainy season and a dry season and a cold season but to me its all the same, one things for sure though the weather really is extreme, itll be way hot in the morning until like 4 or 5 and then it rains really cold and hard then in the night it could be hot again or windy and cold. I did see the pictures of the bathroom they look really great, I didnt say anything last time? Maybe its you thats not getting my letters haha? My companion is good... he goes home the 17th of oct so Ill have a temporary again. Things are good. today we had another zone activity, every companionship in the zone except for us and one other had transfers so the zone is half new. Its still cool though, theres a new sister from Rock Springs named sister Beck, she was born in tijuana so she already knows spanish really well. I was telling her my grandma lives in Lyman and another elder, Elder Feller from Las Vegas said that his grandparents live in  Green River and their last name is Rollings haha its so close for a second we thought it was the same last name haha. Theres another hermana that lived in Idaho Falls for a while too. We played some games, and some ultimate frizbee that was fun and then ate burritos and jamaica juice, have you ever heard of that? We drink it a lot here its a juice from a flower, which sounds weird and at first i didnt like it but now I love it, its a super dark red color like polmagranet (I dont know how to spell it...its easier in spanish granada). Kevin the kid that lives bellow us had good new this week, he lives with his aunt who is our landlord because his parents live in California and have lived there sense he was a little kid...its actually kind of sad but while they were there the family here in mexico was all baptised like 5 years ago but on friday after 5 years of telling his family about the church they were baptised and he got to watch it on skype I was super happy for him. also his parents are super nice one day when his dad felt a little pressured about baptism I got to talk to him on the phone which was way cool too to try and help him. hopefully Ill meet them someday and more hopefully someday Kevin and his brother will be able to move with them to California. What else. I really love barrio Mixihuca and Im happy to be here in this crazy part of the city. Ive learned that sometimes we just need to work even if things arent working out and we`re tired because later we`re blessed and if we werent finding anyone the people who are ready find us. the work is going great and Im doing well. Pictures soon....Love you lots and i hope you have a great week and I also hope that the letter is alright...I dont know what else you want me to say...hasta luego
Tu hijo
Elder Inskeep

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

In the Visitor Center: Elder Pardo, me, Hermano Miguel (or Mike, our ward mission leader), Yulieth (our Colombian convert), and Kevin (the kid thats waiting for his mission call that lives below us)
Well a lot has happened in the last week and a half. I hope you recieved the message from my neighbor to Anna that I wasnt going to write until today. I forgot to say last week. You can just plan every 6 weeks Ill write on wednesday and not monday. 
Well the re-dedication was awesome. President Eyring and Elder Holand came. It was cool because they dont know spanish so I heard everything twice haha theyd say a paragraph and then their translators (both spanish speaking seventies, one Elder Walker, I met in stake conference in Anahuac) would say it in spanish. I felt bad for Holands translator because he hardly left any space for the translator to translate and then he had to translate a huge chunk all at once so it wasnt as precise. We went to the first two sessions in the stake center they were really good. I loved the messages and I wish you guys could have watched it too. President Eyring had to announce the people who were going to give prayers and stuff and he struggled a lot haha the names here are way hard because almost all of them are Aztec, Mayan, or Mexican or some other ancient language and after a while he just let his translator do it haha the only one he could do was when our stake president gave one of the closing prayers. We´re lucky Moctezuma is way easier than Xalostoc, Nezahaulcoyotl, Tlalnepantla, and Tlaxcalancingo...theres a lot of hard names here haha. At the end of his talks Elder Holand bore his testimony in really simple spanish with a suuuper thick accent but it was so powerful. Then our stake was invited to go to the temple for the last session. The stake center is half way from our ward to the temple but we had to go back to the ward super fast to help a convert in her wheel chair get down from her apartment and then pick up Yulieth (who could only go to the last session) and we only had about an hour and a half. We went back super fast in taxi and helped the sister and she went with another family to the temple. Then we went with the ward mission leader Mike and Kevin our neighbor in Mikes car to get Yuleith. If theres no traffic you can get to the temple from the ward in about 20 minutes. But we had luck and there was a lot of traffic and it took us almost an hour. We really did have luck because sometimes if you get stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time it can be more...traffic is terrible here. So we got to the temple at like 2:50 and the session started at 3 but the doors were already closed and we couldnt get was sad, especially for Yulieth but at least Gaby (the wheel chair sister) made it. Everyone in the stake got to shake hands with President Eyring and some with Elder Holand. One young women in the ward was walking down one of the halls trying to leave and find her parents (there were so many people they got put in different rooms) and there was someone standing in front of the door, she touched his shoulder and said excuse me brother and he turned around and it was Pres. Eyring. Haha she was embarressed but she said it was cool... So sense we couldnt go in we went to the visitor center and I already sent you the picture of us there. I have a lot more pictures but I need to find something else to connect my camera to the computer, my cord doesnt work and the computers Ive been using lately dont have the space to plug in the memory like some others Ive used. 
Also last week we had a zone conference with a seventy from Northern Mexico that was really good too. Yesterday was Independence day in Mexico. There were a ton of fireworks and concerts and parties in the street. There was a concert in Zocalo (the federal government plaza) and the plaza of Venustiano Carranza the delegation that we live in and we live between them both so there was loud music all night. We were invited to eat dinner with two families one lots earlier and one later so we had forgotten that we already had an appointment so we ended up going to both and then we were invited to left overs today for lunch. The food was super good. A soup called posole, homemade tamales, enchiladas, tinga, tostadas, and Mexican flag cupcakes haha. Our neighboors threw eggshells filled with confetti at us and we watched fireworks with them from the roof. 
Im glad your having fun! Sounds like everythings great. It was great to hear about Whitneys mission call and also Claudia got called to Costa Rica West same mission as Caleb and two missionaries from my ward. 
No we really dont have a bishop its soo crazy. I didnt think it was possible but it is. On of his counselors is in charge but theres only one counselor poor guy. Its a really good ward though. 
I also got to go to Eduardos baptism in Muzquiz which was good and it was great to see the ward. Also today we got to go through the temple in the morning. It was so full we waited 4 hours and there werent any lockers for us for a while. But how great is that that it was full!!! Theres 8 endownment session rooms too! crazy! I love the Mexico City temple its so beautiful and it was such a blessing to get to go. 
Im learning lots and everything is great. Love you and I hope you have a great week. Thanks for the prayers
Hasta luego
Elder Inskeep

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My branch president from when I was in the CCM. We was volunteering at the temple when I went this week.
Buenas tardes,
Well sounds like you guys are busy as always which is good. Thats exciting you have tickets for conference! Im soooo excited for conference! Especially because this time I can understand it! Also the rededication/cultural celebration this week will be awesome. The only hard thing is that we have to tell our investigators that they cant go. We wont have church services on sunday just the 3 sessions of the temple rededication. The first 2 sessions we´ll be in the stake center but the last our stake is invited to go to the stake center next to the temple so thats cool. We´re focusing on making sure all the recient converts can go to the rededication sense investigators cant. The open house didnt have as much success as they were hoping because the area presidency did a lot of weird stuff so thats disappointing.
This ward is super great. Our ward mission leader is a returned missionary that came back a little less than a year ago so he knows what hes doing. We have coorelation and ward council every week. We actually have ward missionaries too which is rare in the mission. I dont know why but they divide the wards really fast here so all the wards are super small and dont have enough faithful members for all the callings which is stupid and a lot of wards dont function very well for lack of members. Lucky for us it isnt the case with Mixihuca we dont have a bishop but everything still works pretty well and the members help a ton. We take our progress records to ward council and the ward council members all choose an investigator that they want to know and go with us to a lesson. And that is why we have success. This is a really hard area, we dont have a lot of investigators but all of them progress because the members help us find them and fellowship them. The youth and YSA are really great too with fellowshipping. They are all great friends and do stuff together outside of church probably because its a safer environment and they feel more comfortable. Our recient convert Yulieth from colombia who doesnt have a lot of friends here and feels lonely because she is at home every day with her son now has a ton of friends and they all support her in the church. Rodolfo has also been fellowshipped really well (hes 20) the only thing is is he felt nervous and not ready this week and he started school so we didnt have as much time to talk to him. So we didnt push his baptism, he´ll get baptised this week... he wont be able to go to the temple dedication but at least he wont feel pushed. We started teaching the sister of some recient converts that are twins that are super awesome. They are so great to be around and the sister, Guadalupe, will be baptised soon. The twins, Veronica and Monica, have been baptised for 2 months and are already sharing books of mormon with their friends in the hospital where they work together, Monica is secretary in the relief society and Veronica is 2nd councilor in the young womens. They´re cool and Veronica is going to cut my hair today haha. Another investigator named Erika is progressing really we´ll she´ll be baptised soon because she really wants to. Shes super nice but also super serious...shes a grandma but shes only 35! We also found another couple Andrea and Eduardo that have been traveling to Ecatepec every Saturday and staying the night at Andreas moms so they could go to church (her mom is also a recient convert) then the ward told them that there is a church closer to where they live so they came and found us, they´re cool too and they have a 3 year old daughter that is adorable named Luna which means Moon haha. Darinka is also progressing shes just always busy on sundays...
I look forward to seeing the pictures...still...years...later... Haha its nice to know that things havent changed much haha. 
Today we went to Zocalo again which is the plaza where all the government buildings are including the National Palace (office of the president) and the Cathedral of Mexico. It was cool because sept 16th is independence day so everything is all decorated in green, red and white and looks super cool. Im excited because we live so close we will be able to see all the fireworks and all the cool independence day stuff in the capital of Mexico. Its like being in DC on the 4th of July...(Was that cool). We saw a cool building called Bellas Artes which is a really fancy theater for like Broadway plays and a ton of street shopping. Its cool because its like an outdoor mall but with all the old Mexican Buildings. Its had all the stores Anna loves so she would have been in heaven. We also saw a lot of American, British and French tourists. Lots of them pointed at us probably like ´look the Mormons´ haha
Yeah the food here is way different than Mexican food in the US. The reason that its so greasy is because they use so much oil. A LOT OF OIL. Also Im pretty sure the food department does nothing here. They hardly use cheese but the cheese they use is the healthier weird white kind like the Mexican cheese we had a whole bunch of in the freezer for a while or another kind called Oaxaca that is kind of like string cheese but more real and with a stronger taste. Yep Dad we do need to come back some day so you can try the food and learn what spicy really is, so I can visit all the other cool touristic places outside of the mission and so you can meet all my friends. 
Thats sad Neal and Colette arent going to the fair. Have fun though and send me some pictures so I can show my comp. 
Dont be too scared of the dogs mom haha dont you have pepper spray? There shouldnt be dogs on the green belt right?
Well things are great. Hopefully Ill find something to connect my memory to the computer to send all my pictures. 

Love you lots and have a great Labor Day! 
Elder Jo-Ann Inskeep
Well this week has been good. The temple isnt going to be dedicated for another 2 weeks...did I tell you it was going to be dedicated this week? Its always been the 13th. Mom you dont need to worry about my weight haha I feel fine and if I have a bug itll die soon because we will get our shots next month. Im probably just used to eating less too because the lunches are always so big Im never hungry. Marriage isnt that expensive unless they are way poor its just complicated, divorse is super complicated and expensive which is difficult too because sometimes people have to divorse their past wife to marry the one they are with now... We baptised Juliet (Yulieth) this week and we are going to baptise Rodolfo on saturday so we´ve been baptising every week, then we have some other really good investigators they are both Young moms Darinka is 20 and has a 2 year old, shes married so thats good, and Ericka Im not sure how old she is but Young too, theyre both great so hopefully soon for them and then hopefully the family Victoriano or Silvia. Yeah mom there are a TON of dogs here... well in the state a ton, in the city not that much. We never had any problems or anything so thats good. All of my companions have been scared of dogs haha. 
Today we went a taco stand that is pretty famous in Ecatepec that is owned by one of Elder Pardos past Ward misión leaders. It was good but everything here is soooo greasy so I get tired of that. Then on the way back we stopped to visit Salomon and tried to visit Margarita but she wasnt home. It was good to see Salomon though and congradulate him for his baptism, he told me he wanted me to baptise him but I wasnt there (I could have gone but I have to have an invitation and the Elders there are both new so they didnt know) he told me to count him as my convert haha. I might go in a couple week s to Eduardos baptism. Well I have to go right now but Ill write another short letter in a Little bit. Love you!!!

Well I said I was going to write another letter better but now I dont know what to say. (we had to leave the internet to talk to someone and now we``re back) Things are great and Im doing good. Love you lots and thanks for the updates.
 Its super smoggy and polluted so you cant see how cool it actually is but its a veiw from a members apartment close to ours. 

Jarin's zone

Monday, August 31, 2015

 Salomon's baptism, he looks super happy ha ha

Well the ward is pretty big for the mission and normally has at least 2 sets of missionaries but right now were in a low point in the number of missionaries so theres just us. The mission feels super huge because its all city but I know that its not really that big. It takes like 3 hours to get from top to bottom 2 million people live in our stake and sense our ward is the biggest in the stake (the others are pretty small) theres probably several hundred thousand or more people living in the ward limits. Ive never not felt safe. Yeah this week will be the last week of the open house. The prophet was supposed to come but apparently he is sick right now so either Eyring or Uchtorf will come and one of the apostles. Solomons picture was funny huh? Hes a good guy. He reads the book of mormon with a magnifying glass and his face an inch away from the book. 
Thats cool you got to speak. That is a cool topic. Something that we heard in a conference that is basically the same (Im not sure who said it but it was a prophet) that really every women that has a calling has the priesthood because they are set apart and given the authority from God- the priesthood- to act in that area. So all the sister missionaries have the priesthood because they have the authority to preach the gospel and promise blessings to the people its just different than the priesthood that the men have and its the same with all callings.  Thats fun you already had your trek party. We never had ours haha. The primary party sounded fun too. Tell everyone good luck in school, theyll all do great. Thats crazy that Jos in 2nd grade and the triplets in 5th right? Then Jace is in 8th and Annas a Jr. que loco. (how crazy). I hope you have fun camping! Where are you going to go? No I havent been sick..knock on wood... but we have a scale in our house and I have lost like 20lbs haha. Im not sure how much I gained in the CCM but Im sure I did and then just lost a bunch in the feild. I weigh like 165. Was I fat before? No Im not drinking the water. You cant drink it, the people here dont either. Everyone has to buy water from a purifier in 20 liter jugs. Its a pain. My feet are fine but Im trying to find some of those things to put in my shoes to help my arch. They say it should help my posture too (all missionaries have posture problems from walking, our bags, and having to duck down everywhere but Ive been working on my posture alot.) I do love those socks though so the next time you send something I would like more. 
This week Jasmin was baptised. It was really good and she was super ready. She was crying though the whole thing. She says she wants to go bakc to the open house at least one more time because she loved it. Shes sad she has to wait a year to go back and go in the celestial room. We´re trying to teach her 16 year old son because she really wants him to know what she knows but hes not that interested. We dont really have a lot of investigators which is hard because we had a lot in Muzquiz. Elder Pardo is really great but I dont if its just how he is or if hes ready to leave the mission or what but hes kindof just a follower. Which is also weird for me because Ive always worked with my companion on things and shared responsability but now I pretty much just make all the choices and everything. So its been alittle hard because my companion isnt that excited and the people in this area are less friendly and accepting so its hard to find people to teach and to stay excited about contacting. I have learned though that when we trudge through it and keep contacting even though nobody has wanted to listen to us all day we eventually find people that are sincerlly interested so hopefully we´ll have some more dates and baptisms soon. We have one named Radolfo (which is also Elder Pardos name and its not that common so its been weird for him hearing Radolfo all the time) is also super ready, he went to a young single adult retreat with a friend and hes been pretty excited sense, he says he wants to serve a mission and hes not even baptised yet haha. His date is the 6th so he can be confermed the next day and go to the rededication the next week. It will be really good. We also have some others that want to get baptised and are ready but dont have permission. David is 14 and needs his moms permission, Evelyn and her 3 kids and nephew are ready but need permission from the dad that is never around. And Silvia needs to get legally married to her ´husband´ of 25 years who doesnt want to get married which is super stupid after 25 years and 3 kids. But please pray for them and I know we will see a miracle soon for all of them. (Its super rare to find someone outside of the church in Mexico that is legally married so that makes things tough, also the bishops dont have the authority from the government of Mexico to legally officiate a wedding in Mexico). 
Well everything has been great. Today we went to the stake center to play volleyball and hang out as a zone which is cool because normally the zone only gets together for an activity once a month so its shows that our zone is cool and we´re all friends. Oh I forgot to answer what food I miss. Well the food here is super great but I just miss normally food if you know what I mean. And everything here is super greasy and fried so I love it when we have like a salad or fruit. They say that they eat way healthy in Mexico but thats an absolute lie. And then they wonder why everyone has diabetes haha at least the foods delicious though. I havent had one thing I didnt like...well except for papaya..yuck.
Well love you lots and have a great week
Elder Inskeep

Monday, August 17, 2015

Well this week was interesting. My companion had transfers...haha...he had a girlfriend in the Ward and some other problems before with some of the stake leaders that I dont really know about so he had to leave the área yesterday after the baptism. My new companion is Elder Pardo. He was Elder Castillos trainer so the say hes my grandpa (I dont know if they said stuff like that in your misión dad?). He seems cool even though Ive only had a few hours with him because I had to do divisions today because he went with another Elder to one of their old áreas to say bye to some converts (he leaves in october). One of the cool things that happened was that because Elder Preciado was having problems we had to go to the Temple/offices for an interview and president told us to bring some investigadors to the open house so it wasnt a waste of a trip. Elder Preciado went to the interview and after the investigators were still waiting in line so president said we could go with them. It was SO COOL. And super big. Elder Preciado was telling me that before there used to be escalators and he didnt know if there still was. I thought he was joking but there actually was haha. Its super super big on the second floor all there is is the chapel and then a ton of sealing rooms and then on the third floor is where all the rooms for the sessions and the Celestial room are. So beautiful. And then when we were in the celestial room one of our investigadors Jasmin that we are going to baptise on saturday started to cry she said she felt the spirit super strong. It was lucky that we got to go because we still dont know if the other missionaries will be able to for sure. 
We had a baptism of 3 kids on sunday whos grandparents are members but their parents arent (their parents are also some of the worst people ever) This family is super por. Probably the poorest family I have met here. They live in a super rough part of downtown. Their house is like a super old mansión that used to be cool but now its super run down and people rent individual rooms. In some of the bigger rooms and in the courtyard people built shacks. Their grandparents are super good people but kind of oblivious to the world and super mellow. Probably from so many years of living in such a rough place. The kids are Tomas (8) Jorge (9) and Jose Armando (12). I dont think theyve left their neighboorhood very much because when we took them to the church for their interview they were amazed by every Little thing. The airplanes, a soccer field, the part of the metro that is above ground, my camera WOW,WOW,WOW! I feel really sad for them but the church will help them a lot. Jose was living with his mom in a different house and he never went to school so he doesnt know how to read. Then his mom decided she wanted to go the US and she just left him here...
There áre a ton of other kids in this building that love to talk to us so we are hopefully going to be able to help a bunch of them. 
Anyways at the baptism I got to baptise Jose and Tomas and then our neighboor that is preparing for his misión was going to baptise Jorge (thats how the kids wanted it and it shows how great of a missionary Preciado is, he didnt want to baptise any of them) I baptised Jose and then Tomas and then it was Jorges turn. He started freaking out, he was super scared of the wáter (a ton of mexicans are because hardly anyone knows how to swim but he was more than scared, screaming and crying as his grandma tried to make him get in the Font.) So they closed the Font and we went out in the hall and tried to talk to him and calm him down so he could be baptised (I felt bad for our neighbor (Kevin) because it was going to be his first baptism and he was super excited) after a while we finally got him to get into the wáter on his own (as the congregation was singing hymns for amost 45 minutes) Kevin baptised him and did really good but as Jorge was going into the wáter he started to get scared again and his hand came out of the wáter, so we would have had to do it again but he started freaking out again so we eventually decided that we cant forcé him and we´ll try to talk him into it for the next week. It was sad but it was a good baptism with a whole bunch of non member family members there that seemed interested so we´ll see what happens with them. 
Sounds like youve all been super busy still. Thats great the bathrooms are almost done and even though it really isnt its funny that Jo has so many cavities. Im not surprised. Shes funny. 
Salomon did get baptised! I was so sad that I wasnt there but Im super happy for him. The Elders there say that he still talks about me a lot so that makes me happy. Im going to count him as my convert even though I wasnt there when he was baptised because I taught him all the lessons and hes such a great guy I love him. Monse was also baptised and her sister has a date so thats great. They are going to baptise a 13 year old kid we found our last week and Xicoténcatl next week too so thats all super happy. Hopefully I can visit them all soon. Also Margarita because shes super great. 
Que mas...what else.
Well for the most part things are good I still dont know the área but it will be good to have a companion that will work more and we can learn and find more people to teach. The members and the área are super awesome.. Yep super. Did you know that super is a Word in spanish too?! 
Love you lots and thanks for everything. Ill read the talk tonight dad Im going to print it and thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Tell everyone hola. Hasta luego
Elder Inskeep