Thursday, December 1, 2016

Roberto's baptism was great. The ward kind of supported us...we invite a lot of people to baptisms but not very many come...I'm sure its the same everywhere, but it lets us see which members we can count on and who want to help/work with us. It was good and about 20 members went and also a few investigators from other wards and the missionaries. Roberto's a cool guy and he's ready to work. He wants to be a missionary (he was a JW missionary before). He's really humble and focused too, he comes to church every sunday on his bike and right when its over he leaves, he's really shown us he comes to learn and be a better person and not even to get to know other people, its hard for us to get him to stay 5 minutes extra to get to know some of the members. 
We also went to the CV (visitors center) with Ivonne and her kids. It was awesome but her husband didnt come because he had to work (the good thing is is that they loved it and they are going to talk him into going with them another day). He isn't against the church but he doesn't seem that interested either (and well...we've only talked to him once and it was at church). We hope maybe Estefani, Ivonne's 13 year old daughter can maybe get baptised with her on the 28th but we have to check because we haven't hardly taught her anything. Ivonne is really cool and she knows the church true. She's got a really crazy life story and she's always told us she is the normal one in her family (which is funny because she's kind of extreme: bright red hair, lip pearcing, she always wears belly shirts and she likes screamo music) but we didnt realize until she told us about her family that its true. Shes a really great person and she's working hard towards her goals. 
The Angeles family went to church yesterday but the rest of the investigators haven't progressed that much this week so theres not much to tell. We were super busy this week and it went super fast. 
My converts that are going to complete 1 year: well all of them from Muzquiz have completed a year but I haven't really heard from any of them and 3 of them are still young so we'll see. From Mixihuca Jasmin and Yulieth will complete a year this month, we'll see if Jasmin gets married to her boyfriend (he's a member) soon and Yulieth...I think she's still in preparation. Erika, Arturo and the Desantillana family are also close. I'm super excited for Josafat and Evelin Desantillan because I know they are going to be ready the 5th of november to be sealed, its always been their goal. I will get to go too. It will be so awesome seeing them in the temple with little Abdon their 3 year old. I talked to them recently and they are doing great, Josafat is the 1st councilor in the young mens and Evelin is in the Nursery (which kind of stinks because she doesnt interact with the other sisters and doesnt get to learn in the classes) (it might be because Abdon is wild) but she also does her visiting teaching and she visits Erika (who has been having some problems in her family). Arturo is doing great, started a new job, and just entered college and is studying computer engineering, he asked his girlfriend to marry him (also a member), but she said no because she wants to go on a mission haha, I want Arturo to go too!!! But we'll see. The rest have still got a while. I also recieved an email from Fernando Duran (one of the youth that I love from Mixihuca, he's a great friend, that did visits with us a lot and I skyped home from his house in May (I love the whole Duran Family)) just got his mission call to Monterrey East! I leaves sept 6th. He'll be there with my friends from the CCM. 
What else...
Well the pictures of the house look awesome!!! I want to see more! And of the inside! What are the plans with the porch? 
The camping pictures looked good too, Joise looks like she's been a great fisherwoman like always, and it looked like you had fun! Was is hot? Its been hot here too but its also been raining. The weather here is really nice because it doesn't get THAT hot and not too cold either but in one day it'll be way hot and then it rains and gets cold. 
I sent pictures of the baptism, the CV trip with Ivonne (it takes us an hour to get to the temple from here 40min in metro and another 20 in bus), and also the veiw out the window, its pretty and you can see all the houses that are up on those steep hills, they are so steep that most of them dont have streets they have stairs...and the crazy mexican powerlines haha. 
I'm not sure what the activity rate is here but the attendance on sundays is like 130ish and theres like 600 on the lists...but who knows how many actually like here and how correct it is. Mixihuca had like 210 on sundays and 800 on the list Industrial like 140 sundays and 700 list and Muzquiz like 60 on sundays and I dont remember how many were on the lists. How is the percentage at home? Better? They say that here it doesnt matter how much we baptise the inactive percentage stays the same so our goals are baptise more, reactivate and mantain active. Our goal for the zone in august is 21 baptisms in 7 wards, its super doable and president promised us if we have faith we will be able to do it, and faith means works. And hopefully next month we can baptise even more! 
I'm super excited Anna is saving up for her mission! The mission is the best, I hope she comes to Mexico! Speaking of Anna, Anna and Kelsey haven't written me! :'( haha and the rest of them hardly ever. 
Good luck with everything! Do get stressed out! Love you lots! 
Elder Inskeep
 Our president and his family are in a new church pamphlet, he is the taller balding one and his wife is recieving the blessing. and his 2 younger kids are the 2 in the background

 How does the power line look, Dad?

 Views from my window

 Roberto's Baptism
Do you like Ivonne's red hair? Her kids are Estefani (13), Christofer (7), and César (4). César couldn't hold still for the photo, he wanted to keep playing in Zarahemla (the kids activity room in the Visitor Center)