Thursday, December 1, 2016

Roberto's baptism was great. The ward kind of supported us...we invite a lot of people to baptisms but not very many come...I'm sure its the same everywhere, but it lets us see which members we can count on and who want to help/work with us. It was good and about 20 members went and also a few investigators from other wards and the missionaries. Roberto's a cool guy and he's ready to work. He wants to be a missionary (he was a JW missionary before). He's really humble and focused too, he comes to church every sunday on his bike and right when its over he leaves, he's really shown us he comes to learn and be a better person and not even to get to know other people, its hard for us to get him to stay 5 minutes extra to get to know some of the members. 
We also went to the CV (visitors center) with Ivonne and her kids. It was awesome but her husband didnt come because he had to work (the good thing is is that they loved it and they are going to talk him into going with them another day). He isn't against the church but he doesn't seem that interested either (and well...we've only talked to him once and it was at church). We hope maybe Estefani, Ivonne's 13 year old daughter can maybe get baptised with her on the 28th but we have to check because we haven't hardly taught her anything. Ivonne is really cool and she knows the church true. She's got a really crazy life story and she's always told us she is the normal one in her family (which is funny because she's kind of extreme: bright red hair, lip pearcing, she always wears belly shirts and she likes screamo music) but we didnt realize until she told us about her family that its true. Shes a really great person and she's working hard towards her goals. 
The Angeles family went to church yesterday but the rest of the investigators haven't progressed that much this week so theres not much to tell. We were super busy this week and it went super fast. 
My converts that are going to complete 1 year: well all of them from Muzquiz have completed a year but I haven't really heard from any of them and 3 of them are still young so we'll see. From Mixihuca Jasmin and Yulieth will complete a year this month, we'll see if Jasmin gets married to her boyfriend (he's a member) soon and Yulieth...I think she's still in preparation. Erika, Arturo and the Desantillana family are also close. I'm super excited for Josafat and Evelin Desantillan because I know they are going to be ready the 5th of november to be sealed, its always been their goal. I will get to go too. It will be so awesome seeing them in the temple with little Abdon their 3 year old. I talked to them recently and they are doing great, Josafat is the 1st councilor in the young mens and Evelin is in the Nursery (which kind of stinks because she doesnt interact with the other sisters and doesnt get to learn in the classes) (it might be because Abdon is wild) but she also does her visiting teaching and she visits Erika (who has been having some problems in her family). Arturo is doing great, started a new job, and just entered college and is studying computer engineering, he asked his girlfriend to marry him (also a member), but she said no because she wants to go on a mission haha, I want Arturo to go too!!! But we'll see. The rest have still got a while. I also recieved an email from Fernando Duran (one of the youth that I love from Mixihuca, he's a great friend, that did visits with us a lot and I skyped home from his house in May (I love the whole Duran Family)) just got his mission call to Monterrey East! I leaves sept 6th. He'll be there with my friends from the CCM. 
What else...
Well the pictures of the house look awesome!!! I want to see more! And of the inside! What are the plans with the porch? 
The camping pictures looked good too, Joise looks like she's been a great fisherwoman like always, and it looked like you had fun! Was is hot? Its been hot here too but its also been raining. The weather here is really nice because it doesn't get THAT hot and not too cold either but in one day it'll be way hot and then it rains and gets cold. 
I sent pictures of the baptism, the CV trip with Ivonne (it takes us an hour to get to the temple from here 40min in metro and another 20 in bus), and also the veiw out the window, its pretty and you can see all the houses that are up on those steep hills, they are so steep that most of them dont have streets they have stairs...and the crazy mexican powerlines haha. 
I'm not sure what the activity rate is here but the attendance on sundays is like 130ish and theres like 600 on the lists...but who knows how many actually like here and how correct it is. Mixihuca had like 210 on sundays and 800 on the list Industrial like 140 sundays and 700 list and Muzquiz like 60 on sundays and I dont remember how many were on the lists. How is the percentage at home? Better? They say that here it doesnt matter how much we baptise the inactive percentage stays the same so our goals are baptise more, reactivate and mantain active. Our goal for the zone in august is 21 baptisms in 7 wards, its super doable and president promised us if we have faith we will be able to do it, and faith means works. And hopefully next month we can baptise even more! 
I'm super excited Anna is saving up for her mission! The mission is the best, I hope she comes to Mexico! Speaking of Anna, Anna and Kelsey haven't written me! :'( haha and the rest of them hardly ever. 
Good luck with everything! Do get stressed out! Love you lots! 
Elder Inskeep
 Our president and his family are in a new church pamphlet, he is the taller balding one and his wife is recieving the blessing. and his 2 younger kids are the 2 in the background

 How does the power line look, Dad?

 Views from my window

 Roberto's Baptism
Do you like Ivonne's red hair? Her kids are Estefani (13), Christofer (7), and César (4). César couldn't hold still for the photo, he wanted to keep playing in Zarahemla (the kids activity room in the Visitor Center) 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Looks like you're having fun camping! I'm glad you get to rest a little! 
This week has been alright, we found some new investigators that we are excited about, we've also been in the process of doing divisions with everyone in the zone so its been interesting. On tuesday we did divisions with Rio de Luz ward who are Elder Winget (st. George) and Elder Ruano (Guatemala City) it was good, I went with E. Ruano and sense I'm still not really familiar with the area we were looking for a street where a part member family lives when we found an elderly sister (Sister Carmona) walking in the street, as we were talking with her on the other side of the street (where there was a soccer court with a bunch of kids playing (those things are never empty in MX)) she saw someone she thought she knew, she waved at him and he came over she greeted him with a kiss (like Mexicans do) and realized that she did not know him haha. But he knew us, he started talking to us and told us that a few years ago he had a girlfriend that was a member, he went to church with her almost every week, went to her little brothers baptism and had even been invited to be baptised himself, the cool thing is is that he wanted too! But before he could he broke up with his girlfriend (who lives in another suburb called Texcoco) so he didnt know what to do, he liked the church but didn't know where to go or how to keep going. Until he found us. His name is Alejandro and he's 21. We made an appointment for the next day and he even called us that night to confirm it. We went the next day and he introduced us to his mom, Silvia, who is in bed paralyzed from the arms down after a car accident a few years ago. They are both super interested and Alejandro said one of the coolest prayers I've ever heard. He said he was going to go to church yesterday but at the last minute cancelled so we'll see what happens with them this week! Anyways after talking with Alejandro, Sister Carmona showed us where the part member family lived, the Melendez family is a huge inactive family (that includes the grandparents, their 4 kids and their spouses, and 10 grandchildren) that has young kids that are not baptised. We're working with them to reactivate them and baptise a little 9 year old girl named Michel (Meechel). Michel and her mom Sandra are the ones that are showing the most interest, we're not sure about the rest but Sandra said she wants her daughters (she has 2 more that are 6 and 4 years old) to grow up in the gospel. Michel has a baptismal date for the 4th of september. Things with Ivonne are going well and Roberto is ready for his baptism this week! 
Yeah we've been fed everyday here, the food in the state is better than in the city because the people aren't as rushed. The tacos and other street food are better in the city though, but more expensive. The ice cream in Mexico is really good, there's a little ice cream shop that is everywhere (like everywhere) called the Michoacana that is awesome, they also sell homemade juices that are amazing, theres also a lot of fruits here that we dont have like mangos, guayabas, guanabanas, mamey, fresh coconut (which are my favorites but theres more I cant remember right now). 
My companion is alright, he's a hard one. He's got a super bad cold right now and the pollution makes the colds here worse. Elder Gomez is like Neal, Elder Sumano and Elder Jimenez were great too. In the beginning I thought elder Jimenez was super weird and he was but we got along well and I miss him, his weirdness made me laugh a lot and we had fun. I also saw Elder Pardo a few weeks ago when he came to the city to go to the temple and on sunday went to a ward where he had served which happened to be one of the wards that shares our building. It was nice to seee him and talk with him. I've learned a lot from each of my companions and I'm grateful for each of them. 
I am a so grateful for the great example you have always shown me that we always go to church, its awesome you went to church in stanley, not a lot of people do that and its important to partake of the sacrament every week. I hope people start to understand that better like you have. I was thinking about it and I honestly cannot remember the last sunday I did not go to church, I think its probably been several years.
Time goes by sooo fast. I cant believe Tanner and Jacob are already home. Caleb gets home this week, you should find out when his homecoming is and go. (Anna and Mom). 
That is extremely sad about the tongan sister. How has the work been going with the sisters in the blackfoot east stake? I have realized that the ward/stake names are really boring in the US. In mexico its cooler, but it also helps that all of the neighboorhoods have names to name the wards after. The wards in our stake are Guerreros (warriors), Aguilas (eagles), Fuentes (source or fountain), Queztalcoatl (the mayan god the feathered serpant or Jesus Christ), Central (central haha or downtown), Mayas, and Rio de Luz (River of Light) I like it too because the neighboorhoods in Cuidad Azteca alll have something to do with the Aztecs or Mayas. 
I'm ready to see pictures of the house! Tell everyone I said hola! Love you thanks for everything!!!
Elder Inskeep 

wow well dad must be really busy because its the first week in my mission that he hasnt written me! Good luck!! You havent sent me pictures of the house in a long time. And I told you I'd be writting earlier from now on, well today was an exception, next week I should write around 11ish. The talk alot about pioneers here mostly about the pioneers that brigham young sent to the Mormon colonies in Chihuahua and also about the first people that were baptised in Mexico City a little bit after that and the trials they had to pass but they dont celebrate pioneer day. The story from the friend was good it made me laugh haha! And it sounds like the primary kids are pretty funny too! This week was alright.
This week we put a baptismal date with Ivonne for the 28th of August, shes super cool, we've taught her the restauration, plan of salvacion, and the gospel of Jesus Christ just in these 2 weeks I've been here and its been awesome. Normally the super cool life changing lessons are either the restauracion or the plan of salvacion but with her it was the gospel of Jesus Christ. She accepted everything really great but it was when we got to repentance and forgiveness/Atonement that we got her. Shes a really great person but she feels bad for things shes done in the past and is willing to doing anything to be forgiven. Its awesome. The front of her house is a farmacy where she works so we normally go over after the lunch hour when its calmer and she lets us in behind the desk to teach her. She says that she and her husband are pretty busy so thats why we havent been able to teach them in their house with their 3 kids (ages 13, 6,3) but that shes going to arrange her schedule so that we can and we kind of thought that maybe her husband was against it and thats why she hadnt let us meet him but on sunday she went to church with her husband Cesar and her youngest son who is also named Cesar haha. It was awesome. The sacrament meeting wasnt really the greatest in my opinion so I was a little bit worried that she wouldnt like it but I looked over and she was crying. When she left (she could only stay for sacrament meeting, 3hrs is hard when you're starting out) she said it was beautiful, she loved it. 
We also have a baptismal date with Roberto for the 7th of August, he's an ex-Jehova's Witness who realizes that the JW's are wrong, he came looking for the church and he is super prepared and has studied alot, he's one of those people who has actually studied the bible and applied it, he already knew about repentance, the law of chastity, and even the word of wisdom (except coffee and tea but he knows now haha) He said that he had been looking for the truth and praying to God for help so when he heard the first lesson he knew it was true. He said he felt so great he thought he wasn't diabetic anymore haha (he realized that he still is but he's still convinced on his answer). I think those are our main investigators right now...more to come.
The ward is cool. We live about the bishop and his wife Jessica and twin girls Sofie and Eveli (the are 6 years old and don't know how to talk normal, they yell...and they get it from their grandma haha) The bishop lives on the 1st floor, on the second floor are Jessica's parents Bro and Sis Rivera and Jessica's younger brother Ruben. There's also a really big puppy named Napo haha. Their cool too, they always give us food (like leftovers or dessert) and they let us use their washing machine haha. There's also another Ivonne who works in Ivonne the investigators farmacy who is awesome and really excited about sharing the gospel (thats how we started teaching Ivonne the owner of the farmacy). She introduced us to her son Jorge and Jorge introduced us to his friend Miguel Angel who are both looking for work (their both 20 and need money for college) yesterday we took them to the stake self-reliance center (do we have this program in the US?) Its really cool because they can take a free course to learn about being self-reliant and how to look for jobs, get hired, interviews, and everything you need to be successful, they can even help you find jobs with other members who own busnesses or busnesses who want to hire mormons, if we have it in the US I want to take the course. Jorge and Miguel Angel are really cool and hopefully they'll be new investigators soon, Jorge also has a girlfriend that Ivonne wants us too meet and theirs another girl that is Ivonne's neighboor that shes sharing the gospel with haha. 
The area is a nice mix of nice and not nice haha. Half of it is the actual Cuidad Azteca which is pretty much a huge subdivision of nice houses but their about 30 years old now so their still nice but its not the most beautiful neighborhood in the world. Cuidad Azteca is really big and there are 4 other wards (3 from our stake and 1 from another) that have part of it. Then theirs the cemetery and on the other side is the neighboorhood where we live called Riconada de Aragon, it has the mall and a lot of town houses that are all the same but they are also like 30 years old and the people can buy them so every one can do what they want (remodel, add on) so all they houses have the same base but they all look different (for example the bishops family added an apartment on the 3rd floor and thats where we live). Then behind all that is an area called Poligonos (theres like 6 but we have seccions 1,2,and 5) They are known for being a rough area a lot of weird things are there but its alright. The area is good I like it better than Muzquiz and Industrial but Mixihuca is still the best.
Sorry about the pictures I always put it off or forget about it until I'm here in the internet cafe. Love you lots! Thanks for the prayers and have a great week! 
Elder Inskeep
Elder Inskeep, 
I am glad the Lord called you to serve as a Zone Leader. I feel you have a lot to teach the missionaries in your zone. I also feel that you and elder Jacobs will learn much from each other. I want to give you some council as you begin this service and new part of your mission:

1. Be humble. Leadership positions may make some individuals become proud. Pride is a sense that one gets if we forget from whom all blessings and opportunities come. The best way to keep humble is to serve those you lead. Minister to them. Pray for each companionship in your zone by name. Instead of telling them what to do, offer your help. Most of all love them.

2. Love your companion. Companionship as leaders is a high responsibility. You must be an example to your zone to show them the ideal companion relationship. As both of you are from the U.S., be extra careful and sensitive to the needs of those who are latinos. As I referred to in the first part, stay humble.

3. Speak Spanish with your companion. It is a bit of a temptation to speak English with another U.S. companion. Make sure you continúe to improve your language skills as it is crucial to continúe to teach the gospel.

4. Study how the Savior served as a leader. When you read His life, look at it differently than you have in the past; read it anew, trying to find patterns of leadership in all His doings. You will be amazed how the scriptures will take on another meaning. 

I love you Elder Inskeep. Know that the Lord wants to you serve at this time, in this assignment, and with this companion. There is no doubt in my mind.

Have a great Preperation Day!
Presidente Naumann

he's super awesome and makes me really feel loved and trusted. President Anaya was really great too and I also love him but I can really feel Pres. Naumann's concern and love for us. I know Pres. Anaya loved us and he showed it too but sometimes when I was with him I felt a little intimidated or pressured to be on my best behavior because I felt like he was grading me, with Pres. Naumann its different, I can be myself (which I have really learned to be on the mission) and I know he knows I'm a good person but not perfect. I have never recieved so much help and felt so  understood in an interview in my life. 
Yeah well this week has been a little rough... The area is really great. I like it. Its really different to be in the State again. Its a lot calmer, everyone that works in the city (which is like %80) goes really early in the morning and comes home late at night so the majority of the people we talk to during the week are old people or moms (theres more stay at home moms in the state too). Its cool because almost everyone lives in a house (not so many tiny apartments like the past year in 2 areas close to downtown) the people are more like people in Idaho...or maybe I've just been on the mission too long haha. I dont know but when I went to church yesterday the ward reminded me of going to church with grandma in Wyoming, (which is weird because I'm still in the city, about 2 million people live just in the suburb I'm in) everyone was super chill and half of the men came in jeans with big belt buckels (who knows why...we're in the biggest city in the world for crying out loud) and there are also a lot of families. (In Industrial there were a lot of old people and individuales who came to the city for work, not many families). Anyways I really like it and I'm excited to start working with them! My companion on the other hand...might be a little dificult, not because hes not a good person and I dont like him but theres a couple issues. Luckily we had interviews (the whole zone) with president today and he helped me alot. (I really love President Naumann, Im going to send you the letter he sent me just so you can see how great he is). Lets just say E. Jacobs worries a lot, hates Mexico (so he hardly speaks/understands spanish), and is lost in our area even though hes already been here 3 months.....but its good. I have something to learn from him. 
I'm really liking being a zone leader. Its a lot of work but I'm excited to be able to make a difference in my Zone and help other missionaries more than I could as a district leader. I also really like my zone alot. We have a few Elders with some problems but we're getting there. My zone is E. Gutierrez (Sinaloa, MX), E. De la Cruz (Mexicali, MX), E. Gomez (Oaxaca, MX), E. Vela (Aguascalientes, MX), E. Pola (Chiapas, MX), E. Garcia (Chihuahua, MX), E. Bartlett (Gilbert, AZ), E. Mendoza (Peru), E. Jimenez (Santiago, Dominican Republic), E. Gonzales (Monterrey, MX), E. Winget (St. George), and E. Ruano (Guatemala City). Almost all the zones in our mission have 2 districts, and ours is one of those. We have Zone class every month, district class every week, and zone conference (with president and another zone) every other transfer. I'm also excited because we get to work more with the stake because the zones are stakes so the zone leaders meet with the stake leaders to help solve problems in all the wards. The Azteca Stake has 7 wards. 
Honestly I cant say much about the work or investigators because they didnt have anything when I got here. But everythings going great and the next week Im sure we'll have several new investigators to tell you about. 
What food do I miss? Everyone asks that (the probably want to make us something we'll like, I love the people here soooo much) but I honestly dont miss anything specific, Just the food that mom cooks. 
Its good to hear you are busy and happy. It made me laugh to hear what you said about Landan, especially what Anna said hahahaha. Jace got glasses? Send me a picture haha. I loved the pictures in the field by the way, I'll try to send pictures of my area soon! If you want to see my area the limits are: Avenida Central Carlos Hank Gonzalez, Boulevard de los Aztecas, Circuito Exterior Mexiquense, and Boulevard Halcon. In my area we have part of downtown Cuidad Azteca, Plaza Aragon (a huge mall), Mexipuerto (a huge mall/important metro and bus station) and a cementary that is really annoying becuase its in the middle of the area and we can't cross through it so we have to walk around it all day.  Love you lots! ¡Les amo muchísimo que tengan una buena semana! 
Elder Inskeep

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

 With our ties Fernando made! (from the back left to right) Jimenez, me, Dominguez (Veracruz), Cadena (Colombia), Villanueva (Tijuana MX), Wach (Eagle ID), Anderson (Virginia), Vasquez (Chihuahua), Avery (Provo), Black (California)

 Us missionaries from the Industrial Zone and some sisters from the stake choir that helped us. 
 Elder Jimenez and I with Karla (the girl in white), her mom Antonia, her sister Camilia, and the Bishop
Karla and her family that aren't members 
Well Ive got lots to tell this week so we'll see if I can remember everything and you can understand me. Well the biggest thing is I had transfers and they sent me back to the state (after a year in the city) to a suburb called Cuidad Azteca (Aztec City) as a Zone Leader, I'm with my first gringo companion Elder Jacobs from Seattle Washington, at first a was a little bit bumbed about being sent with another american because I dont want to damage my spanish and a lot of the other american leaders here are really prideful but until now looks like things are going to go well. I'm super excited because they also sent Elder Gomez (my best friend) to the zone and Elder Bartlett (my friend and zone leader from Moctezuma from Gilbert AZ) and Elder Gutierrez (was in my district in Moctezuma) were already here! I'm super excited about that. 

Fernando did get baptised, Magali was already a member just inactive. It was super great. I'll send you the pictures! Daniela and Jose still havent been baptised but its probable that it they will be baptised within the next 2 weeks, Elder Jimenez and his comp will baptise them and maybe presidente will give me permission to go. I'm a lot farther away now can look up Cuidad Azteca and thats were I'm at, right in the middle, theres a big mall called Plaza Aragon and another called Mexiplaza thats about all I can tell you about the area right now. The state is really different from the city (the federal district that they recently changed to its own state) Its mostly just suburbs and everyone works in the city. Its going to be a different change but I'm remembering how it was in Muzquiz even though Muzquiz is a lot closer to the city that Cuidad Azteca, the ward is called Guerrero. 

The devotional was really great too! Hna Antonia (Karla's mom) filmed almost the whole thing but itll be hard to send so we're going to think about that. Maybe she can share it on facebook and all tell Anna to get on my facebook and accept her friend request so you can see the videos. I dont remember if I told you about how Fernando and Magali didnt have enough money to get married but Fernando is a tailor so we paid him to make us matching ties for the devotional to help him with money! it was awesome they turned out amazing (youll see them in the pics) he did a great job! 

The new president is really great! Like super awesome. I cant remember if I already told you but he's Chilean but he has lived in the US sense he was 11. His wife is from Finland, they met on the mission in Florida and she moved to the US when they got married. they have 4 kids and 2 of them came with them on the mission, a daughter thats 17 and a son thats 14 (he reminded me of Jace). Only President knows spanish but the rest of them are learning. They lived in Seattle for a long time but a year before they got the mission call he was impressed to sell his huge orthadontics (Im not sure how you spell it) business (hes super rich) and move to Boston and teach at MIT!!!! He said later he realized why because it would have been harder to go on the mission if he still had his business. He's pretty young and it looks like everything is going to be super great! I love Pres. Anaya too and I miss him but I also know and have a testimony that God knows what we need and he calls his servants by revelation, and guides them to help us also through revelation, I know that Pres. Naumann is what this mission needs! 

Yep I finally got the package!!! Thanks so much! I loved it! Elder Jimenez thought the card was weird hahaaha (because he doesnt know english) and I was super happy about the socks and the shoe insert thingys I think they're gonna help me a lot. I also liked the temple cards and thanks for everything! It was really great to recieve it. 

I was sad not to recieve any pictures of the addition! Sounds like Kelsey did great on her talk! Shes preparing to be a great missionary! (I hope they send everyone to Mexico!) thats crazy Camdons home too and that Landan will be home this week! Tell them I said hola! HAve you heard anything from Jerry? They were asking me about him today. Dad, you listened to your book again? Wow you must have really liked it then haha. Can you really focus when listening to it? Im not sure if I would last that long. At least I'm not as distracted as E. Jimenez, he was always off in his own world hahaha sometimes he would say random things that didnt make any sense or he would just laugh at his own thoughts haha it was a little bit rough sometimes because he never knew what was going on and he does not know how to talk to people, but I'm gonna miss all the laughs he gave me haha. 

Time sure flies fast and I'm loving the mission! I'll tell you more about the area next week. I think I remembered everything... I hope! Love you all a lot! Thanks for the birthday package, your support, and everything! Adios! 
Elder Inskeep
Well I had more to say but its rough living and then coming back, we had 3 lessons already today and a practice for the fireside so we havent had much time. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! I took pictures to send you of the church, our apartment, the street in front of our house, some tamales we made with a sister in the ward and I cant remember what else but the computer I'm at doesnt have an adapter to send the pictures from my camera to the computer and for some reason the camera chord doesnt work anymore. Also I think the time has hit my clothes...theyre starting to look a little bad...we had some warrenties right? I also have a cold so that stinks a lot, I feel crappy. 
Love you a lot mom!
So much to say and such little time! Well this week Pres. Anaya went home and Pres. Naumann got here, I still havent met him but we have conference on thursday so itll be interesting. All I know is that they are from Washington, Pres is from Chile and his wife from Finland. The pres's wife and kids still dont know spanish so thatll be interesting for them too. 
I didnt get my package yet but hopefully I'll get it on thursday.  Sounds like everything has been going great with you guys. You are a fantastic mom, mom! You did everything great! Dont worry! That sounds cool about your lights dad! Im excited to see them! the house looks great too! Congrats mom on your tennis match! Have you played against Anna? 
Well this week we are planning a stake missionary musical activity for friday and saturday (I dont even know how to explain it in english) but anyways we are going to teach the plan of salvacion through music (missionary choir (my zone), stake choir, and a primary choir) its going to super great, we've been inviting everyone and practicing a lot. We hope it will help members, less actives and investigadores feel the spirit. I'll be excited to tell you about it next week. Also, transfers are monday and I kind of feel like they are going to change me so we'll see what happens. Elder Jimenez and I opened the area so we both have the same amount of time here. 
Fernando and Magali are getting married on friday so he can get baptised on sunday and we think Jose gets back tomorrow so he can be baptised this week too! Daniela is also a possiblity too (like always) but this week she did progress a little bit more and even brought her mom and daughter to church yesterday. 

Aye we dont have time because we have a meeting but I think we might have time to come back afterwards and finish writing. Super sorry 
Love you lots!!! 
Elder Inskeep

Well my birthday was good thanks! I didnt get my package yet but maybe tomorrow in the district class i will. It was a good day, nobody knew but I was in (Im not sure what they call it in english) interchanges on thursday/friday morning with Elder Wach from Eagle ID in his ward (Joyas) and my companion told him and he told a sister in the ward and she bought us breakfast so that was super nice and then the other ELders called and sang Las Mañanitas (happy birthday in spanish). then I got back to the area and we went to the lunch appointment and Elder Jimenez told the sister it was my birthday and she bought us cupcakes. 
This week I was in interchanges with Congreso (E. Avery- Provo) on tuesday and wednesday and then Joyas (E. Wach- Eagle) on Thursday and Friday so I wasnt in the area that much but it was a really good week. I learned a lot and was able to get to know my district better and find ways to be able to help them more. It was a good expirence. We do it every transfer but this one was different. WE had a lot of success in finding new people in all 3 areas and this week is going to be super great. 
Luis Fernando still hasnt been baptised because we're trying to find money to marry them... hopefullly this week. We only need 600 pesos so we should be able to do it with the help of the ward. 
FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS CARTER, KELSEY, Y COLE!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope everything went great and congratulations in being ordained deacons Carter and Cole!!! Whats spyder-ball? THats super great that Kels got to go to girls camp too! Girls camp here is just one night haha. 
Who said we cant write back and forth? THe house looks good too! 
Thanks for the birthday wishes and everything you're sending! Sorry I was going to send the pictures you wanted this week. Its my goal to take more pictures but I didnt get to buy batteries until today so next week I'll send pictures!!! 
Sorry Ive gotten terrible at writting. I love you a lot thanks for everything!!! 
Elder Inskeep
It would be "una carta mas" haha. This week has been good! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD!!!!!!! FELIZ DIA DEL PADRE!!!! I forgot that fathers day was this week! I hope you had a good day! Yesterday we had stake conference. They called a new stake presidency so Elder Benjamin De Hoyos (the area president) and Elder Martinez (area 70) where there. The temple president and also president Anaya came (president Anaya goes home the 28th :'( its sad) It was good! Do you remember what the 70 that came to our stake conferences name was? I didnt remember that he was Mexican but the one that came to our stake conference here looked familiar, his name is Felix A. Martinez and hes from Veracruz, MX. They called Pres. Ramirez (who is one of Pres. Anaya's councilors) as one of the councilors in the stake presidency so that was cool and our wards primary presidents husband as another. The new president is a scientist in the Univ. of Mexico so thats pretty crazy. 
I saw that the basement had walls and doors so I thought that it was going to be something else thats why I asked. 
Question: well theres a sister in our ward that wants to go into business with me hahaha, she wants to put tortilla stores (tortillerias) in the US and she says that because I'm the first gringo that has been in the ward for a long time and sense she had the idea that I'm the one. She makes it sound like a great idea and she kind of convinced me a little bit haha. So how hard is it to open a business in the US, what are the rules, and how much would it cost? She says in the future she would open a restaurant too and she has experience with her own restaurant in Mx too but I think business is really different in the US. What do you think? Shes kind of super serious about it and Im not really at all but it would be interesting, failure just makes me nervous. 
My companion doesnt really know english at all and Im not sure he even cares that nobody writes him. 
Thats crazy Camdon is going to be home soon and even crazier that Landan is going to get married! What!!!(with a mexican accent)?!!? 
Well Luis Fernando is supposed to get baptised this week but they still havent gotten married, they were going to get married this week but they said they still dont have enough money, they only need 600 pesos so we're going to see what we can do about that.  I'll try and take some more pictures, i need to buy batteries. 
I thought I had several things to say but I guess thats it... The house looks good! Its way big! I cant wait to see more pictures. Whats next? 
Love you lots! Thanks for everything!
Elder Inskeep

Thursday, June 16, 2016

 La Villa ( Catholic stuff)

Well first I want to thank you for writing me every week. This week I realized why Elder Jimenez gets done writing so fast, I looked over when he opened his email and saw that he only had 4 letters, 2 from president, 1 from the church telling him how much money he has in his card, and 1 letter with just one paragraph from his mom. Its a little sad... Thanks for writing so much and always supporting me! Love you lots! 
The pictures of the house look great! You still havent answered me! What is in the basement?! Send me the plans again! How much time do they say until its finished? 
This week we didnt baptise but we're hoping soon. Daniela would have been ready for this sunday but she didnt go to church this week, she went last week and was really excited to be baptised this month but shes really inconsistant and we want her to take it seriously and make church attendance a habit. She doesnt even have good excuses. Jose is still in Los Cabos, Baja California...ugh. He's still progressing though, he reads the book of mormon and even listens to conference talks at work, he talks with his aunt, the Bishops wife, every night on the phone and tells her about it (they're really close shes really good with him). Luis Fernando is going to 100% ready for his baptism the 26th, he could actually be baptised the 19th but we dont want to rush things or pressure him. Its been really great to see his family (his wifes family=inactives) progress, his wife Magali, and her parents Rene and Rosa (yep Rene is a mans name here) have all started to go to church again and her sister Avigal is going to this week and invited her boyfriend Eric. Rosa is already endowed but we are working so Rene can prepare for his endowment and then be sealed in the temple. Magali and Luis Fernando are really excited for the day they can go to the temple and be sealed with their 3 month old Nahomi. Its really awesome to teach them because you can really see that that is what they want and its their goal. Elisabeth isnt really progressing that much right now which stinks.
I know school is expensive. I've been thinking about what you said, Mom, last week and you're right. I really dont spend my money on whatever but I can be better and I need to be better. I'm going to work on it. I think I will want some money at the end of the mission to buy a couple things but for now I should buy as little as possible and look for ways to save money. I know that God blesses us for our obedience and our efforts and especially for the mission so if I want help after the mission I need to work hard now to make good habits and get used to living with a little. I think when I get back I'll probably work with Dad and see if I could find something little Kelsers or something a few nights so that I can save up as much as possible. I'll be bored at home anyways and itll only be a few months. DON'T SAY I ONLY HAVE 6 MONTHS!!! Because I have like 8 left...almost 9. Time has gone really fast. 
Today we went to "La Villa" (the basilica and all the catholic stuff) I'll send you the pictures it was actually fun and beautiful. I think all of the catholic money in Mexico goes to La Villa because the rest of the churches look a little run down but La Villa was nice.
Que mas....thanks for the advice Dad. and Mom for your great example ...Also if you could check/think if you could find something that would be typical Idaho. Or maybe like a cool t-shirt or something? and let me know what you think of haha. 
Well everythings great. Thanks for everything! Love you!
Elder Inskeep
who knows what has happened with your email but this is the third time right? Everything went well this week. Karla was baptised saturday and confirmed sunday. It was great but Ill have to send you the pictures next week because I still dont have them. Elisabeth didnt go to church again because she was sick but Daniela went and she said that shes going to do everything possible to be baptised this month so we put her date for the 19th, Luis Fernando has his for the 26th and Jose when he gets back...(still waiting). WHo knows what happened with the Tovar Family, they cancelled every appointment we had last week and didnt go to church, we're going to look for them later today. Gaby and Pedro are progressing little by little we talked with them about sacrifice and that its important to go to church and keep the sabath day holy. I think they understood so we'll see how that goes. We're really happy with how Antonia (Karla's mom who is reactivating) and Neyla (recent convert who wasnt taught very well and doesnt understand anything) are progressing too. They have changed a lot and have gone to church every week. 
 I know I need to be frugal thanks for reminding me. 
THe pictures of the house look cool! whats going in the basement? How long until its finished? 
Jace got a frig? thats kinda wierd but cool I guess. Sorry I forgot last week but HAAPPPYYYY BIRTHDAY JACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ¡¡¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!! 15 right? Super crazy! I cant believe how big everyone is and its going to be crazier when I actually see them. Whats Neymar? and who is Eileen? 
Holly wrote me and said that she has her call to Dallas Texas. I guess theres a lot in Texas from Blackfoot Holly, Cooper, Benji Bigler, Emily Jensen, and I think theres more..? 
Thats good that you have a lot of work dad and that Anna is going to start working. Will you hire me when I get back? What advice can you give me about leadership. The first few weeks of being district leader were hard because I didnt know what I was doing and I was nervous about the classes but then after that it was great but now after almost 8 months of being district leader its hard again. My district is hard and I dont know how to help them, Ive fasted and prayed and I remembered the best leader example that I have my Dad. They struggle a lot and dont really pay attention ever, like they all know what to do and dont need the class, sometimes I feel like they dont like me very much which isnt that important but it makes me feel bad and not like them that much either and if I dont love my district I cant help them. 
Thanks for everything and love you lots!
Elder Inskeep
Karla is going to be baptised on saturday and Jose when he gets back from Baja California (who knows). Daniela still hasnt been baptised but we hope soon, the Tovar Family (Karen, Hanibal, and Andrea) should be for the 26th, Elisabeth the 25th, and Luis Fernando the 19th. We'll see you else. We had a cool experience with Elisabeth. Shes a funny lady. Imagine a big fat black lady who sells jello in the street only mexican, she has an 8 year old daughter and her husband is really old like 60 (oh and I forgot to say shes 28), shes like a normal lady from downtown Mexico City, swears a ton and even has a bullet hole in her foot that she said shes going to show us someday to prove how much her life has changed and how happy she is selling jello, shes hilarious. Anyways last week when I was in splits with Elder Hansen (San Fransisco CA/St. George UT) we went to visit her (infront of a hospital where she sells jello from 3-8) we have been visiting her a while and the missionaries before had found her but she'd never progressed much. We were talking to her and she said that she loves everything the church teaches and wants to get baptised its just hard for her to go to church and she doesnt want to leave her party life (she likes to drink on the weekends). We asked her if she believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet, She kindof studdered around and finally said that no she wasnt sure. So we invited her to read Joseph Smith's testimony in front of the Book of Mormon and pray about it (shes had all the lessons and read several chpts in the BoM) she said she would and we left. Then we didnt find her for a few days but didnt think much about it until we found her on Tuesday in font of the the phone company (shes there from 10 to 1) She told us that over the weekend she had had a lot of problems in her family and she was feeling really depressed she even thought about killing herself, but then she saw the book of Mormon on her nightstand and remembered the homework we'd given her and read it, she said after reading it she felt peace and she knew it was true. She still has problems and for that reason she still didnt go to church yesterday but she comitted to change and I saw it in her eyes. Shes a crazy lady but her life is about to change and I know shes going to do it. Its a testimony that God loves all of his children, lots of churches her teach that He only loves those that are obedient or those who are members of his church but I know that he loves all of them, individually. And he's always there to help us and he will bless us when he sees our effort. I love the mission and the people here. I honestly love Mexico and I dont even understand why. 
The lady from 4th ward reminds me of a lady I met here, she was one of the most faithful members I have met. The pictures of the house look good! Im excited to see more! My companion is good we get along good too, hes normal haha. Not super great but not super bad haha. Im getting used to the ward and I like it, theres a few families that are really great but the rest are cold, prideful, and unfriendly...we'll see what we can do to change that. Things are going good. 
Im not sure what else to say but thanks for everything! I love you lots. I dont know where I would be without parents like you! Mis papas son los mejores del mundo. Les amo!
Gracias y que tengan una bonita semana!
Elder Inskeep

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

 Elders Gomez (hijo), Jimenez (compañero), Alvarez (nieto), and I last week eating on the roof
 :) My Zone with President and Sister Anaya in their last Zone Conference with us :'( 
look at this picture that Elisabeth sent me. Its James 1:5 but in a african dialect that she found in S. Carolina. Its hilarious right?
Its so crazy that its already the end of the school year! I cannot believe that Jace is going to be in high school and the triplets in YM/YW what grade are they going to be in? Its weird how they count the grades here its first through sixth in elementry school but then in middle and high school they count the semesters so they say "Im in the 3rd semester of high school." 
thats crazy about all the mission calls and graduations too. I dont know who chase is but thats cool about Justin. If you see Charlene tell her I said hola she was always a nice lady. haha. speaking of another justin. did you hear that Jessica (loveland) and Justin are going to have twins? Cool right? She wrote me last week. 
Last week we were having some problems with the investigators and so we fasted on thursday that they would progress and go to church and this weekend was really great and not only did we have more investigators at church but we found several new ones. Daniela still hasnt been baptised but hopefully soon. Then Karla and Jose next week. Then we'll see about: Fabiola: a single mom of 5 that we met that are super great. They literally live in a shack along the train tracks but they are super awesome and everytime we go she invites us to eat... so nice. She works nights as a secretary in a government office. Pedro and Gaby (and their 8 year old son Balam): they are the best investigators and complete with everything except church assistence which is difficult because they always have good excuses. Fernanda: a girl we met in the store that is really nice and has read everything we've left here. Aime: Danielas daughter that is studying to be a vet. and Karen: who owns a gift shop in the market in front of our house and is the neice of a recient convert. And we'll see about the rest.
Today was good we cleaned the house, relaxed a little bit and then went to the Buenavista Mall and ate Sushi buffet with Elder Wach (Eagle ID) and Elder Cadena (Colombia) from our district. It was good (the second time I've tried sushi) the workers hardly spoke spanish and it only cost 138 pesos which is like 8 dollars for all you can eat! 
What else did I want to say... It has been hot again. Now we're in the season when its super hot in the morning until like 5ish and then it rains. Which is just a pain because its cold for like 4 hours and then at like 9 or 10 it gets hot again...
Love you so much and thanks for everything!!! 
Elder Inskeep
Aye aye aye, Well I dont really know what to say I'm sorry. But we talked reciently. Next week I'm going ot keep a list of things to say so I can write it all quickly. Its hard because Jimenez pressures me to finish quickly (like 20minutes) and it always takes me at least 45 to write your letter. 
This week has been a little bit rough because we had a lot of meeting and then Jimenez got sick but we're working hard to have success this week. I love you lots!! 

Elder Inskeep!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Itzel's Baptism
 the Industrial Zone,at the Temple
 (Duran Family and Uriel and Denis's wedding)

Happy Mothers Day again! How was your day? This week has been good. Itzel from Mixihuca got baptised on saturday and President gave me permission to go. It was great. After 3 months of waiting for her dads permission she turned 18 and he said it was alright. The next baptism in Industrial should be Daniela. Her baptismal date is the 21st and shes excited. She already has a testimony its just hard for her to go to church on sunday. Jose is also ready but he goes to Baja California tomorrow for work and he'll be back in 3 weeks. We're hoping hes ready by then and if not we're going to fast with him and the bishops family that Jose's family will accept his decision. Its a little frustrating with him because everyone (Elder Jimenez, the rest of the zone, and sometimes the bishops wife) want to pressure him into it but I dont want to pressure him. I know he'll do it if he wants to and if not then hes not ready. Pedro and Gaby are also progressing pretty well but they need to get married first haha. Pedro is like an investigator from the mtc. "I dont know why but I feel the need to join a church and be closer to God" "its true what they say I feel great when you're here" hes so awesome and his wife Gaby is cool to. They also have a son named Balam thats 7 and a daughter named Ariana thats 2. 
Things are looking crazy at home. How do you make food? Laundry? Yes I did like the grasshoppers, I didnt enjoy them that much just for the thought of eating grasshoppers but I'd eat em again. 
Well I dont know what to say because we are going to talk tomorrow. 
Love you lots and we'll talk more tomorrow!!!!
Elder Inskeep 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

 Eating Grasshoppers
Jose is the one in the corner and obviously the missionary next to me is my companion Elder Jimenez
Wow lots of stuff going on. Well sorry about last week I didnt realize that the letter was that short. Honestly I dont know whats wrong with me but it has been a hard change for me. Its stupid but I've been sad. But I'm getting better. Who said that I havent written them? I havent really written many people the past few weeks 1. because I dont have a lot of time and 2. because its been hard for me to sit at the computer and focus...Another sad thing that happened this week that you might have already heard but my first zone leader Elder Walker from Idaho Falls who went home in August, died last week. How sad is that? He was one of the best people I know. His tractor he was driving was hit by a truck. 
Well it only rained last week and this week it has been super hot!!! I'm overheating right now its so hot. 
Its crazy that you are all ready to tear down the kitchen. Keep sending pictures!!! Did you find anything under the porch? 
Its cool you can look up my area in google. The areas that are called Guadalupe Insurgentes and Industrial are nice. Like almost a little boring because there isnt anything going on in the street and its just a bunch of houses but the area Vallejo isnt that nice and almost all of our investigaders live there. This week Jose is going on a business trip. His aunt (the bishops wife) tried to convince him to be baptised before he leaves but he didnt want to. We actually had a really cool lesson with him yesterday when the bishop, his wife and his mom (who lives next door) all testified of the truthfulness of the gospel. He told us that he wants to but hes scared because his family has already told him that they will disown him if he gets baptised. It has to be super hard but he knows its true!! The same thing happened to his aunt (the bishops wife) when she was baptised 20 years ago and went on a misson. But after all of this time the family has forgotten and they treat here normal now. 
The bishop and his family are really great. I have been helping the bishop a little bit with his english because he is studying pathway. The pathway program in Mexico focuses a lot in English and a requirement is to have a native speaking partner from the US that talks to you through skype once a week. His partner dropped out so now he doesnt have anyone to talk to and asked for permission to talk to me until he finds a new one. Its been fun. He's an Electrical and Mechanical Engineer and he has his own business so hes studying pathway to get a business degree and learn english better. 
They are from Oaxaca (where ELder Gomez is from) and everyone says the food in Oaxaca is the best Mexican food that there is and I think they're right. They also gave us some grasshoppers that they eat there sometimes (I saw them on the internet before I came on the mission and I hoped I would never try them) but they were actually all right. I think now after trying cow eyeball, grasshopper, cactus, and fried pig skin I can eat anything. Its awesome because dad always told us about gross stuff that he had to eat but I've never had to eat anything gross or that I didnt want to in the mission...knock on wood...I just dont like the pig skin or papaya but I can eat em. 
What else...? We also have a new couple named Pedro and Gabriela. Their family was listening to the discussions before but never got baptised and they have never listened but they are excited to learn. It looks really promising,  we're hoping they are married... We have an appointment tomorrow but we might have to cancel becuase I think we are going to the temple haha...It stinks but its also great we are going to the temple! 
Love you lots. thanks for everything and we'll talk soon! Sorry I had to change the date but HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM!!!!! ¡Feliz Dia de la Madre! I love you so much mom thanks foreverything you have done for me! Have a great week and we'll talk soon!
Elder Inskeep
Well the area is really different than Mixihuca. Its way more peaceful and there are less people. The Rio Consolado, Insurgentes and the Calzada de Guadalupe and Misterios are all really important streets/highways in the city but the neigboorhood is quiet. Which is hard because there are less people we can talk to. Its not very big either so its weird. The Cathedral (Basilica/la Villa) Isn't in the area but its close. We can see it and the all of the stores are like Walmart La Villa or Honda La Villa. So we're right there. It would be interesting to be here in December when they have the pilgrimage (People from all over the world go to the Basilica to worship the Virgin Guadalupe the 12th of Dec.). My companion is good. He has the same amount of time as me in the mission and hes from Tabasco the Banana Capital. Its good to be with him he's a good companion but I'm still a little sad not to be in Mixihuca with Elder Gomez. I really miss him. I actually did fight with him but I think that helped us be friends. 
I'm District leader again in Industrial my district is Elder Villanueva (Tijuana MX), Elder Avery (Provo UT), Elder Cadena (Colombia), Elder Wach (Eagle Idaho), and the sisters Villamar and Rivas the only 2 sisters from Ecuador in the mission (its funny that they are together). And our Zone leaders are Elder Hansen (St. George) and Elder Rogriguez (Cuernavaca MX). They are good. My friends Elder Dominguez (Veracruz MX) and Elder Anderson (Virgina) are in our zone too so thats cool. 
This week it has rained a whole bunch so I guess it means that the rainy season has started again. Its been rough because we dont know anyone so we've pretty much been getting wet in the street the whole week. Its nice at night though because its nice and fresh and I sleep really well. We dont have a laundry machine so that stinks (a lot) but theres a member in our ward that has a laundry busness so we can give him our clothes and he'll wash them. The only thing that is bad about that is it costs money and it takes 2 days. 
We have an investigator named Jose (24) who is the bishops nephew. Hes reallly great and ready for baptism he just needs to get an answer (we think he already has it he just needs to realize it). I like him a lot and I feel like we can connect a little because about a month ago he moved here from a really small town in Oaxaca (the state were Elder Gomez is from) so hes just barely getting used to the city and everything is new for him. Hes been alittle home sick but hes getting over it and says the gospel and living with his aunt and uncle has changed his life and his way of thinking.
We also have Joselin (17) whos grandpa is a member. She also needs an answer. And Luis (18) who is really open to learning but doesnt have a lot of time. He plays the piano, guitar, and violin, sings and teaches lessons. The cool thing is you can tell him to play whatever song and he plays it. Hes pretty cool. And those are who we are teaching right now.
Sounds like youve had a busy week (like always). You do a lot. Good luck with everything this week and thanks so much for your prayers. Love you lots!
Elder Inskeep

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

with Elder Oaks
Well actually I'm feeling a little sad right now. Its stupid but I can´t help it. I had transfers today. After almost 9 months in Mixihuca they moved me to the Industrial Stake, Industrial Ward. (If you want to look it up in google maps its in between Metro La Raza and Calzada de Guadalupe by the Metro Misterios and the colonias Vallejo and Industrial) Its a little bit north of downtown close to the Basilica which is a big catholic cathedral type thing that apparently is where they virgin Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego and started the catholic tradition of idolatry in Mexico. I'm reopening the area with Elder Jimenez from the state of Tabasco, Mexico (banana land haha). I've only been with him a couple hours but he seems good. I'm realizing the thing that stinks about being in an area so long is its hard to leave. I love the people so much and I'd been there so long that it felt like home, I'm also going to miss Elder Gomez a ton. He really is my best friend ever and I'm going to miss talking to him everyday. The members were sad that I left too, some even cried...I'm not really sure if thats a very good thing. Elder Gomez is going to train now so thats cool.
I didnt get the jerky or the shoes but I think those were the things that you cant send. 
Uriel and Denis got married on thursday! It was great! They got married in the courthouse which was interesting but it was good and now they can progress more! We're still not sure about whats going to happen with Eduardo and Andrea.
The conference with Elder Oaks was really cool! He really made it feel like he was talking to us and following the spirit. It wasnt like any other meeting. We all got to shake his hand and Elder Piper who is in the area seventy also came. (Hes the one that Elder Holland talked about his daughter in the october conference) It was really good but also way shorter than I thought it would be.
Thanks for the info on Transportation Engineering. Obviously I still have to think about it but It might be a good option. I think I would like to live in a city. Not a huge city like NY or here but a medium sized one like Boise or Portland or something. Who knows...
Sounds like you had a good week! Thanks so much for writing me and your prayers. Love you lots!!! 
Elder Inskeep

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How's it going! Well maybe I was confusing but the conference with Elder Oaks isnt until saturday so I still havent met him yet. This week was good, a lot of our appointments were cancelled and then Elder Gomez got sick so we were a home a little bit but it was alright, we got to talk to a lot of people in the street and we sent a lot of references to other areas. Thats the hard thing about our area because there are a ton of people but everyone lives in other areas. 
 The pictures of Ana Maria, Jace, Kelsey, and Josefina were great I loved them! And it sounds like everyone is doing great! When does school end? Thats exciting about the construction, it starts in 5 weeks? So like the second week in May? And how long do they say its going to take? 
Well I think that finally I know what I want to do with my life so thats super happy! (I'll send you another email). 
I got the package! I'm pretty sure. they gave me everything that was in it but it got wet in customs so they told me to ask you what all was in it so I can make sure that they gave me everything. Thanks a bunch! I love the journal and the tie, the card was pretty cool and of course the chocolate was fantastic. 
You didnt tell me where Daylan was going. Thats exciting about everyone else. Let me know when all the calls come! (still praying some one comes to MxCty.) Next year itll be Anna! Thats fun you saw Emily and Lauren! So crazy they're already back!!! If you see them again tell them I said HOLA! Its so crazy that everyone is getting home! Camdon will get home in June and Caleb in August!!! 
Rogelio was confirmed yesterday. It was great, he has a lot of support from the young men and the young mens president (Samuel a recently married returned missionary) its great. He has an interview tomorrow with the Bishop (WOOT we have a bishop!) to be ordained a teacher! 
Uriel and Denis are getting married on thursday so we are excited about that too! And maybe Andrea and Eduardo (from a long time ago) too. Armando and Jasmin still need a little but they are progressing.  
Thanks so much for everything! Love  you lots!
Elder Inskeep

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rogelio's Baptism
Well I think that the package did come through the called me and told me that it didnt but then they called me later and told me it did I just have to pay 200 pesos in tax and it got wet on the journey. So this week I'll go to the offices and see what happens. 
I'm glad you had a good time in Oregon. Thanks a bunch for the pictures! I loved them. I'm jealous of the cool weather you had there. Its been hot here. The funny thing is is that its really not that hot. But it sure feels like it and the polution doesnt help. To help with pollution and traffic the government is starting a program this week that you cant use your car one day a week and one weekend every month. If your license plate ends in 1-2 its monday 3-4 tuesday and so on. People are mad but who knows...maybe itll help but public transportation is going to be fuller than normal. 
Rogelio's baptism was good. We had it after the last session on sunday in the stake center. I sent the pics. 
I liked the conference and I'm excited to read them again. We were in the stake center the WHOLE day saturday from like 9.30 am until 9pm and then that night it was the time change here in Mexico so on sunday we were there from like 10.30 am until 6.30 pm. It was hot and we had to go in suit and it takes us like 45 min to get there. I really liked a lot of the talks, especially Bonnie Oscarsons on sunday and I thought that the one about refugees on sunday afternooon was interesting. Im super excited to read them all. 
Today we went to Zocalo again but this time with the other Elders in my district Elder Gonzalez (Memphis, Tenn.) and Elder Gutierrez (Culiacan, Sinaloa MX) we went in the cathedral which was interesting, its more of a historical site now than a church so it was alright. It was interesting because they built it out of some of the stones from the Aztec temples. Its huge! Like you can see in the pics but it was amazing to me that they built a building so big and beautiful in a city that in that time was really remote and primative. Its also interesting because in my time here I have learned that the catholic church is actually really bad but Heavenly Father always knows whats up and I think that the Spanish forcing all the natives to be catholic and then years later when everyone realizes that the catholic church isnt the best is all part of the plan and one of the reasons the church has and is growing so quickly in Mexico. The people here want to find the truth and a lot of times they are even looking for it. Thats another thing that is dangerous because there are a lot of jehovas witnesses here and we have to find the people that are ready before the jws do. 
transfers are in 2 weeks. I'm nervous because I dont want to leave and I'd like to be companions with Elder Gómez another cycle but we'll see what happens. We're also excited because next week Elder Oaks is coming!!! 
Love you lots thanks for writing!
Elder Inskeep
Well this week was good. Jorge wasnt baptised again. He was too scared and we couldnt force him but Hector and Emanuel were baptised yesterday and they will be confirmed in two weeks after general conference in sacrament meeting. THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!! After almost 11 months of waiting, fasting, and praying the Mixihuca ward finally has a bishop!!!!! His name is Herman Hernandez and was in the stake high council. The councilors are Ricardo Vasquez who was the Elders Quorum President and Jesus Hernandez who was the councilor that was controling everything before. Our downstairs neighbor Oscar Barragan is the ward secretary. I'm soooo happy because I love the ward soo much and now they are going to be able to progress. The stake president told us that Mixihuca has the best attendence in the stake and it is the biggest ward (in area) in the federal district (so just in the city not counting the suburbs like Ecatepec or Nezahualcoyotl that are part of our mission). It also made me a little frustrated because they released Pres. Navarro as bishop, so if hes been bishop this whole time why hasnt he been helping us??? The ward has been a disaster area after so much time without order. But its alright now Bishop Herman is a great man and everything is going to be fantastic. 
Our ward mission leader plans the baptisms and directs them, the ward council is just in charge of telling everyone and making sure there is at least someone from the organization to welcome the new member. We did have pretty good attendence. 
I am so excited for general conference this week!!! It is going to be so great! We also have Rogelio's baptism, then the next week we are hoping for Jasmin and Uriel's baptisms only we have to help Uriel quit smoking (we just found out because he was too embarrassed to tell us, we found him in the street smoking). We also found out that Elder Oaks is coming on the 16th of April! We havent been visited by an apostol in the Mexico City East mission in over 4 years. They always come to the city (like a ton) but only visit the visitor center or other missions. 
The pictures look great! I'm glad you're having fun! Its weird to think that you have cold weather because its hot here, in fact today its really hot. Looks beautiful, are you still there? 
Thanks a ton for depostiting money so fast dad! I needed it! I didnt spend it all on mangos but its the fantastic mango season when there are mangos everywhere and everyone gives us mangos!! 
La roca means the rock. And bella (from bella beach) means beautiful. Thats cool you ate mexican but its weird that we think that tortilla chips are mexican because I've never eaten or seen them here. Maybe in another part of the country. The tamales are the best so much better than in the US. 
Dont worry about the package. Everyone says that sometimes its better to just use the US post service because they do the checks in the US and the mexican govt doesnt have the right to check them and grandma and grandpa always send me stuff from the usps and it always gets here fine... just slow...but who knows. 
Im excited to hear about the addition! its going to be awesome! 
Also funny thing that happened this week. We went to the church for an appointment we had and there was a big party, it was the Mission Tampico 1997-2000 reunion! Michael is from that mission. There were a whole bunch of gringos there, they gave us free tacos and there were a bunch of people who knew Michael. Even a sister from Balbuena (the other ward) whos husband was the old stake pres. who said that Michael was her district leader one time. It was cool! We took a picture and I think she sent it to Michael on Facebook, maybe you've already heard about it. I didnt see the picture so who knows how it is....
Love you lots!!! Thanks for writitng and sending pictures!
Have a good week!
Elder Inskeep