Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Well a lot has happened in the last week and a half. I hope you recieved the message from my neighbor to Anna that I wasnt going to write until today. I forgot to say last week. You can just plan every 6 weeks Ill write on wednesday and not monday. 
Well the re-dedication was awesome. President Eyring and Elder Holand came. It was cool because they dont know spanish so I heard everything twice haha theyd say a paragraph and then their translators (both spanish speaking seventies, one Elder Walker, I met in stake conference in Anahuac) would say it in spanish. I felt bad for Holands translator because he hardly left any space for the translator to translate and then he had to translate a huge chunk all at once so it wasnt as precise. We went to the first two sessions in the stake center they were really good. I loved the messages and I wish you guys could have watched it too. President Eyring had to announce the people who were going to give prayers and stuff and he struggled a lot haha the names here are way hard because almost all of them are Aztec, Mayan, or Mexican or some other ancient language and after a while he just let his translator do it haha the only one he could do was when our stake president gave one of the closing prayers. We´re lucky Moctezuma is way easier than Xalostoc, Nezahaulcoyotl, Tlalnepantla, and Tlaxcalancingo...theres a lot of hard names here haha. At the end of his talks Elder Holand bore his testimony in really simple spanish with a suuuper thick accent but it was so powerful. Then our stake was invited to go to the temple for the last session. The stake center is half way from our ward to the temple but we had to go back to the ward super fast to help a convert in her wheel chair get down from her apartment and then pick up Yulieth (who could only go to the last session) and we only had about an hour and a half. We went back super fast in taxi and helped the sister and she went with another family to the temple. Then we went with the ward mission leader Mike and Kevin our neighbor in Mikes car to get Yuleith. If theres no traffic you can get to the temple from the ward in about 20 minutes. But we had luck and there was a lot of traffic and it took us almost an hour. We really did have luck because sometimes if you get stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time it can be more...traffic is terrible here. So we got to the temple at like 2:50 and the session started at 3 but the doors were already closed and we couldnt get was sad, especially for Yulieth but at least Gaby (the wheel chair sister) made it. Everyone in the stake got to shake hands with President Eyring and some with Elder Holand. One young women in the ward was walking down one of the halls trying to leave and find her parents (there were so many people they got put in different rooms) and there was someone standing in front of the door, she touched his shoulder and said excuse me brother and he turned around and it was Pres. Eyring. Haha she was embarressed but she said it was cool... So sense we couldnt go in we went to the visitor center and I already sent you the picture of us there. I have a lot more pictures but I need to find something else to connect my camera to the computer, my cord doesnt work and the computers Ive been using lately dont have the space to plug in the memory like some others Ive used. 
Also last week we had a zone conference with a seventy from Northern Mexico that was really good too. Yesterday was Independence day in Mexico. There were a ton of fireworks and concerts and parties in the street. There was a concert in Zocalo (the federal government plaza) and the plaza of Venustiano Carranza the delegation that we live in and we live between them both so there was loud music all night. We were invited to eat dinner with two families one lots earlier and one later so we had forgotten that we already had an appointment so we ended up going to both and then we were invited to left overs today for lunch. The food was super good. A soup called posole, homemade tamales, enchiladas, tinga, tostadas, and Mexican flag cupcakes haha. Our neighboors threw eggshells filled with confetti at us and we watched fireworks with them from the roof. 
Im glad your having fun! Sounds like everythings great. It was great to hear about Whitneys mission call and also Claudia got called to Costa Rica West same mission as Caleb and two missionaries from my ward. 
No we really dont have a bishop its soo crazy. I didnt think it was possible but it is. On of his counselors is in charge but theres only one counselor poor guy. Its a really good ward though. 
I also got to go to Eduardos baptism in Muzquiz which was good and it was great to see the ward. Also today we got to go through the temple in the morning. It was so full we waited 4 hours and there werent any lockers for us for a while. But how great is that that it was full!!! Theres 8 endownment session rooms too! crazy! I love the Mexico City temple its so beautiful and it was such a blessing to get to go. 
Im learning lots and everything is great. Love you and I hope you have a great week. Thanks for the prayers
Hasta luego
Elder Inskeep

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