Friday, October 9, 2015

Buenas tardes mis queridos papas. que maravillosa es la oportunidad hablar con ustedes hoy...
Its exciting that Josie gets baptised on saturday tell her congratulations and also FELIZ CUMPLEAƑOS (happy birthday if you didnt already know) it is crazy that shes 8. Sounds like she got some fun stuff. Thats awesome you got to go to conference. I was hoping i would see you haha but I didnt... I loved conference. Thanks for the pictures. On saturday we left the house at like 9.30 to get to the stake center before 11 with our investigator Andrea and her daughter Luna (Eduardo her husband had to work) and also our converts the twins Monica and Veronica and also Yulieth and her son. So there was 8 of us in the streets trying to catch buses to the stake center. We were there all day because theres only 2 hours between the sessions and with like 45 minutes to get back to the area it wasnt worth it to leave. One of our neighbors the Hermana Jorgina gave us sack lunches both saturday and sunday that were way good so we just sat in the stake center, ate, watched the world news report of the church, and called investigators and less actives inviting them to the next sessions. It was nice and the food was good. Arturo went in the afternoon then on Sunday our investigators Laura, Josafat, Evelyn (who are all new) Silvia, and Lupita (the twin´s sister). Also some less active families. I was so glad that they all went and we hope that some others got to watch it on the internet, we´ll have to confirm all that this week. Im excited for when we get the Liahona so I can read the talks again. Laura is a new investigator who has been really depressed the past few months but she started talking with her niece that lives in the united states says that shes found a lot of peace in here words, turns out that the nieces husband is a bishop in Texas. They called the mission office and then the office called us, we went to visit her that day and she already has 3 lessons. Shes progressing very well and every time we visit her she gets better. Her daughter has noticed too so maybe we can start teaching her and her family soon too. Josafat and Evelyn are another young couple we found with a 2 year old son, the only difference is that this time they´re already MARRIED!!!! Theyre super interested and they are progressing really fast because they are already reading on their own and everything. Josafat is super smart and uses words that people don´t normally use so I felt a little uncomfortable in the first lesson because I didnt understand as well and then on top of that he had already done some studying between the contact and the lesson so when I started to say the first vision he already knew the words. How weird is that? I was like what is happening is he a member and this is a joke or what...they look like members and everything... but theyre not their just really interested and have studied a lot. Im a little bit worried about Rodolfo because hes missed church and he didnt go to conference. I feel bad because I know he´s super busy. 5 days a week he gets up at 5 to go to school. With traffic and his busy schedule (hes studying biochemistry) sometimes he doesnt get home until 10 or 11 at night, then he has homework. So i understand that hes tired but hes so ready he already knows everything and he wants to go on a mission he just needs to get baptised. I hope he gets baptised this week. Erika is ready though so thats good. And Arturo has already invited everyone he knows so hes ready too haha. 
I dont know if you heard that Kevin got his mission call to Monterrey Mexico, its close to Texas. 
Well it sounds like you guys had a fun week. I felt bad for the waitress at Maddox she was probably super embarrassed. Its funny in spanish embarazada means pregnant so sometimes when people dont know spanish very well they make the mistake and say they are embarazada but really theyre embarrassed. I also know exactly how the Tongan sister feels and I feel bad for every new gringo that comes because the first little bit is hard. Now the hard part for me is to still have the desire to study. I know Im super far from perfect but I can communicate fine and I feel comfortable so I dont have as much of a desire to study. But I know I need to so I can be way better so Im going to work in that. Today we went to buy groceries in the huge market we have in our area called la Merced. Its huge, its one of the biggest in Mexico and its super famous, it even has its own metro station. Its cool to because everything is so cheap. We spent like 200 pesos together and itll last us a long time. We bought some extra bananas because they were cheap and we´re going to make a milkshake. Well Elder Pardo has 2 weeks left in the mission. Its alright but I hope my next companion isnt going home like the past 2 because all they talk about is going home and on Pday they just want to visit converts before they leave. I just want to rest or maybe see something cool. Well I think thats all I have to say. Love you lots and hope you have a fantastic week. 
Con amor
Elder Inskeep

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