Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hola buenas tardes
Well this week has been good. That's weird that Trenton still doesnt have his visa because I didn't have a problem right? there are Mexican missionaries here in the mission waiting to go to other countries too like Brazil, Costa Rica and the US where its hard to get a visa, I think that would be rough because they never know when they are going to leave or if they are going to be able to. Its cool to hear about everyone that is going on missions. today I got a letter from Camdon, he's been out 18 months already! He asked me what I am going to do after the mission because I guess he's going to apply for BYUI. I dremt...dreamed...dreamt whatever the word is that I was called on another mission after this one to France/Spain and I was super excited but then I woke up to the alarm and realized it wasnt real and I was sad haha. 
Its good that Dad's been busy at work and sounds like at home too! Anna sent me pictures of her room and it looks good! I'm excited to see everything you're doing and pictures of the hall. Sounds like Mom is busy at home and with the Primary too. I think moms perminantly in the primary when I think of mom at church its in the primary haha. In our ward theres like 18 kids in the primary and only 3 classes, Rayos del Sol (Sunbeams), HLJ (CTR), and Valientes (valients). That's fun you're doing indexing...(well kindof...better: its good that you're indexing). Our neighbor Nancy and her daughter Joselin like it alot too, it seems like everytime we pass their door (its always open) they're there on the couch indexing haha. Thats good Josie likes bowling...that was a weird phase of my life- I hated bowling- why did I ever do it? I dont mind bowling now but back then I never wanted to go and I always felt super uncomfortable. 
Yeah its the same here, I'm excited to start Howard W. Hunter 1) because you hardley ever hear anything about him and 2) because it's all pretty recient. Our Elder's Quorum class struggles a lot, theres always a ton of arguing or people teaching the class that either dont know what they're saying or they're really strict and accuse everyone of being a bad person and unworthy of the priesthood...haha but the coolest thing is going to happen the next week! Josefat our convert that was baptized in November and ordained an Elder in Stake Conference is going to give the class! I'm so excited! He's going to do so great! I knows a lot and he's a great speaker but he's also really humble because hes new. It was cool the last time we visited them he told us about an experience he had when he started to believe in God, when he was 21 he had to have an open heart surgery and during the surgery he died! For 3 seconds... the doctors said it was scientifically impossible that he lived but he did and sense then he has believed in God and has been searching and studying to find the truth. He's now 32 and owner of a huge clothes company. Super cool. 
I'm sure you can take the books to the di unless you can think of something else to do with them, I'm never going to use them. Kevin's name is Kevin Ortíz Marquez (Mexicans have 2 last names their Dad's and then their Mom's, so my name would be Jarin Michael Inskeep Rollins). I'll take a picture of the ties I have this week...and speaking of this next week I will be writing on Tuesday and I will have a new companion and maybe a new area. I dont think I need anything else. 
this week we set a baptismal date for Erika's Dad (her mom was working) for the 12th of February...he wasn't 100% convinced but we'll see if he'll be ready, I think he will be because he's progressing pretty well. We also got our flu shots and I went on transfers with the Zone Liders in the Airport Ward, I went with Elder Paz from Honduras it was fun but he got super sick and then when we went to get our shots he talked to the doctor and I guess he has an infection...ew. this week I'll be doing transfers with the Elders in Zaragosa, I'm not sure if it'll be the other Elder Paz or Elder Feller. Then on Friday Elder Castro goes with president and I'll go with either Airport or Zaragosa for the weekend. 
Well I'm ready for another great week! Thanks for writing! Love you lots! I know that the church is true and everytime I read the book of Mormon or teach I lesson I'm reminded. You wanted to know an experience and I'm not sure what to share and its kind of hard to write to much bu tI've had a lot of experiences when the spirit has helped me find the right words or remember something I studied in the morning, or helped us find some random person in the street that needed us to talk to them. I love you lots and hope you have a good week! Love 
Elder Inskeep

Monday, January 11, 2016

Well this week was alright. I'm glad you got to meet Sumano and you could see Star Wars, it was good? Everyone is talking about it so I'll be happy to see it when I get back. Did you find out why he didnt go on sunday? Sounds like you've been busy. You can take the books to DI. That's cool that Shayla is preparing to go on a mission...are they more active now? I also just heard that Aleesha is going to Argentina, thats way cool. I didn't teach the English class but I was there to help the sisters that teach it. I didn't know that they have an English class there. Is it in the stake center? The skiing looked/sounded fun. 
New years was good, just hard because everyone is busy. I think all of our baptismal dates will have to be moved because nobody has been around....oh my goodness I just deleted the whole letter...I'm so mad. This computer is stupid. Well the Mendosa family isnt going to get baptised eventhough they want to. They keep asking if they can get baptised without going to church. We found a gringo family in a torta resturant the other day that are members. They are here because the dad had something wrong with his papers and had to go back to Mexico so they are all here until he gets it figured out, the mom says shes been a member all her life but the dad is a convert but Ithink theyre inactive because they 3 younger kids (there are 5) arent baptised so we're going to visit them this week and see what happens. Veronica is the twin that cooks and she hasnt had time to make the bread or the cookies yet because of the holidays but shes excited to try them. Yeah I can tell the twins apart but elder Castro still cant. 
Well my sandals broke a while back and I've looked everywhere but I cant find any in my size so the next time you send something if you could send some flip flops that would be great. 
Today we had a zone activity about a month ago we drew names from a bag and we had to buy something for someone innn the zone. I got Elder Feller from Las Vegas and I bought him a sweater. Sister Beck from wyoming had me and Sister Pech her companion from cancun had Elder Castro so they bought us ties and some stick horses they found and bought inthe street. It was funny. We also ate some breakfast tacos adn Sister candido made a brasilian desert and sister pech Rosca de Reyes which is a sweet bread they eat this time of year. The bread has a toy baby in and if you get the part with the baby you have to buy tamales in february. Well I got the baby so we'll see if I'm still here to buy tamales later...haha
I'm sorry I dont have much to say and I dont remember what else was in the letter before I deleted it. Im sorry Ive had a lot of great experiences I dont have a lot of time. I'll tell y ou later. I love you a lot. I know the church is true and I'msuper happy to be in Mexico.
Have a great week
Elder Inskeep
Me, Erika (that got baptized like 3 months ago), her daughter Evelyn and granddaughter, Elder Castro
 !Me, Castro, Navejas,   Candido, Fuqua, and also Samantha
  The missionaries from the Mixihuca/Balbuena buildin

Ok well I'm excited to see you on Friday! We are going to use the Lugo family's computer (the twins) so maybe you'll be able to meet them quickly, it'll be like 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Hopefully I won't have any trouble signing in but I'm not sure if I remember my password...I might have to use someone elses account so you'll have to be listening so you can accept the request. Think of lots of things to ask!
That's great you talked to Elder Sumano. I'm glad you'll get to meet him and help him. I think he's nervous about going because he doesn't know anyone. I'm really happy you'll meet him and he'll have dinner with you. 
Well sounds like you've all been very busy. The shopping trip must have been great because you both wrote about it and normally only one writes about one thing and the other other stuff. That's super funny about carter. 
I'm way excited to open the presents haha. You said you were going to send something to Kevin right? 
The caroling was super fun!!! At first we were all a little nervous haha but it was really great. If you are talking about the picture in the metro the blond girl is Hermana Fuqua her family live in Moab Utah but she's lived in like 12 states and left from California. The brunette is Hermana Candido from Sao Paulo Brazil. The sister from Rock Springs is Mexican, born in Tijuana but her mom married someone from Rock Springs and moved there so she's also brunette. It's sad my best friends in the district the 4 missionaries in Balbuena (Anderson, Navejas, Candido, and Fuqua) were all randomly changed this week. They had been having problems with the ward and the Bishopric refused to support them so President changed them....So now we're only 13 in Moctezuma the smallest zone in the mission. 
What do we fix our selves? Well not much...in the morning its normally just like fruit, cereal, or instant oatmeal. Then we have dinner between 2 and 4 every afternoon and sometimes we don't eat after that because we're busy and we're not hungery because they give us so much. Every once in a while we make sincronizadas which are flour tortillas with oaxaca cheese and ham. Or a sandwich. Sometimes members give us left overs too or one of the neighboors...normally Nancy invite us to her apartment for pan dulce (sweet bread that they all eat at night with milk). Did I tell you that I found Idahoan potatoes in walmart? So I bought a package of dehydrated Idahoan mashed potatoes that were good too. hmm... Yep I'm health. Just almost always tired. 
Well yesterday Samantha got baptised it was good. She was probably the fastest baptism we have had because we only taught her 5 weeks which is the fastest possible because they have to go to church 5 times. Shes really great and gets along well with the other YSA so shes already been to alot of activities with them. Also last night our stake had a christmas activity/play/choir/thingy. It was good they acted out Jesus's life and the choir sang songs. I liked it. Then the Stake president spoke and there were refreshments. 
What else. Well I'll talk to you this week and excited to see you all. Love you so much
Elder Inskeep

 Carolling in the metro

Us with the Vasquez Family their blurry but fun..
Well I can't believe that next week is Christmas! It doesn't feel like it. we're going to ask the landlady if we can use her computer to skype so I´ll let you know next week when to expect the call. Please send the skype addresses again, I don't remember them and Its better to be safe than sorry.
Today we had a really great zone activity, we went caroling in the metro, we divided in groups of 8 and went up and down the metro line that passes through 4 wards that are in the zone, changing train cars at every station singing christmas hymns and handing out cards about the A Savior Has Been Born (I think that's what it is in english) video. It was pretty cool and we gave out like a thousand cards, And thats with not every person accepting a card. It was really great! I'll send you a picture of us waiting in the station.
Thanks for all the support. I didn't hear from Elder Sumano or now Gerardo Sumano this week but I'll let you know what happens. He'll be there in January. 
I got the package this week and I'm super excited to open all the presents. I was supposed to open the chocolate right? Ohhhh...just now reading dad's letter I realized why I need to open the other presents...they're the event calenders? Well...we'll go home and open them. I already opened the candy bar haha...
I'm glad you liked the show in the conference center and also the christmas programs. I didnt know that the conference center had another part either? It's so huge then if it has another theater! 
Well this week we will have the baptism of Samantha, the 23 year old girl that lives behind the church. It's also the goal for the Mendoza family but they're not going be ready because they haven't gone to church enough so it will be the next week. The really want to be baptised so hopefully they'll keep all the commitments in able to do it. Remember Andrea and Eduardo? The young family that I really love alot. Well they've been working a ton lately so we haven't really met with them and they haven't gone to church but Eduardo called us a few nights ago and they said that they should be a little less busy this week and want to meet on friday night. I was so happy. We hope that they'll be ready the 1st or 2nd week in January because they already have the church asistance and all the lessons, they just need to get married....  I've also thought of all our Mexican neighbors being here, especially the old ones that mow there lawn everyday. When I get back I'm going to make friends with them. 
The missionaries in the stake emailed me and asked me for references. I really wanted to help them so I had been thinking about people I know who are not members...there arent many... But I sent them a few that I thought of...they're not people I know super well and I had no idea the addresses so you might have to help them. 
Its great to hear from you and everything that is happening. Love you lots and hope you have a fantastic week! Adios!
Elder Inskeep