Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Well this week has been good. The temple isnt going to be dedicated for another 2 weeks...did I tell you it was going to be dedicated this week? Its always been the 13th. Mom you dont need to worry about my weight haha I feel fine and if I have a bug itll die soon because we will get our shots next month. Im probably just used to eating less too because the lunches are always so big Im never hungry. Marriage isnt that expensive unless they are way poor its just complicated, divorse is super complicated and expensive which is difficult too because sometimes people have to divorse their past wife to marry the one they are with now... We baptised Juliet (Yulieth) this week and we are going to baptise Rodolfo on saturday so we´ve been baptising every week, then we have some other really good investigators they are both Young moms Darinka is 20 and has a 2 year old, shes married so thats good, and Ericka Im not sure how old she is but Young too, theyre both great so hopefully soon for them and then hopefully the family Victoriano or Silvia. Yeah mom there are a TON of dogs here... well in the state a ton, in the city not that much. We never had any problems or anything so thats good. All of my companions have been scared of dogs haha. 
Today we went a taco stand that is pretty famous in Ecatepec that is owned by one of Elder Pardos past Ward misiĆ³n leaders. It was good but everything here is soooo greasy so I get tired of that. Then on the way back we stopped to visit Salomon and tried to visit Margarita but she wasnt home. It was good to see Salomon though and congradulate him for his baptism, he told me he wanted me to baptise him but I wasnt there (I could have gone but I have to have an invitation and the Elders there are both new so they didnt know) he told me to count him as my convert haha. I might go in a couple week s to Eduardos baptism. Well I have to go right now but Ill write another short letter in a Little bit. Love you!!!

Well I said I was going to write another letter better but now I dont know what to say. (we had to leave the internet to talk to someone and now we``re back) Things are great and Im doing good. Love you lots and thanks for the updates.

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