Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Well this week has been interesting and super long. Whenever we have preparation on Wednesday it feels like forever. I didn't have transfers like I thought I would haha. Which was happy but now I'm not so sure...because I'm district leader and I don't wanna be. I´m nervous because I feel like I'm brand new and I don´t know enough but its alright I guess, my companion has been district leader before and well I know that if its what I'm supposed to do I'll have help. My district is really cool though so I'm happy about that, I been here in the zone with most of them for a while, we have the wards Mixihuca, Balbuena, Moctezuma, and Zaragosa with 4 sisters and 6 Elders including my companion and I. They're Hermanas: Beck (Rock Springs), Pech (Cancun, MX), Candido (Brazil), and Fuqua (Utah) and Elders: Navejas (Sonora, MX), Anderson (Virginia), Feller (Las Vegas), and Paz (Pachuca, MX). It´s fun because I get to talk to them everyday, try and help them with their investigators, and do divisions with them but I'm nervous about the baptismal interviews and the district classes. Pray for me...haha...
The twins are the same twins that I have always talked about in Mixihuca but we did have some 12 year old twin investigators in Muzquiz. The twins Monica and Veronica Lugo are 30 and were baptised a week or 2 before I got here. They´re really great and we're teaching their younger sister that lives with them. Her name is Guadalupe haha. They also collect postcards and I told you a while ago to send one from Idaho but I forgot to send the address so I´ll send it right now and you can send them a note. They're taking an english class and I'll help them translate it. This week Veronica made us a pumkin pie (that doesnt exist here she asked her sister in california how to make it) it was really good. 
I can now say that I have gotten used to the weather in Mexico and I am going to die in Idaho. The weather has now changed to winter and its soo cold. It´s hard to get up in the morning from the cold and I use a sweater everyday now. Then I checked what the weather was and its only like 50 degrees-AT NIGHT-, the lowest its gotten i like 47... We´re like the crazy californians. Everyone walks around in coats, scarfs and hats but its still green everywhere and it hasn´t even hit freezing. 
I really liked the Christmas devotional, have we ever watched it before? I don´t think so. We went to the stake center to watch it with the Lugo family and Erika. It was good and Guadalupe really liked it. It was good because she hasn't really liked church much, she likes the gospel she just doesnt like the way people always talk about their own lives or especially about marriage or family (she's not married and she doesnt want to be) So she loves the conferences and everything but not the ward (shes only gone twice to the ward and to stake and general conference we'll keep trying).
This week is exciting because Thursday we have Zone Conference, Friday the ward party (the food will be great and we're going to bring a lot of investigators), Saturday the cultural celebration for the Tijuana Temple, and Sunday the dedication. I'm happy we get to see the dedication and how cool is it that we just barely had the Mexico City re dedication and now Tijuana. Yulieth thought that we were all going to go to Tijuana to watch it so she was excited but no haha just to the stake center, she missed the last one so I'm glad she has another chance. 
Sounds like you're all getting ready for Christmas. I haven't gotten the package yet but I think soon. Its exciting but it doesnt feel like Christmas to me or at least not yet. We saw some christmas trees at the market and I looked at the tag and they all said Salem, Oregon, craqzy right? That's where they're from at Kesler's too but you knew that they would bring them all the way from Oregon to Mexico. Its weird to me because there are also people that just go to the mountains here close and cut their own so I don't know why they bring other trees so far. So everyones already bought all the presents? Sounds like you're all very busy but don't forget to take a break every once and a while... and also think of the real meaning of christmas, its cool to be a missionary this time of year because people are thinking a little more about Christ or at least trying and realize that they should think about him more. 
I'm reading the Book of Mormon for the 3rd time in spanish and its great! I'm loving it and I know its true. I can now say that I understand all of it and I have learned the importance of reading it everyday. Every single day we need to strengthen our testimony that its true and then use what we learn, if you don't use it you loose it. 
Thanks for all the pictures Dad. I love them. The Star Valley temple looks really cool and its crazy because I feel like you just barely told me they hadn't even started but it looks like they're way far! The deer and the kids in the pool were cool too. Send me some nice pictures of the snow and maybe one of you guys in front of the tree or something. 
Well love you lots. Have fun in the 3rd row at the conference center and at Jace's concert, they'll be awesome. I'm happy to be in Mixihuca for Christmas and by the end of the cycle I'll have completed 6 months in the ward... crazy huh? Love you and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Inskeep

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