Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Thats so cool we have a yogurt place in Blackfoot now!!! Is it good? I still have a hard time with the word yogurt in spanish because its the same word just said with Mexican accent and I feel weird saying it. Kelsey looks super tall and skinny in the picture. Thats also cool about ace hardware its close to the house and what kind of stuff can you buy there? Its like cal ranch or something right? Why is the general authority going to speak in the ward? Thats wierd. I cant read what the shirt says but thats cool carter designed it. 
( the question is do we think we have the only true church)The question that the lady asked mom is a super common question and Ive always kind of felt the same way I dont want them to think that I think Im better than them, we just have to help them realize that the reason that we want to share it is because it has helped us and we want to help them, other churches do good things but nobody follows exactly what the scriptures say and have the authority and the ONLY way we can really know is if we study and pray. They also always ask us... 1: is it true you dont believe in the Virgin? (the worship the virgin of Guadalupe here) answer: we dont believe in guadalupe but we do believe in Maria, we dont worship or pray to her but we know she was a good person who had an important role in Gods plan. 2: why is it ok for Nefi to kill Laban (half the time they get confused and think Laban is Laman Nefi´s brother) answer: 1 Nephi 4:13...
Yep Erika and Arturo (Arthur in english) were baptised this weekend. It was so great! They were both so nervous but it was great. Erika cried through the whole thing before she was baptised she couldnt even sing and Arturo figeted a ton and kept whispering to me Ïm nervous haha. After I baptised Erika she came out of the water and said "ya?" (thats it?) haha. I was so happy. Ill send the pictures. Theyre not very good but at least you can see what they look like kindof haha. It was funny too because Elder Pardo went home on Friday and Ive been with Elder Perez that got here the same time as me whos companion went home too, so yep weve been in charge of 2 wards but weve had more to do in Mixihuca than his ward and his ward is also 30 minutes away in metro so its a little bit difficult. On sunday we had to to divisions the whole day because Elder Perez{s ward and ours both start at 8 so I was with Kevin all day and Perez was with someone from his ward...(sorry I feel like Im writing weird so hopefully you understand alright, things are coming to my mind in spanish) 
Today in the morning we cleaned the house and did laundry (I love having a laundry machine) and then we went to Buenavista a big mall nearby with Elder Montecillo (the mexican from minnesota) his companion Elder Andrade from Tabasco, and Kevin. We went bowling (is that how you spell it) and ate some tortas, then we went walking downtown to see some sites and then to the market. It was nice to have a peaceful day and not be worried about the schedule. 
Thats funny you guys talk in spanish together! When I try to talk in english I just talk a lot of spanglish, especially with conjunctions like y=and tambien=also tampoco=neither. I really cant even have a conversation in English haha. 
Ive told you about the District before, thats what we watch in the MTC and in our training...Theyre good. Thats sad about the Elder. Im excited to hear about all the sports that are going on youll have to send me pictures! Tell them all good luck? What other hints did Anna want to say, all she talked about was homecoming and powder puff. Sounds like its been a fun week. I hope theres not more Im forgetting... Love you lots
Hasta luego
Elder Inskeep

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