Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Buenas tardes,
  Compadre is closer than friend but in spanish there are a ton of words for friend like cuate (which also means twins that arent identical) bato, pariente, carnal, ect some are normal and some are how they talk in the rough parts of town haha. Its good that you have a lot of work and everyone is busy. No I didnt get to shake hands with Eyring nor Holland but it was still cool that they were there close. We didnt have any baptisms this week, Rodolfo is scared of his family who are very catholic and Erika needs a little bit more but Erika is October 4th and Rodolfo is october 10th. We`re hoping Eduardo and Andrea will be soon if we can get them married. Darinka is also ready but she needs to get married too and we havent met her husband yet either, she said hes open hes just really busy so hopefully we`ll have a lesson soon. The little kids Tomas and Jose Armando still need to be confirmed but they went to Puebla to visit family a long time ago and still arent back, we also have a guy named Jorge that was baptised in LA but we need to confirm him, hes really busy so weve only talked to him a bunch on the phone so hopefully thatll work out soon too. We have two Guadalupes, Guadalupe Tello and Guadalupe Lugo that are really good, we need permission from Sis. Tellos daughter to teach her because she lives in a Senior citizen home and the people that work there are a little cranky and dont want us there teaching so we`re trying to figure something out with that and Sis. Lugo is the sister of the twins that were baptised recently and shes really great but super busy because she is the head accountant of a grocery store chain here in mexico and soon shes going on vacation for a few weeks to visit her other sister in California. And those are the ones that are close for right now. In this ward the ward mission leader conducts the baptismal serves and takes care of filling the font and everything so thats nice. The counselor trys to come to most of them but sometimes he doesnt but we have permission to baptise without him as long as we have the mission leader sense hes the only one in the bishopric. Yep he has to do all the interviews and everything, imagine how busy he was doing interviews for the temple dedication. He does well though especially for being the only one, all the converts are recieving callings and everything, Jasmin was just called as a counselor in the young womens. The weather here is the same as it has been for almost the whole time, i dont understand because they say that theres a rainy season and a dry season and a cold season but to me its all the same, one things for sure though the weather really is extreme, itll be way hot in the morning until like 4 or 5 and then it rains really cold and hard then in the night it could be hot again or windy and cold. I did see the pictures of the bathroom they look really great, I didnt say anything last time? Maybe its you thats not getting my letters haha? My companion is good... he goes home the 17th of oct so Ill have a temporary again. Things are good. today we had another zone activity, every companionship in the zone except for us and one other had transfers so the zone is half new. Its still cool though, theres a new sister from Rock Springs named sister Beck, she was born in tijuana so she already knows spanish really well. I was telling her my grandma lives in Lyman and another elder, Elder Feller from Las Vegas said that his grandparents live in  Green River and their last name is Rollings haha its so close for a second we thought it was the same last name haha. Theres another hermana that lived in Idaho Falls for a while too. We played some games, and some ultimate frizbee that was fun and then ate burritos and jamaica juice, have you ever heard of that? We drink it a lot here its a juice from a flower, which sounds weird and at first i didnt like it but now I love it, its a super dark red color like polmagranet (I dont know how to spell it...its easier in spanish granada). Kevin the kid that lives bellow us had good new this week, he lives with his aunt who is our landlord because his parents live in California and have lived there sense he was a little kid...its actually kind of sad but while they were there the family here in mexico was all baptised like 5 years ago but on friday after 5 years of telling his family about the church they were baptised and he got to watch it on skype I was super happy for him. also his parents are super nice one day when his dad felt a little pressured about baptism I got to talk to him on the phone which was way cool too to try and help him. hopefully Ill meet them someday and more hopefully someday Kevin and his brother will be able to move with them to California. What else. I really love barrio Mixihuca and Im happy to be here in this crazy part of the city. Ive learned that sometimes we just need to work even if things arent working out and we`re tired because later we`re blessed and if we werent finding anyone the people who are ready find us. the work is going great and Im doing well. Pictures soon....Love you lots and i hope you have a great week and I also hope that the letter is alright...I dont know what else you want me to say...hasta luego
Tu hijo
Elder Inskeep

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