Sunday, July 26, 2015

No letter this last week :(

Well for some reason Jarin didn't get my letter this week, so he didn't write to his mom.   :( I am not very happy about this.  Don't you think he should write to his mother wether he gets a letter or not???
At least he sent pictures.
 Homemade diffuser :)
companion Elder Sumano

July 13th

My week has been good. Sorry I havent written that much, Im super busy. We had some sad news that we werent going to be able to baptise the girl who was ready to be baptised this week because her mom changed her mind so that was rough. we´re going to meet with the mom tonight. Tell mom and Jace congrats about their marathon, the pictures look great. I didnt know Jace was such a runner! Sounds like youre super busy! Did you stay the night in Star Valley? And did you get to see where they are going to build the temple? The past few days Ive been sick like dad, I have a cold. Yesterday at lunch the food was a little bit more spicy than normal and it cleared me up for like an hour but then it came back. Thats pretty cool about Anna{s blessing. She told me that shes going to serve a mission and Im pretty excited about that, Sister missionaries are the best. 
Im so excited for everything that is coming up with the temple. The temple open house will be from Aug 15 to Sept 11 which is a ton of time, President says that from past open houses and other open houses in Mexico they are expecting thousands of people to visit and sense the temple is in our mission probably 60% will be from our mission, references everyday. Then the cultural celebration and dedication and the prophet is going to come! Then the next day (monday) the temple is going to open especially for missionaries sense it is our pday and we get to go, the very first ones that get to attend! Im so excited! 
We have an investigator that is super cool and he has the most difficult name, Xicontencatl (pronounced Shicontecatl) He has 5 kids which is a lot for people from the city. He is so interested he takes notes during the lessons and has questions about every single thing, for this reason it will take a while to teach him everything but Elder Sumano says he{ll be the next bishop. haha. The only thing is his wife is listening to the Jehovas Witnesses missionaries which makes it a little difficult but we havent met her yet so hopefully she{ll change her mind about them. There are a ton of Jehovas Witnesses here (Testigos de Jehova). Theres also a lot of catholics of course, I never realized in Idaho but we always learned that the Catholic Church is the great and abomanable church and I always thought well they believe in God and the Bible they cant be that bad but they are. The sad thing is is that the members dont know. They break so many laws in the Bible its like they dont even read it. They worship the Virgin Guadalupe or Maria because she is the mother of God is what they say and there are statues of her everywhere and so many other things its so crazy. 
Well sorry my past letters have been bad Ill try to be better. Love you lots and have a good week!
Elder Inskeep

more July 6th

Another companionship in our district had a baptism on saturday and while we were waiting for the font to fill and Elder Sumano was interviewing the lady another gringo Elder Ferrin from utah started playing patriotic songs and then Elder Woodward from Texas and Elder Contreras from Tijuana and I sang the national anthem...Its funny that Elder Contreras knew it haha. It was great, Ive  thought alot about how great the US is. Mexico is awesome I truly love it but we are so blessed to be citizens of the United States of America. It truly is sad about everything that is happening and its sad what kind of name the US has outside of the US. The US for non americans is an arogant prideful sinful and rude country that doesnt mind its own busness, a lot of people here thinks that everyone in the United States is racist which is super sad. I havent heard anything about whats going on in the US so I didnt know that. All Ive heard is that Donald Trump is running for pres and that he said something rude about Mexicans. 
Mexico is pretty conservative which is cool, in the DF gay marriage and all that crazy weird stuff is legal but all the other states in Mexico its illegal and everyone is super anti so it probably wont happen very soon. The worst problem here is the violence and I cant remember the word in english..poorness? Thats probably why the DF is crazy because they dont have to worry about that because they have more money. 
I heard about Elder Packer. That is sad but well be getting 2 new apostols in the next conference. Elder Sumano is sure that Elder Craig Christiansen who visited the mission will be one of them so well see...
Yep we teach the after baptism lessons we just have to try to have a member with us in the lessons.. it really is bad. A lot of members rely on the missionaries more than they should here so it is a problem.
Well Im excited to see pictures and hear about everything and hopefully Ill have more pictures for you guys sorry my letters have been short without pictures and probably not that interesting.
Love you lots have a good week
Elder Inskeep

July 6th

Yep Marilu got baptised yesterday and I baptised her. It was cool and she did all of the work herself she started going down into the water before I had finished saying amen and she was like Fredricks mom she didnt plug her nose haha. It was cool because she comes from a long line of members and her ancestors were some of the first members in Mexico but her mom married a catholic guy so they never went to church, her 15 year old daughter got baptised 3 years ago and said that she had been praying everyday sense that her mom would be baptised soon. Bad news...I forgot my camera again...Im mad about it but the bishop took pictures and hes going to send them to me so that will be good and this week when we visit Jesus Ill take a picture with him and Elder Sumano too. 
This week we are going to baptise Monse a 14 year old girl that has been coming to church for a few weeks. There arent alot of active young women in the ward but the young womens president already started counting her as an active member even though shes not a member yet haha. Ill remember my camera this time. 
Thats crazy they just moved all the sudden. Hopefully theyll move back into the ward. 
Thatll be fun going on the trek youll have to tell me all about it! And thats crazy your in primary again! Its kind of sad you wont have your ward missionary calling but its ok every member a missionary right? Who was the old 2nd counselor? 
Thats way fun that you are going to continue playing tennis! and good luck on your marathon! 
Today we went to Plaza BuenaVista again the super huge mall and went ice skating, So I learned how to ice skate in Mexico haha. This mall is super crazy the bottom floor is like a super huge train station, theres the metro station below and then like 3 other platforms of trains that go out of the city then is a 5 story mall and the ice skating rink is on the 5th floor. It was fun. We went with Elder Sumanos old companion from when he was an assistant Elder Gallardo and his new companion Elder Nobmann from Seattle and 2 hermanas from the visitor center. then we ate at a italian buffet in the mall that was super good. It was called Sbarro Im not sure if it exists in the US. Then we went back in the metro but there was a ton of traffic so we were in the metro for almost an hour, then when we got to our station there was a bunch of police in the station and they made everyone get off the metro...Who knows why but thankgoodness it was our station. The police here look like GiJoes haha its kinda cool but funny they have their super huge bullet proof vests and their little hats that I cant remember what you call them in English. 
I wish I could show you guys everything Mexico is super cool but super crazy haha. 
Love you lots have a good week and good luck in everything especially the marathon.
Elder Inskeep