Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Well both Anna and Mom asked about the hurrican but everything here is fine. In fact I hardly even knew about it. The coast is like 5 hours to the west and like 7 to the east and we are extremely elevated so we´re fine. Its actually been really nice because its been cloudy all week and it only rained alittle bit today. Arturo and Erika arent anything. They are two seperate people, Erika had a boyfriend when she was younger that was LDS but I dont think he was a very good example because they lived together, shes had a really hard life, she had her daughter when she was 16, married and divoriced in her 20s and now shes 35 and her daughter who is 19 has 2 kids. How crazy is that? 35 and shes a grandma. Shes an extremely good person and works in the billing office of a hospital like grandma haha. She is also a dedicated member of Alcoholics Anonymos? AA. i dont think she was ever an alcoholic but she likes to help people so she goes to do service. Arturo is 24, a univeristy student and works for a Taxi company as the radio guy that coordinates who goes where. His girlfriend is a member and preparing for a mission and his girlfriends brother is on a mission in Argentina. 
Tell Lana I said hi and thanks for the support and for saying that my letters are good haha. Its hard to write. I loved the videos of Jace wrestling! He did good and I also loved moms voice in the background! ¨go Jace´ and ¨did he just win?...Oh!!! Whooo Jace!¨ haha so good. Thats crazy youre so busy! Its also super great that you are inviting everyone to the party! Thats cool someone finally bought Grandpas house and shes a nice neighboor. Does Anna know her son? I was thinking maybe I know him but then I remembered that Im 19 and he would have been in Middle School when I was in high school. I cant believe Anna is going to be 17!!! They dont really celebrate Halloween here because they have their own holiday the first and second of November that is a combination of Memorial day and Halloween when they honor their ancestors but everything is all spooky and halloweenish...I still dont really understand but Ill tell you more about it when Ive lived through it. Its called Day of the Dead.... 
Yep Kevin left and Im sad haha...Im going to miss him alot because he like my best friend in Mexico and my companions were always a little different but it was great because Kevin was always with us haha. Ill send you his address. He left yesterday morning and he´ll be in the CCM until next week I think. I forgot to tell you like 3 weeks ago that I got to ordain him as an Elder so that was cool...he wanted his line of authority but Im not sure how to get that...? We also got to go when they set him apart as a missionary. It was nice. 
Thats so awesome that you had a general authority come to the ward...its weird he only went to 11th ward. The missionaries had investigadors at church? Its weird because I was thinking about it and I dont ever remember a single investigator expect for Saige...speaking of Saige and Jessie how are they? 
Thats cool you get to talk in stake conference. The primary is great. We had our primary program on sunday and it was really great! The primary here is really big for Mexico (still small for the US but..) there are like 25 active kids which is really cool. All their kids did their parts and even some of the older kids gave talks. An 8 year old girl that got baptised on saturday even gave the closing prayer. The songs were really great and it was fantastic for our investigators and converts, simple and sincere. They all want their kids to be part of it. Luna (Eduardo and Andreas daughter) went went to primary for the first time on sunday after being to scared to go every week before.
Speaking of Eduardo and Andrea we are hoping they get married this week and baptised the next (again)...and Josafat and Evelyn and also going to get married this week and baptised on the 5th Josafats birthday. 
My new companion is Elder Castro from Bogota, Colombia. Hes alright, I still dont know him very well but it seems like he works hard and knows how to teach well. 
Today we went to Zocalo and walked around and visited some of the free museums. It was alright but you get what you pay for is more than true in Mexico because they were all kind of boring. One of the museums was about the huge earthquake of 1985 that 20,000 people died in and kind of changed everything in the city. It also caused a ton of fear in everyone that survived it because now whenever there is an earthquake or even if its just a drill, people flip out. Like crazy crying, screaming, and praying in the streets, people will like pass out or throw up theyre that freaked out. I still havent felt an earthquake but theres been some small ones when the alarm has gone off. The crazy thing is the earthquakes dont even have to be that strong and they do a lot of damage here because the spanish filled in a lake to build the city so the ground is spongy. That is also why all the big buildings sink. We also went to an art museum and went behind the cathedral to see the pyramids that the spanish built the cathedral on top of to get rid of the Aztec culture. 
In Muzquiz we didnt have a laundry machine but here we do. Im just so glad that we have one and I never want to wash garments by hand ever again. My shirts are fine because we always took them to the laundry mat and paid the lady to wash them. In Mexico they dont have laundry mats that you wash your own using their machine. 
im not sure about the camera. How nice is it? I do want a new one but I dont want to spend any money either haha. I dont really need anything here but Im goin got need so much after...
I dont know if this was a very good letter but I dont feel like it was...lots of random stuff. sorry. Good news is is that monday will come quicker so we´ll talk again soon. Remember Andrea, Eduard, Evelyn, Josafat and everyone in your prayers.
Love you lots and thanks for everything!
Hasta luego
Elder Inskeep
 Arturo and I
 Erika and I
Erika´s baptism (her boyfriend, a sister that has befriended her, Erika, and I)
Thats so cool we have a yogurt place in Blackfoot now!!! Is it good? I still have a hard time with the word yogurt in spanish because its the same word just said with Mexican accent and I feel weird saying it. Kelsey looks super tall and skinny in the picture. Thats also cool about ace hardware its close to the house and what kind of stuff can you buy there? Its like cal ranch or something right? Why is the general authority going to speak in the ward? Thats wierd. I cant read what the shirt says but thats cool carter designed it. 
( the question is do we think we have the only true church)The question that the lady asked mom is a super common question and Ive always kind of felt the same way I dont want them to think that I think Im better than them, we just have to help them realize that the reason that we want to share it is because it has helped us and we want to help them, other churches do good things but nobody follows exactly what the scriptures say and have the authority and the ONLY way we can really know is if we study and pray. They also always ask us... 1: is it true you dont believe in the Virgin? (the worship the virgin of Guadalupe here) answer: we dont believe in guadalupe but we do believe in Maria, we dont worship or pray to her but we know she was a good person who had an important role in Gods plan. 2: why is it ok for Nefi to kill Laban (half the time they get confused and think Laban is Laman Nefi´s brother) answer: 1 Nephi 4:13...
Yep Erika and Arturo (Arthur in english) were baptised this weekend. It was so great! They were both so nervous but it was great. Erika cried through the whole thing before she was baptised she couldnt even sing and Arturo figeted a ton and kept whispering to me Ïm nervous haha. After I baptised Erika she came out of the water and said "ya?" (thats it?) haha. I was so happy. Ill send the pictures. Theyre not very good but at least you can see what they look like kindof haha. It was funny too because Elder Pardo went home on Friday and Ive been with Elder Perez that got here the same time as me whos companion went home too, so yep weve been in charge of 2 wards but weve had more to do in Mixihuca than his ward and his ward is also 30 minutes away in metro so its a little bit difficult. On sunday we had to to divisions the whole day because Elder Perez{s ward and ours both start at 8 so I was with Kevin all day and Perez was with someone from his ward...(sorry I feel like Im writing weird so hopefully you understand alright, things are coming to my mind in spanish) 
Today in the morning we cleaned the house and did laundry (I love having a laundry machine) and then we went to Buenavista a big mall nearby with Elder Montecillo (the mexican from minnesota) his companion Elder Andrade from Tabasco, and Kevin. We went bowling (is that how you spell it) and ate some tortas, then we went walking downtown to see some sites and then to the market. It was nice to have a peaceful day and not be worried about the schedule. 
Thats funny you guys talk in spanish together! When I try to talk in english I just talk a lot of spanglish, especially with conjunctions like y=and tambien=also tampoco=neither. I really cant even have a conversation in English haha. 
Ive told you about the District before, thats what we watch in the MTC and in our training...Theyre good. Thats sad about the Elder. Im excited to hear about all the sports that are going on youll have to send me pictures! Tell them all good luck? What other hints did Anna want to say, all she talked about was homecoming and powder puff. Sounds like its been a fun week. I hope theres not more Im forgetting... Love you lots
Hasta luego
Elder Inskeep
Well sounds like youve been way busy. I think this year and a half that I have left are going to go by super fast for all of us. Thats fun that everyone came, its funny to remember sophie. Sounds like Dad is super busy at work which is great, maybe he´ll hire me again for a little bit before I go to school after the mission. Carter and Cole play flag football? And Jo and Kelsey jump rope? I dont understand why Anna is taking health and human anatomy. You only have to take one of them...Yeah I believe it. Jace is super giving. I told you he gave me $50 in an envelope in the airport. Thats cool and hes going to be rich when he grows up because he works hard and hes so giving. God blesses us for what we do and according to what we do. When you help other people Heavenly Father helps us. Well tell Joise felicidades for her baptism. I saw the overall things that they use for baptisms in the picture, here we dont have those. We have to tell the investigator to bring white clothes and if they cant we have to find someone in the ward who is the same size and borrow some.  
We didnt have the baptism this week...we were sad but in the last lesson we had on friday when he told us he didnt want to get baptised right now my companion and I had the same feeling about something that maybe hes missing that we need to teach again and maybe a little more in depth so he can get over it. Hopefully itll be soon because hes pretty much a member hes just missing out on the benefits. This week we will have Arturo on Saturday and Erika on Sunday, so thats exciting. Theyre both excited and inviting people so it should be great. We ve recieved alot of references lately also so hopefully we can find some more people that are ready! Elder Pardo goes home on Saturday so Ill be with another Elder from a nearby ward whos companion goes home too (Elder Perez from Campeche Mexico, he got here with me) until I get my new companion. Im not sure if itll be next week or the week after but the week I get my new comp Ill write on wednesday and Ill get to go to the temple again. 
I learned why its so hot here, its really not that hot the sun is just super strong because the pollution makes the ozone thinner (which is why new york was so hot too) and we are also super high in elevation so the air is thinner and we´re closer to the sun, the pollution can also magnify the rays of the sun. So now you can understand haha Ive been saying its so hot and Ive seen the tempature but I dont understand celsius so I never really understood how hot it really was but then I converted it and realized that the weather here is perfect and its never that hot. The sun is just super strong. 
Thank you so much for your prayers and everything! Everything is going really well and Im happy. Its weird that there are so many new missionaries that are newer than me. I still feel super new but now they tell me Im old...
Love you lots! Tenga una buena semana!
Elder Inskeep

Friday, October 9, 2015

 Me, Elder Pardo, Elder Feller (Las Vegas), Elder Preciado, some hermanas from the ward and Jasmin (middle) before her baptism
 food....I think its spelt was good though
 Yulieth (the colombian before her baptism and with her son Geronimo 
 Before Eduardo´s (from Muzquiz) baptism
Some members from Barrio Muzquiz
Buenas tardes mis queridos papas. que maravillosa es la oportunidad hablar con ustedes hoy...
Its exciting that Josie gets baptised on saturday tell her congratulations and also FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS (happy birthday if you didnt already know) it is crazy that shes 8. Sounds like she got some fun stuff. Thats awesome you got to go to conference. I was hoping i would see you haha but I didnt... I loved conference. Thanks for the pictures. On saturday we left the house at like 9.30 to get to the stake center before 11 with our investigator Andrea and her daughter Luna (Eduardo her husband had to work) and also our converts the twins Monica and Veronica and also Yulieth and her son. So there was 8 of us in the streets trying to catch buses to the stake center. We were there all day because theres only 2 hours between the sessions and with like 45 minutes to get back to the area it wasnt worth it to leave. One of our neighbors the Hermana Jorgina gave us sack lunches both saturday and sunday that were way good so we just sat in the stake center, ate, watched the world news report of the church, and called investigators and less actives inviting them to the next sessions. It was nice and the food was good. Arturo went in the afternoon then on Sunday our investigators Laura, Josafat, Evelyn (who are all new) Silvia, and Lupita (the twin´s sister). Also some less active families. I was so glad that they all went and we hope that some others got to watch it on the internet, we´ll have to confirm all that this week. Im excited for when we get the Liahona so I can read the talks again. Laura is a new investigator who has been really depressed the past few months but she started talking with her niece that lives in the united states says that shes found a lot of peace in here words, turns out that the nieces husband is a bishop in Texas. They called the mission office and then the office called us, we went to visit her that day and she already has 3 lessons. Shes progressing very well and every time we visit her she gets better. Her daughter has noticed too so maybe we can start teaching her and her family soon too. Josafat and Evelyn are another young couple we found with a 2 year old son, the only difference is that this time they´re already MARRIED!!!! Theyre super interested and they are progressing really fast because they are already reading on their own and everything. Josafat is super smart and uses words that people don´t normally use so I felt a little uncomfortable in the first lesson because I didnt understand as well and then on top of that he had already done some studying between the contact and the lesson so when I started to say the first vision he already knew the words. How weird is that? I was like what is happening is he a member and this is a joke or what...they look like members and everything... but theyre not their just really interested and have studied a lot. Im a little bit worried about Rodolfo because hes missed church and he didnt go to conference. I feel bad because I know he´s super busy. 5 days a week he gets up at 5 to go to school. With traffic and his busy schedule (hes studying biochemistry) sometimes he doesnt get home until 10 or 11 at night, then he has homework. So i understand that hes tired but hes so ready he already knows everything and he wants to go on a mission he just needs to get baptised. I hope he gets baptised this week. Erika is ready though so thats good. And Arturo has already invited everyone he knows so hes ready too haha. 
I dont know if you heard that Kevin got his mission call to Monterrey Mexico, its close to Texas. 
Well it sounds like you guys had a fun week. I felt bad for the waitress at Maddox she was probably super embarrassed. Its funny in spanish embarazada means pregnant so sometimes when people dont know spanish very well they make the mistake and say they are embarazada but really theyre embarrassed. I also know exactly how the Tongan sister feels and I feel bad for every new gringo that comes because the first little bit is hard. Now the hard part for me is to still have the desire to study. I know Im super far from perfect but I can communicate fine and I feel comfortable so I dont have as much of a desire to study. But I know I need to so I can be way better so Im going to work in that. Today we went to buy groceries in the huge market we have in our area called la Merced. Its huge, its one of the biggest in Mexico and its super famous, it even has its own metro station. Its cool to because everything is so cheap. We spent like 200 pesos together and itll last us a long time. We bought some extra bananas because they were cheap and we´re going to make a milkshake. Well Elder Pardo has 2 weeks left in the mission. Its alright but I hope my next companion isnt going home like the past 2 because all they talk about is going home and on Pday they just want to visit converts before they leave. I just want to rest or maybe see something cool. Well I think thats all I have to say. Love you lots and hope you have a fantastic week. 
Con amor
Elder Inskeep