Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Well the mouse story this week was pretty funny! I can just imagine how crazy the house was and that Anna was still in her own world. Haha it made me thing of the time the birds got out and Carter and Cole and I were scared, Anna was sleeping and Jace and Kelsey had to try to put it back in the cage  while Jo just sat on the couch and bossed everyone around. It also reminded me of the rats here and how freaky they are and the stories Ive heard. Thank goodness Ive only seen a few... The last time was last week when we were walking to an appointment at like 7;30 underneath one of the metro lines in our area that is above ground. We were underneath because it was raining and it was also starting to get dark and its a good place to walk because its like a little park. We passed one of the columns and Elder Pardo said look a group of cats...I looked and then they noticed we were there and started to run away. Then we notice their tails and that their hair was different. Aggghhhh their rats! At least they were afraid of us haha. But your story made me laugh.. Im excited for you guys to be at conference, Ill watch for you! Im also so excited to listen to the words of our living prophet and also that our investigators will be able to go and through the spirit I know that they will know he is called of God. The new apostels is cool too!. I hope that one is latino that would be really cool!. 
This week went really fast and everything is going really well. We went to an appointment with Eduardo and Andrea and we had planned to talk to them about the law of chastity and that they need to get married and one of the first things that Eduardo asked before we even started the lesson was what he needed to do to get married in the temple. They are so great!!!!!! I love them so much. Erika has her date for saturday. Shes progressing really well and everything is going good but we dont think shell be baptised this week only because we dont want to rush her and theres still just a little bit more she needs. Arturo and Rodolfo have dates for the 10th so pray for us that we can help them be ready for that and that they will know they are ready and they need to. Arturo is super ready but Rodolfo still feels nervous mostly for his family who are catholic (like everyone) but he says he wants to serve a mission so... he has to get baptised first haha. Darinka and Lupita and doing good too Darinka just needs to go to church and get married...and Lupita went this week but she felt uncomfortable in the relief society so hopefully everything will be good with her. 
Tell Kelsey thanks for praying for me! Shes great I love her.
Its funny when you said sister palmer I thought of the sister palmer here haha we have a sister palmer in the ward wierd right?  There are so many cool stories from missionaries that come from hard backgrounds and whos families arent members. I really am super happy to be here in Mexico and I also know that Im protected. 
I met a kid the other day from BYUI that was here on exchange for a semester and I thought that would be soo cool. Maybe I could do that? 
Everything is really great and I cant really think of anything else to say...I still dont have a way to send my pictures but I have some from the visitor center and from Kevin that Ill send...Speaking of Kevin his mission call came today and hes going to open it tonight and 7 so thats super exciting! Love you all lots! Adios
Elder Inskeep

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