Wednesday, April 20, 2016

with Elder Oaks
Well actually I'm feeling a little sad right now. Its stupid but I can´t help it. I had transfers today. After almost 9 months in Mixihuca they moved me to the Industrial Stake, Industrial Ward. (If you want to look it up in google maps its in between Metro La Raza and Calzada de Guadalupe by the Metro Misterios and the colonias Vallejo and Industrial) Its a little bit north of downtown close to the Basilica which is a big catholic cathedral type thing that apparently is where they virgin Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego and started the catholic tradition of idolatry in Mexico. I'm reopening the area with Elder Jimenez from the state of Tabasco, Mexico (banana land haha). I've only been with him a couple hours but he seems good. I'm realizing the thing that stinks about being in an area so long is its hard to leave. I love the people so much and I'd been there so long that it felt like home, I'm also going to miss Elder Gomez a ton. He really is my best friend ever and I'm going to miss talking to him everyday. The members were sad that I left too, some even cried...I'm not really sure if thats a very good thing. Elder Gomez is going to train now so thats cool.
I didnt get the jerky or the shoes but I think those were the things that you cant send. 
Uriel and Denis got married on thursday! It was great! They got married in the courthouse which was interesting but it was good and now they can progress more! We're still not sure about whats going to happen with Eduardo and Andrea.
The conference with Elder Oaks was really cool! He really made it feel like he was talking to us and following the spirit. It wasnt like any other meeting. We all got to shake his hand and Elder Piper who is in the area seventy also came. (Hes the one that Elder Holland talked about his daughter in the october conference) It was really good but also way shorter than I thought it would be.
Thanks for the info on Transportation Engineering. Obviously I still have to think about it but It might be a good option. I think I would like to live in a city. Not a huge city like NY or here but a medium sized one like Boise or Portland or something. Who knows...
Sounds like you had a good week! Thanks so much for writing me and your prayers. Love you lots!!! 
Elder Inskeep

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How's it going! Well maybe I was confusing but the conference with Elder Oaks isnt until saturday so I still havent met him yet. This week was good, a lot of our appointments were cancelled and then Elder Gomez got sick so we were a home a little bit but it was alright, we got to talk to a lot of people in the street and we sent a lot of references to other areas. Thats the hard thing about our area because there are a ton of people but everyone lives in other areas. 
 The pictures of Ana Maria, Jace, Kelsey, and Josefina were great I loved them! And it sounds like everyone is doing great! When does school end? Thats exciting about the construction, it starts in 5 weeks? So like the second week in May? And how long do they say its going to take? 
Well I think that finally I know what I want to do with my life so thats super happy! (I'll send you another email). 
I got the package! I'm pretty sure. they gave me everything that was in it but it got wet in customs so they told me to ask you what all was in it so I can make sure that they gave me everything. Thanks a bunch! I love the journal and the tie, the card was pretty cool and of course the chocolate was fantastic. 
You didnt tell me where Daylan was going. Thats exciting about everyone else. Let me know when all the calls come! (still praying some one comes to MxCty.) Next year itll be Anna! Thats fun you saw Emily and Lauren! So crazy they're already back!!! If you see them again tell them I said HOLA! Its so crazy that everyone is getting home! Camdon will get home in June and Caleb in August!!! 
Rogelio was confirmed yesterday. It was great, he has a lot of support from the young men and the young mens president (Samuel a recently married returned missionary) its great. He has an interview tomorrow with the Bishop (WOOT we have a bishop!) to be ordained a teacher! 
Uriel and Denis are getting married on thursday so we are excited about that too! And maybe Andrea and Eduardo (from a long time ago) too. Armando and Jasmin still need a little but they are progressing.  
Thanks so much for everything! Love  you lots!
Elder Inskeep

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rogelio's Baptism
Well I think that the package did come through the called me and told me that it didnt but then they called me later and told me it did I just have to pay 200 pesos in tax and it got wet on the journey. So this week I'll go to the offices and see what happens. 
I'm glad you had a good time in Oregon. Thanks a bunch for the pictures! I loved them. I'm jealous of the cool weather you had there. Its been hot here. The funny thing is is that its really not that hot. But it sure feels like it and the polution doesnt help. To help with pollution and traffic the government is starting a program this week that you cant use your car one day a week and one weekend every month. If your license plate ends in 1-2 its monday 3-4 tuesday and so on. People are mad but who knows...maybe itll help but public transportation is going to be fuller than normal. 
Rogelio's baptism was good. We had it after the last session on sunday in the stake center. I sent the pics. 
I liked the conference and I'm excited to read them again. We were in the stake center the WHOLE day saturday from like 9.30 am until 9pm and then that night it was the time change here in Mexico so on sunday we were there from like 10.30 am until 6.30 pm. It was hot and we had to go in suit and it takes us like 45 min to get there. I really liked a lot of the talks, especially Bonnie Oscarsons on sunday and I thought that the one about refugees on sunday afternooon was interesting. Im super excited to read them all. 
Today we went to Zocalo again but this time with the other Elders in my district Elder Gonzalez (Memphis, Tenn.) and Elder Gutierrez (Culiacan, Sinaloa MX) we went in the cathedral which was interesting, its more of a historical site now than a church so it was alright. It was interesting because they built it out of some of the stones from the Aztec temples. Its huge! Like you can see in the pics but it was amazing to me that they built a building so big and beautiful in a city that in that time was really remote and primative. Its also interesting because in my time here I have learned that the catholic church is actually really bad but Heavenly Father always knows whats up and I think that the Spanish forcing all the natives to be catholic and then years later when everyone realizes that the catholic church isnt the best is all part of the plan and one of the reasons the church has and is growing so quickly in Mexico. The people here want to find the truth and a lot of times they are even looking for it. Thats another thing that is dangerous because there are a lot of jehovas witnesses here and we have to find the people that are ready before the jws do. 
transfers are in 2 weeks. I'm nervous because I dont want to leave and I'd like to be companions with Elder Gómez another cycle but we'll see what happens. We're also excited because next week Elder Oaks is coming!!! 
Love you lots thanks for writing!
Elder Inskeep
Well this week was good. Jorge wasnt baptised again. He was too scared and we couldnt force him but Hector and Emanuel were baptised yesterday and they will be confirmed in two weeks after general conference in sacrament meeting. THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!! After almost 11 months of waiting, fasting, and praying the Mixihuca ward finally has a bishop!!!!! His name is Herman Hernandez and was in the stake high council. The councilors are Ricardo Vasquez who was the Elders Quorum President and Jesus Hernandez who was the councilor that was controling everything before. Our downstairs neighbor Oscar Barragan is the ward secretary. I'm soooo happy because I love the ward soo much and now they are going to be able to progress. The stake president told us that Mixihuca has the best attendence in the stake and it is the biggest ward (in area) in the federal district (so just in the city not counting the suburbs like Ecatepec or Nezahualcoyotl that are part of our mission). It also made me a little frustrated because they released Pres. Navarro as bishop, so if hes been bishop this whole time why hasnt he been helping us??? The ward has been a disaster area after so much time without order. But its alright now Bishop Herman is a great man and everything is going to be fantastic. 
Our ward mission leader plans the baptisms and directs them, the ward council is just in charge of telling everyone and making sure there is at least someone from the organization to welcome the new member. We did have pretty good attendence. 
I am so excited for general conference this week!!! It is going to be so great! We also have Rogelio's baptism, then the next week we are hoping for Jasmin and Uriel's baptisms only we have to help Uriel quit smoking (we just found out because he was too embarrassed to tell us, we found him in the street smoking). We also found out that Elder Oaks is coming on the 16th of April! We havent been visited by an apostol in the Mexico City East mission in over 4 years. They always come to the city (like a ton) but only visit the visitor center or other missions. 
The pictures look great! I'm glad you're having fun! Its weird to think that you have cold weather because its hot here, in fact today its really hot. Looks beautiful, are you still there? 
Thanks a ton for depostiting money so fast dad! I needed it! I didnt spend it all on mangos but its the fantastic mango season when there are mangos everywhere and everyone gives us mangos!! 
La roca means the rock. And bella (from bella beach) means beautiful. Thats cool you ate mexican but its weird that we think that tortilla chips are mexican because I've never eaten or seen them here. Maybe in another part of the country. The tamales are the best so much better than in the US. 
Dont worry about the package. Everyone says that sometimes its better to just use the US post service because they do the checks in the US and the mexican govt doesnt have the right to check them and grandma and grandpa always send me stuff from the usps and it always gets here fine... just slow...but who knows. 
Im excited to hear about the addition! its going to be awesome! 
Also funny thing that happened this week. We went to the church for an appointment we had and there was a big party, it was the Mission Tampico 1997-2000 reunion! Michael is from that mission. There were a whole bunch of gringos there, they gave us free tacos and there were a bunch of people who knew Michael. Even a sister from Balbuena (the other ward) whos husband was the old stake pres. who said that Michael was her district leader one time. It was cool! We took a picture and I think she sent it to Michael on Facebook, maybe you've already heard about it. I didnt see the picture so who knows how it is....
Love you lots!!! Thanks for writitng and sending pictures!
Have a good week!
Elder Inskeep
Sad news... the mission offices got a call from customs saying that the package got here but they are sending it back. I guess you cant send shoes or jerky into México. Brother Duran in our Ward that Works for a shipping company told me that reciently they have been more strict because I guess they are worried about the economy so they want everyone to buy more stuff here, there might be a way you can send them but youd have to do some research. But its probably better that you dont just be sure because its expensive. Thanks anways and sorry. 
its mango season and the fruit here is so good!
Sounds like you've been busy and its fun to hear about Anna and Jace! Jace runs way fast!!!! We run 2 laps around the park everyday and it takes us like 15 minutes...I'm not sure how big the park is...
Its super cool Dad got to hear Elder Holland and Elder Soares. I'm so excited for conference!!! Its cool to hear about all the misión calls too! Keep me updated! Maybe someone will come to México. Theres 7 missions so its probable. Camdon told me that theres a kid from Snake River here in one of the missions but I dont know who he is. 
Have you seen the Easter video? Its good but I like the videos from the past 2 years better! I just watched it in English and its better because the voices are real and theres different accents. In spanish everyone talks the same
Well Emanuel, Jorge, and Héctor are getting baptised this week and then follow Rojelio, Uriel, and Itzel. We've also been finding new investigators including Jasmin who's husband is an inactive member but they went to church together yesterday, she has a lot of potential. 
I'm glad you liked the pictures! I'm having a blast and working hard!
Love you lots!
Elder Inskeep
Tlatelolco when the pope was here

El Templo Mayor

The District last transfer

Bellas Artes (fancy theater/art museum)
El Caballito...the little horse and the Torre Latina

y mas

super pollution!!! the city is really beautiful when its wasnt windy today
 revolution monument 2

Its way taller than it looks. It was a little scary...haha
 Monument of the Revolution

El Templo Mayor, pyramids in downtown Mexico City
Well that stinks that you've been sick. Everyone has been sick? Well it hasn't been that long sense wednesday but everything is good. Itzel went to church yesterday so we were happy about that, she's in the last month of high school so she's been pretty busy we hope that we'll be able to meet with her more. Then a sister from the ward brought her 15 year old neighbor to church and he seemed to like being there so we're excited about that. 
My district is good. This cycle there are only sisters in Balbuena...AGAIN. so the district is Balbuena (Hermana Chavez from Orlando Florida, born in Guatemala and Hermana Fuqua from Utah) and Olimpico (Elder Gutierrez from Sinaloa, where Trenton is on his mission and Elder Gonzales from Tennesee). The classes are good, I'm used to giving them now but its alittle hard because the district is pretty quiet so they dont give very much imput... there are 2 new sisters in the Zone, Hermana Bracamonte peruvian from Riverside California and Hermana Woodford from Afton Wyoming. Her family just moved to Lovell but she says shes from Star Valley. Her dad was the superintendent you know him? 
Yeah I dont cry anymore from the spicy food, I really like it. when I get home you'll have to make sure that you have tortillas, limes, and valentina salsa in every meal because I wont know how to eat without it. 
You're jokes were good mom! haha... 
Yeah its been hard because I want to have more success than we're having right now but I know if we do everything we can the work will come and thats all we have to do. 
Love you lots and thanks for writing. Talk to you soon and have a great week!
Elder Inskeep


Why is there no Mexicans on the Blackfoot Fire Department?
     They don't know between Jose and Jose B.
   There was a mom that was pregnant with twins. She got in a car accident and went to the hospital unconscious.  When she woke up the doctor told her she had the babies and that they were fine and her sister in-law had even named them.  She said she did? What did she name them?  He said ....De niece and Da nephew. 🤓
To clarify the tacos in Mexico are really great, just the eyeball ones are gross. I've also tried tongue tacos too but those are good. I've never had to eat anything gross (knock on wood), I've learned I dont really like papaya but I've learned love mango and eggs that I hated before the mission. I dont really like chicharon either which is greasy dried pig skin that they eat a lot but its not too bad. Even the poorest people feed us really well. 
 We have a new investigator named Uriel. Its funny because Uriel is a common name but it sounds like Ariel which is a girls name, and his girlfriend who is a member is Denis which is a girls name but its like Dennis in English. Denis and her family are recient converts that moved her from Tijuana, Denis and Uriel arent married but they have a little girl together, Denis was able to be baptised because she wasnt living with him when she was in Tijuana but now they are living together again and then need to get married. The good news is they want to get married and they should get married sometime in the next few weeks, Uriel is really excited and his baptismal date is the 20th of March. We're still not sure about Itzel but we're finding a few other investigators like Mario and Daniel that have potential. Its a little frustrating because I'm used to having more work here but its been a difficult few weeks, I just feel bad because its Elder Gómez´s first cycle and we haven't baptised. 
Today was p-day wednesday that we have every 6 weeks and it was nice because a lot of the museums are closed mondays so today we went to some pyramids that we hadnt been to yet behind the cathedral because its always closed on mondays. It was super cool, I'll send you the pictures. It was raining but we still had a good time. When the Spanish came they destoyed all the Aztec temples and built their churches above them so half of the pyramid that we went to today is underneath the cathedral. 
I dont know who the people that mom said died are but I feel like you've been sending me a lot of letters like that lately haha.....why is everyone dying? THats good you got to talk to sister Bales, shes a nice lady. Sending packages isnt as bad as everyone makes it sound... at least to the City, Trentons in the North were its a little bit rougher so who knows, but she can pretty much send it normal it just might take a while, I think I normally get your packages from FedEx in like 3 weeks right? But grandma and grandpas that they sent in normal mail took like 4 months so who knows. she can also put some stickers of the virgin on it if shes worried about it but it should be fine. 
Sounds like things are gonna start getting busy again, send me pics of Anna in tennis and Jace in track. (who is the new tennis coach?) Love you lots and thanks for everything! Have a great week!!!! 
Elder Inskeep