Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Well Im glad you had fun in Wyoming for Thanksgiving. We had dinner with the Lugo family (the twins that got baptised a while ago) and some other missionaries which was good. They took some pictures but they haven't sent them to me yet so I'll send them to you later. I miss grandma too. 
The stake conference was good. The session saturday night was way boring I hope its not like this everywhere but it was just about ward council and probably 80% of the people that went have nothing to do with ward council. But the general session was very good, it was all about the family and they had a deacon, a laurel, a YSA, and a mom and dad speak about different parts of the family and how to be spiritually stronger as a family, it was great, they talked a ton about the sabath and tithing which was interesting and also about the temple. Josefat and Rey were ordained which was great, Arturo was in Cuernavaca for the weekend so he didnt go which is alright maybe hes not ready. I was so happy for Josefat, I don't think its very normal that a missionary gets to find a family, teach them, baptise them and see the dad ordained an Elder, how cool is that, we still don't have a bishop but I'm thinking maybe they'll wait a year for Josefat to enter the Temple and call him as Bishop haha...
Last night we went with our investigators the Mendoza family to the Temple to see the lights. It was beautiful. We had planned to go to the visitor center but it was closed because there was a special devotional before they turned on the lights so we were a little sad but at least they liked the lights and we had more time to talk more about the temple and its importance. We're going again tonight with the twins and their parents and sister who aren´t members. 
I don't think that the ward really does anything specail, Maybe its just that the ward really needs them, their aren´t a lot of members with callings...who knows why... but Monica, Veronica (the twins), Rey and his wife, and Jasmin have callings. The YSA group is really welcoming and they dont even have a leader, they just do stuff on their own on weekends and invite everyone so that has helped Arturo and Yulieth. The twins have fellowshipped Erika and Evelin really well. The patriarch is also Evelin and Josefats neighbor. We just need some more help with Evelia because she doesnt know a lot of people. Other than that I'm not sure, its just that they were all ready for the gospel and willing to work.
I hope I'll get the packages soon too, I got the email asking about the taxes and was confused, I thought it was a scam or something until I read the letter. When they get to the offices I should get them pretty fast because I'm not that far from the temple and everytime someone from the zone goes to the office they bring back everything for the zone and give it to us at church or in our district class every tuesday. 
Well the Mendosa Family has their date for the 19th, Eduardo who's girlfriend is less active the 12th, and hopefully Samantha and Lupita (the twins sister) soon! We're also hoping for the permission of Evelia's kids. Itzi, Raul, Noelli, and her nephew David. 
Next week is transfers so I'll write on Wednesday. Hopefully I dont have transfers but who knows...I've been here a while. 
Love you lots and its great to hear from you. Send me pictures!
Hasta luego
Elder Inskeep

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