Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Well sounds like youve all had a busy weekend. Weve been less busy this weekend and we even had to be at home early saturday, sunday and today because its day of the dead and people get crazy in the streets. Honestly I dont like day of the dead. Its a holiday when the people remember their ancestors, more traditional families set up an "offering" which is a picture of the person they are remembering, candles/incense, and food that the person liked. They believe that the spirits of the people can eat the food and that maybe you can communicate with them. Then they combine it with Halloween and all the kids (and some adults) dress up as dead people and go to parties and walk the streets, asking for candy. We even had some kids ask us for candy last night when we were walking home but we didnt have anything and they werent very nice about it. Then theres all kinds of drunk people and fireworks so its loud all night. They always eat a sweet bread called pan de muertos or dead bread haha its actually really good even though it doesnt sound like it haha. 
Well to answer your question mom its not really like New York but it is at the same time. I know that you would like it less than you liked New York but for sure when you meet the people (I think its probably the same everywhere) you would like it more. Its sure is big but in the part Im in the majority of the builds arent that big because Im in the historic part, which is cool. We have a neighboorhood that has some pretty big buildings but theyre not that nice. The nice part of the city is outside of the mission. The Moctezuma stake is pretty much full of normal people not rich or poor but our ward has a variety because downtown is pretty poor, then theres a lot of normal neighboorhoods and then some nice apartment complexes that we hardly ever enter unless a member lives there because they have guards and high walls. Its nice to be downtown because there is a ton of transportation we have the 11 metro stations that are part of 4 different lines so we can go where ever we want in metro and it costs 5 pesos. Then Metrobus costs 6, Microbus is 4, Trolleybus is 4 or 2 depends on which one. We almost never use taxi but theres a lot of those too. You could look up Zocalo, calle Francisco Madero, Mecado la Merced, Parque de los periodistas, El pueblo de Magdalena Mixihuca, for pictures. We live in colonia "el Parque." Youve seen the ward limits right?
The weather has been pretty nice, cloudy from the storms in the coast and its only rained at night so its been great. I think theres probably always a chance of rain because it rains a lot, almost everyday in the afternoon, luckly it hasnt rained too hard in a while. I think we´re done with the rainy season. It was pretty hot today, we had the zone activity and Im pretty sure I got a little sunburned so thats fun. We always play a sport in the activity and today we had an American football and a soccer ball (football). In the first 5 minutes somebody kicked the soccer ball on the roof of one of the stake center so we had to play american football. It was kind of ridiculous because the Latinos dont really know how to play and neither do the sisters (and neither do I) so that leaves the Elders from Las Vegas and Virginia to teach everyone. It was wierd but fun. Later someone got on the roof for the soccer ball and we played soccer like always.
Josafat and Evelin got married on friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So theyll get baptised on thursday (Josafats birthday, he turns 32) Now we´re hoping Eduardo and Andrea have an appointment with the judge to get married this week and baptised the next... Darinka also needs to get married and quit smoking but we still havent met her husband and she isnt too motivated to get married. She told us the other day she always thought that she and her husband had enough commitment together with their son (Mateo) but if things didnt work out she´d find someone else...
We changed time last week too so who knows what is the time difference right now. My companion is good.
The pictures of Carter, Cole and Jace looked good! Is Anna playing something right now? She probably between x country and basketball right? Kelsey and Jo are still jump roping? Id like to see pictures of that too. Youll also have to send me pictures of the dance.   Id also love to see the leaves  (they dont fall here) and the snow when it comes. Anna didnt write me this week so Kelsey is officially the best.... Theyre all good but Kelsey is la mejor. 
How are the Curtis.s? And Marcus and Star?
Good luck with the Tater Trot Mom! Hope the weather is good. Ill think about the talk...I still have time right? When is the conference? I think youll do great with whatever because you have the experience in the primary and youll have the spirit to tell you what is important to say. The Mixihuca primary president is really good, its really cool to see the primary and everything they learn and how much Luna (Andrea and Eduardos daughter) loves it. 
Welp I think thats all, love you lots and have a fantastic week! 
Hasta luego
Elder Inskeep

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