Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Well sounds like youve been way busy. I think this year and a half that I have left are going to go by super fast for all of us. Thats fun that everyone came, its funny to remember sophie. Sounds like Dad is super busy at work which is great, maybe he´ll hire me again for a little bit before I go to school after the mission. Carter and Cole play flag football? And Jo and Kelsey jump rope? I dont understand why Anna is taking health and human anatomy. You only have to take one of them...Yeah I believe it. Jace is super giving. I told you he gave me $50 in an envelope in the airport. Thats cool and hes going to be rich when he grows up because he works hard and hes so giving. God blesses us for what we do and according to what we do. When you help other people Heavenly Father helps us. Well tell Joise felicidades for her baptism. I saw the overall things that they use for baptisms in the picture, here we dont have those. We have to tell the investigator to bring white clothes and if they cant we have to find someone in the ward who is the same size and borrow some.  
We didnt have the baptism this week...we were sad but in the last lesson we had on friday when he told us he didnt want to get baptised right now my companion and I had the same feeling about something that maybe hes missing that we need to teach again and maybe a little more in depth so he can get over it. Hopefully itll be soon because hes pretty much a member hes just missing out on the benefits. This week we will have Arturo on Saturday and Erika on Sunday, so thats exciting. Theyre both excited and inviting people so it should be great. We ve recieved alot of references lately also so hopefully we can find some more people that are ready! Elder Pardo goes home on Saturday so Ill be with another Elder from a nearby ward whos companion goes home too (Elder Perez from Campeche Mexico, he got here with me) until I get my new companion. Im not sure if itll be next week or the week after but the week I get my new comp Ill write on wednesday and Ill get to go to the temple again. 
I learned why its so hot here, its really not that hot the sun is just super strong because the pollution makes the ozone thinner (which is why new york was so hot too) and we are also super high in elevation so the air is thinner and we´re closer to the sun, the pollution can also magnify the rays of the sun. So now you can understand haha Ive been saying its so hot and Ive seen the tempature but I dont understand celsius so I never really understood how hot it really was but then I converted it and realized that the weather here is perfect and its never that hot. The sun is just super strong. 
Thank you so much for your prayers and everything! Everything is going really well and Im happy. Its weird that there are so many new missionaries that are newer than me. I still feel super new but now they tell me Im old...
Love you lots! Tenga una buena semana!
Elder Inskeep

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