Thursday, November 19, 2015

Well this week has gone fast. Eveline and Josafat are so great. Josafat has his interview to be ordained to the aaronic priesthood this week and Arturo already had his. We hope they will be ready to recieve the Melchizedek in stake conference in a few weeks. They are already serving by helping clean the church and they are always prepared for the classes. 
Ask Bro Kinney what the ward/branch was called and if he remembers where the church was? Our building is old and all of the others nearby are newish so it could be the same one. That would be super cool if he was here and met some of the people I know. I also keep thinking about Michael because he served in Tampico and theres a lot of missionaries from there or people that served there. Theres a brother in our ward that is 40 that went there named Hermano Arzate Im not sure how old Michael is but they might know each other.
Thanks for the line of authority, its interesting, and cool because we know where the authority comes from.  
Well its good you're busy. They report to the high council during the week? I thought it was on sunday. 
Its been all busy here too. Its a little bit hard because everyone here is busy with christmas stuff too. This weekend was their version of Black Friday called Buen Fin. Its weird that everything for christmas starts here early because theres no thanksgiving. Which is sad.
I've realized...again...from talking to Elder Anderson that I talk weird in English from hardley not speaking it and thinking in spanish and I also have an accent in spanish so I cant speak normal to anyone. 
This week we will have the baptism of Evelyn Perez!!! Shes the mom of the victoriano family that has been listening to the missionaries for a long time. We visited her on thursday and she started to cry. She said shes tired of waiting for her husband to give permission to the kids to get baptised she said she realized that maybe she needs to get baptised first and then she can help her family. We also started teaching her brother which is cool. 
Well Im excited to get the package. Im sad because I wanted to send some of the cheap mexican candy that they sell in the market close to our house for christmas but turns out you cant send candy into the US. Mexico doesnt care if you send stuff here but the US is super strict. Ill have to find something else. 
Umm... Well good luck in stake conference and with everything. Here soon we'll be talking over skype haha. Time goes so fast!!!! In 2 days Ive been here 9 months. Tell everyone hi. Love you lots and hope you have a good week!
Hasta luego
Elder Inskeep

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