Tuesday, April 5, 2016

To clarify the tacos in Mexico are really great, just the eyeball ones are gross. I've also tried tongue tacos too but those are good. I've never had to eat anything gross (knock on wood), I've learned I dont really like papaya but I've learned love mango and eggs that I hated before the mission. I dont really like chicharon either which is greasy dried pig skin that they eat a lot but its not too bad. Even the poorest people feed us really well. 
 We have a new investigator named Uriel. Its funny because Uriel is a common name but it sounds like Ariel which is a girls name, and his girlfriend who is a member is Denis which is a girls name but its like Dennis in English. Denis and her family are recient converts that moved her from Tijuana, Denis and Uriel arent married but they have a little girl together, Denis was able to be baptised because she wasnt living with him when she was in Tijuana but now they are living together again and then need to get married. The good news is they want to get married and they should get married sometime in the next few weeks, Uriel is really excited and his baptismal date is the 20th of March. We're still not sure about Itzel but we're finding a few other investigators like Mario and Daniel that have potential. Its a little frustrating because I'm used to having more work here but its been a difficult few weeks, I just feel bad because its Elder G√≥mez´s first cycle and we haven't baptised. 
Today was p-day wednesday that we have every 6 weeks and it was nice because a lot of the museums are closed mondays so today we went to some pyramids that we hadnt been to yet behind the cathedral because its always closed on mondays. It was super cool, I'll send you the pictures. It was raining but we still had a good time. When the Spanish came they destoyed all the Aztec temples and built their churches above them so half of the pyramid that we went to today is underneath the cathedral. 
I dont know who the people that mom said died are but I feel like you've been sending me a lot of letters like that lately haha.....why is everyone dying? THats good you got to talk to sister Bales, shes a nice lady. Sending packages isnt as bad as everyone makes it sound... at least to the City, Trentons in the North were its a little bit rougher so who knows, but she can pretty much send it normal it just might take a while, I think I normally get your packages from FedEx in like 3 weeks right? But grandma and grandpas that they sent in normal mail took like 4 months so who knows. she can also put some stickers of the virgin on it if shes worried about it but it should be fine. 
Sounds like things are gonna start getting busy again, send me pics of Anna in tennis and Jace in track. (who is the new tennis coach?) Love you lots and thanks for everything! Have a great week!!!! 
Elder Inskeep

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