Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Well this week was good. Jorge wasnt baptised again. He was too scared and we couldnt force him but Hector and Emanuel were baptised yesterday and they will be confirmed in two weeks after general conference in sacrament meeting. THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!! After almost 11 months of waiting, fasting, and praying the Mixihuca ward finally has a bishop!!!!! His name is Herman Hernandez and was in the stake high council. The councilors are Ricardo Vasquez who was the Elders Quorum President and Jesus Hernandez who was the councilor that was controling everything before. Our downstairs neighbor Oscar Barragan is the ward secretary. I'm soooo happy because I love the ward soo much and now they are going to be able to progress. The stake president told us that Mixihuca has the best attendence in the stake and it is the biggest ward (in area) in the federal district (so just in the city not counting the suburbs like Ecatepec or Nezahualcoyotl that are part of our mission). It also made me a little frustrated because they released Pres. Navarro as bishop, so if hes been bishop this whole time why hasnt he been helping us??? The ward has been a disaster area after so much time without order. But its alright now Bishop Herman is a great man and everything is going to be fantastic. 
Our ward mission leader plans the baptisms and directs them, the ward council is just in charge of telling everyone and making sure there is at least someone from the organization to welcome the new member. We did have pretty good attendence. 
I am so excited for general conference this week!!! It is going to be so great! We also have Rogelio's baptism, then the next week we are hoping for Jasmin and Uriel's baptisms only we have to help Uriel quit smoking (we just found out because he was too embarrassed to tell us, we found him in the street smoking). We also found out that Elder Oaks is coming on the 16th of April! We havent been visited by an apostol in the Mexico City East mission in over 4 years. They always come to the city (like a ton) but only visit the visitor center or other missions. 
The pictures look great! I'm glad you're having fun! Its weird to think that you have cold weather because its hot here, in fact today its really hot. Looks beautiful, are you still there? 
Thanks a ton for depostiting money so fast dad! I needed it! I didnt spend it all on mangos but its the fantastic mango season when there are mangos everywhere and everyone gives us mangos!! 
La roca means the rock. And bella (from bella beach) means beautiful. Thats cool you ate mexican but its weird that we think that tortilla chips are mexican because I've never eaten or seen them here. Maybe in another part of the country. The tamales are the best so much better than in the US. 
Dont worry about the package. Everyone says that sometimes its better to just use the US post service because they do the checks in the US and the mexican govt doesnt have the right to check them and grandma and grandpa always send me stuff from the usps and it always gets here fine... just slow...but who knows. 
Im excited to hear about the addition! its going to be awesome! 
Also funny thing that happened this week. We went to the church for an appointment we had and there was a big party, it was the Mission Tampico 1997-2000 reunion! Michael is from that mission. There were a whole bunch of gringos there, they gave us free tacos and there were a bunch of people who knew Michael. Even a sister from Balbuena (the other ward) whos husband was the old stake pres. who said that Michael was her district leader one time. It was cool! We took a picture and I think she sent it to Michael on Facebook, maybe you've already heard about it. I didnt see the picture so who knows how it is....
Love you lots!!! Thanks for writitng and sending pictures!
Have a good week!
Elder Inskeep

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