Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How's it going! Well maybe I was confusing but the conference with Elder Oaks isnt until saturday so I still havent met him yet. This week was good, a lot of our appointments were cancelled and then Elder Gomez got sick so we were a home a little bit but it was alright, we got to talk to a lot of people in the street and we sent a lot of references to other areas. Thats the hard thing about our area because there are a ton of people but everyone lives in other areas. 
 The pictures of Ana Maria, Jace, Kelsey, and Josefina were great I loved them! And it sounds like everyone is doing great! When does school end? Thats exciting about the construction, it starts in 5 weeks? So like the second week in May? And how long do they say its going to take? 
Well I think that finally I know what I want to do with my life so thats super happy! (I'll send you another email). 
I got the package! I'm pretty sure. they gave me everything that was in it but it got wet in customs so they told me to ask you what all was in it so I can make sure that they gave me everything. Thanks a bunch! I love the journal and the tie, the card was pretty cool and of course the chocolate was fantastic. 
You didnt tell me where Daylan was going. Thats exciting about everyone else. Let me know when all the calls come! (still praying some one comes to MxCty.) Next year itll be Anna! Thats fun you saw Emily and Lauren! So crazy they're already back!!! If you see them again tell them I said HOLA! Its so crazy that everyone is getting home! Camdon will get home in June and Caleb in August!!! 
Rogelio was confirmed yesterday. It was great, he has a lot of support from the young men and the young mens president (Samuel a recently married returned missionary) its great. He has an interview tomorrow with the Bishop (WOOT we have a bishop!) to be ordained a teacher! 
Uriel and Denis are getting married on thursday so we are excited about that too! And maybe Andrea and Eduardo (from a long time ago) too. Armando and Jasmin still need a little but they are progressing.  
Thanks so much for everything! Love  you lots!
Elder Inskeep

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