Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sad news... the mission offices got a call from customs saying that the package got here but they are sending it back. I guess you cant send shoes or jerky into México. Brother Duran in our Ward that Works for a shipping company told me that reciently they have been more strict because I guess they are worried about the economy so they want everyone to buy more stuff here, there might be a way you can send them but youd have to do some research. But its probably better that you dont just be sure because its expensive. Thanks anways and sorry. 
its mango season and the fruit here is so good!
Sounds like you've been busy and its fun to hear about Anna and Jace! Jace runs way fast!!!! We run 2 laps around the park everyday and it takes us like 15 minutes...I'm not sure how big the park is...
Its super cool Dad got to hear Elder Holland and Elder Soares. I'm so excited for conference!!! Its cool to hear about all the misión calls too! Keep me updated! Maybe someone will come to México. Theres 7 missions so its probable. Camdon told me that theres a kid from Snake River here in one of the missions but I dont know who he is. 
Have you seen the Easter video? Its good but I like the videos from the past 2 years better! I just watched it in English and its better because the voices are real and theres different accents. In spanish everyone talks the same
Well Emanuel, Jorge, and Héctor are getting baptised this week and then follow Rojelio, Uriel, and Itzel. We've also been finding new investigators including Jasmin who's husband is an inactive member but they went to church together yesterday, she has a lot of potential. 
I'm glad you liked the pictures! I'm having a blast and working hard!
Love you lots!
Elder Inskeep

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