Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Well actually I'm feeling a little sad right now. Its stupid but I can´t help it. I had transfers today. After almost 9 months in Mixihuca they moved me to the Industrial Stake, Industrial Ward. (If you want to look it up in google maps its in between Metro La Raza and Calzada de Guadalupe by the Metro Misterios and the colonias Vallejo and Industrial) Its a little bit north of downtown close to the Basilica which is a big catholic cathedral type thing that apparently is where they virgin Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego and started the catholic tradition of idolatry in Mexico. I'm reopening the area with Elder Jimenez from the state of Tabasco, Mexico (banana land haha). I've only been with him a couple hours but he seems good. I'm realizing the thing that stinks about being in an area so long is its hard to leave. I love the people so much and I'd been there so long that it felt like home, I'm also going to miss Elder Gomez a ton. He really is my best friend ever and I'm going to miss talking to him everyday. The members were sad that I left too, some even cried...I'm not really sure if thats a very good thing. Elder Gomez is going to train now so thats cool.
I didnt get the jerky or the shoes but I think those were the things that you cant send. 
Uriel and Denis got married on thursday! It was great! They got married in the courthouse which was interesting but it was good and now they can progress more! We're still not sure about whats going to happen with Eduardo and Andrea.
The conference with Elder Oaks was really cool! He really made it feel like he was talking to us and following the spirit. It wasnt like any other meeting. We all got to shake his hand and Elder Piper who is in the area seventy also came. (Hes the one that Elder Holland talked about his daughter in the october conference) It was really good but also way shorter than I thought it would be.
Thanks for the info on Transportation Engineering. Obviously I still have to think about it but It might be a good option. I think I would like to live in a city. Not a huge city like NY or here but a medium sized one like Boise or Portland or something. Who knows...
Sounds like you had a good week! Thanks so much for writing me and your prayers. Love you lots!!! 
Elder Inskeep

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