Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Well that stinks that you've been sick. Everyone has been sick? Well it hasn't been that long sense wednesday but everything is good. Itzel went to church yesterday so we were happy about that, she's in the last month of high school so she's been pretty busy we hope that we'll be able to meet with her more. Then a sister from the ward brought her 15 year old neighbor to church and he seemed to like being there so we're excited about that. 
My district is good. This cycle there are only sisters in Balbuena...AGAIN. so the district is Balbuena (Hermana Chavez from Orlando Florida, born in Guatemala and Hermana Fuqua from Utah) and Olimpico (Elder Gutierrez from Sinaloa, where Trenton is on his mission and Elder Gonzales from Tennesee). The classes are good, I'm used to giving them now but its alittle hard because the district is pretty quiet so they dont give very much imput... there are 2 new sisters in the Zone, Hermana Bracamonte peruvian from Riverside California and Hermana Woodford from Afton Wyoming. Her family just moved to Lovell but she says shes from Star Valley. Her dad was the superintendent there...do you know him? 
Yeah I dont cry anymore from the spicy food, I really like it. when I get home you'll have to make sure that you have tortillas, limes, and valentina salsa in every meal because I wont know how to eat without it. 
You're jokes were good mom! haha... 
Yeah its been hard because I want to have more success than we're having right now but I know if we do everything we can the work will come and thats all we have to do. 
Love you lots and thanks for writing. Talk to you soon and have a great week!
Elder Inskeep


Why is there no Mexicans on the Blackfoot Fire Department?
     They don't know between Jose and Jose B.
   There was a mom that was pregnant with twins. She got in a car accident and went to the hospital unconscious.  When she woke up the doctor told her she had the babies and that they were fine and her sister in-law had even named them.  She said she did? What did she name them?  He said ....De niece and Da nephew. 🤓

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