Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Well I think that the package did come through the called me and told me that it didnt but then they called me later and told me it did I just have to pay 200 pesos in tax and it got wet on the journey. So this week I'll go to the offices and see what happens. 
I'm glad you had a good time in Oregon. Thanks a bunch for the pictures! I loved them. I'm jealous of the cool weather you had there. Its been hot here. The funny thing is is that its really not that hot. But it sure feels like it and the polution doesnt help. To help with pollution and traffic the government is starting a program this week that you cant use your car one day a week and one weekend every month. If your license plate ends in 1-2 its monday 3-4 tuesday and so on. People are mad but who knows...maybe itll help but public transportation is going to be fuller than normal. 
Rogelio's baptism was good. We had it after the last session on sunday in the stake center. I sent the pics. 
I liked the conference and I'm excited to read them again. We were in the stake center the WHOLE day saturday from like 9.30 am until 9pm and then that night it was the time change here in Mexico so on sunday we were there from like 10.30 am until 6.30 pm. It was hot and we had to go in suit and it takes us like 45 min to get there. I really liked a lot of the talks, especially Bonnie Oscarsons on sunday and I thought that the one about refugees on sunday afternooon was interesting. Im super excited to read them all. 
Today we went to Zocalo again but this time with the other Elders in my district Elder Gonzalez (Memphis, Tenn.) and Elder Gutierrez (Culiacan, Sinaloa MX) we went in the cathedral which was interesting, its more of a historical site now than a church so it was alright. It was interesting because they built it out of some of the stones from the Aztec temples. Its huge! Like you can see in the pics but it was amazing to me that they built a building so big and beautiful in a city that in that time was really remote and primative. Its also interesting because in my time here I have learned that the catholic church is actually really bad but Heavenly Father always knows whats up and I think that the Spanish forcing all the natives to be catholic and then years later when everyone realizes that the catholic church isnt the best is all part of the plan and one of the reasons the church has and is growing so quickly in Mexico. The people here want to find the truth and a lot of times they are even looking for it. Thats another thing that is dangerous because there are a lot of jehovas witnesses here and we have to find the people that are ready before the jws do. 
transfers are in 2 weeks. I'm nervous because I dont want to leave and I'd like to be companions with Elder G√≥mez another cycle but we'll see what happens. We're also excited because next week Elder Oaks is coming!!! 
Love you lots thanks for writing!
Elder Inskeep

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