Tuesday, April 21, 2015

 the wards great and we probably have it easier because lots of moms stay home here and our área is mostly families or students or apartments but we can{t get into the apartments without someone letting us in anyways. The commute here is sooo long. We were talking to the elders quórum president yesterday and he commutes 1.5 hrs on the metro and theres another guy we know that sometimes has 3 hrs in the evening by car....car is not the way to go here. We rode the metro today to visit some of Elder Castillos friends from old áreas and I{m glad the metro is super nice here and sense we are in the suburbsish its above ground so theres as fresh of air as you can get in Mexico City. It costs like 30 cents I cant remember what it was in new york but its pretty nice. It costs like 50c to ride the bus and taxis are more expensive because it is by the distance

I also have a recepy (I can´t remember how to spell in English I´ve focused on spanish so much) for this candy cookie thing we eat all the time its called Mazapan de Cacahuate I dont know if you´ve had it but its super good if you have the chance to try it you should...

1 kilo de cacahuate por mitades                                 1 kilo peanuts
1 kilo de Azucar glass                                                 1 kilo powdered sugar
Aros de 2 tamaños de pvc                                           a kilo = 2.2 ponds, so just use equal portions
bolsitas de celofan                                                       grind peanuts in food processor, until pasta type
engrapadora o liston curly                                            dough then start adding sugar. mix good, pack 
1 procesador de alimentos o un molino                        into small balls, no cooking
I honestly don´t undestand much of that but its pretty good if you want to try it. We also had this soup called crema de elote.  Its delicious. Also the tortas are great.

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