Monday, April 27, 2015

Comaista? what is that haha? Things are good the lesson with the doughnut vendors never happened which was dissapointing but I know it will eventually work out because they are ready. Because they sell doughnuts for a living their lives are unpredicable because when they get home depends on how much success they have. Its hard because they want to listen but they need to sell doughnuts to survive. They get up at 4 on weekdays and 3 on weekends to make the doughnuts then they travel around the área on their cool Little nacho libre style bikes haha. sometimes they get home at 3 in the afternoon sometimes its not til 9 or 10 at night. Weve talked to the wife twice in the Street and twice at her house sense last week and kind of taught her in the doorway but both times here husband was still out selling. They are so great though they are such good people and I don´t know why but I feel like I already know the husband. A lot of people here seem so familiar and remind me of people at home its crazy. Last night we stopped by their house on our way home and they weren{t home but the wifes sister in law was with her daughter and we talked to them a Little bit. (Im sorry its a Little confusing Im not sure if Im supposed to use their names) The sister in law is great to and we have an appointment with them on thursday, her Schedule is more normal because she is a maid in a couple houses so she said shes always home by 3ish. She believes everything we believe pretty much but she kept saying she is a part of AA and kind of talks about that like a church. I didnt know but I guess they talk about God and stuff so she says she only wants to learn more about God and faith but doesnt want to go to church or anything because she already has AA. I was sort of confused but we´ll work with her. (so in Mexico a lot of extended families live together or in a house that has different appartments for each of them. In this house there is the husband and wife that sell doughnuts their daughter and her 2 kids, the wife{s nephew and then a different brother of the wife and his wife and daughter who are the other people we talked to, that was probably extremely confusing but hopefully you understand) Then after that we contacted an old investigator and talked to her for a Little bit shes been investigating for a long time but she feels like shes done things that cant be forgiven (we´re not sure what) so she has never been baptised. Today during study I felt like we should invite her to fast with us so well invite her during the next lesson on wednesday. Then the lady with grandkids and family in the hospital and also her sister in law who was visiting accepted a baptismal date for may 30th and was supposed to attend church with us but something came up with her husband who isnt around very much so she couldnt. But it was great that she texted us the night before to let us know. Our other investigator that wants to learn english and is a JW is scared to change but he loves our visits and he keeps all the Reading commitments and he is progressing in his faith so that is good. We invited him to go to the temple visitor center with us this week and he is super excited and we are going to set an exact date when he knows his Schedule. I really feel like this will help him. Then we recived a referal of a family, a mom dad and 3 kids, they are excited too and the mom said they have investigated a lot of churches in the past and this one feels right to her. We gave them a book of mormon and the 2 daughters at home have already started Reading and the mom said she will. they are super busy and weve never met the dad because he is a pólice officer and is never home so hopefully we´ll be able to teach them all togther soon. Then we have three part member families we are teaching all including grandmas and a couple kids that are members but also the grandkids and spouses of the kids that are not. Good old grandmas haha. I love to talk to the kids when Elder Castillo is talking to the parents because they dont care about how bad my spanish is or whatever else they just want to be my friend and learn more about the pictures that I show them in the scriptures and in the pamphlets. 

Ok hopefully you understood all that...if not its ok Im used to not being understood. Its so frustrating because if people know that Im new they either don´t talk to me because they think I dont understand, try too hard to be simple that we get nowhere or the very worst= try to talk to me in english which is super frustrating and most of the time harder to understand than the spanish and it just makes me look stupid. But if we can get into a lesson or converstation before Elder castillo tells them I don´t know spanish or does something else crazy normally things go really well. I can normally understand what theyre saying or at least the main point enough to respond and then we can tell them Im new and they can try and help me but they understand that I can understand just that sometimes it is a Little hard. 
I studied a lot this week about patience and humility because it is really easy to be angry at my companion and I have learned that the problems are not only my companions but mine too. If Im constantly angry at him for not helping me or not wanting to work or be exactly obedient theres no way I can have the spirit to be led to the people who are ready. I have definetly seen that sense I have been trying harder things have been better and we have had more success and I have found in my studies ways to help him. 

I love to hear about everything you write that is going on at home. Things like that are great or experiences you liked or thought were funny like the one about Pres Kunz at the baptism are great. Its good to hear that everyone is doing good and about your missionary experiences and how you are having similar experiences like not have your people go to church and stuff. Your letters definetly are not boring. You will have to tell the Lawes good luck and Im excited for them from me. Sister Lawes is so great. 
Im not sure what the plan is for mothers day but I will be skyping. We need to find a member who has a computer that we can use to skype. What time Works for you guys? We will talk and I will let you know for sure next monday. make sure Dad or someone has a skype account and that you send me the address. 

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