Tuesday, April 21, 2015

You can{t understand me? Haha its crazy how when I{m so focused on spanish it takes a minute to get back into English mode because they speak in a different order and use different words that if I translated directly wouldn{t make sense in English. Theres this girl in the Ward that is a Ward missionary that whenever she goes to lessons with us we practice her English to prepare for a job interview she has to save up for her misión. I actually have to think a Little bit about how to pronounce something or what order to speak in. I am bad at both languages haha. I know only speak Spanglish. 
The cookie things are really good but they will be crumbly youll have to let me know how it Works out. Its so great to hear about your missionary work and also what is going on at home. Its good to hear that the kids are doing well also. I{ve showed some of the member families we eat with one of the pictures and they loved it. One even thought that Anna was my mom and you were my sister hahahaha. One way we contact people hear is by teaching english because everyone here wants to know english to get better Jobs and be paid more and I was thinking maybe that would be helpful in Blackfoot. There are probably a ton of immigrants that want to know English and you can bring them unto the góspel while doing it! Im glad alyssia helped you haha shes probably a great person to have help you learn about computers. Its also great to hear about grandma! I have sent her 2 letters so she{ll be getting them both in the next month. I got her letter last week. We have two appointments tonight that Im super excited about. One is a family (the guy his mom sister and his sisters son) that we contacted when the guy was out cleaning his car it through us off at first because he called us Elders right off, turns out his mom and sister took the discussions in the past and his sister got baptised but is inactive they all want to here. The other is super cool. One night this week I was hungry and we needed change for the bus the next day so I was going to buy a snack at a small store we were passing but I felt like I should wait. A few minutes later we passed a couple people selling donuts (I cant remember how to spell it in english) in the Street. There are vendors everywhere so we just passed but I felt like we should go back so we did and bought some doughnuts? And one of the guys got way excited that I was from the US I guess he lived in florida for a few years and he still has family there and really misses it. Then we started talking about why we were hear and he tried to remember some English. He kept saying {whats up man? what happened?{ haha it was way funny. But there are at least 4 adults and we know at least one of them has kids. We{ve seen them a couple times after and they are super excited. They are great people and I hope it all goes well. 
Love you a bunch. Its frustrating because I forget all the things I want to tell you. I need to keep a list haha. 
Tell everyone hi for me
Mucho amor hasta próximo semana
Elder Inskeep

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