Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Estoy en mi nueva área en el campo ahora! I am in my new área in the field now! I am in a ward called Muzquis in the stake Anuahac I think is how you spell them both. Its great my companion and I are both new to the área and there hasn[t been missionaries here for a while so its been a little crazy. My companion is a little guy named Elder Castillo from the Dominican Republic. Hes very nice but doesn't know very much english and I don't know very much spanish so we're a crazy pair. 
The last week in the CCM was a little sad. I loved it there . I miss my teachers and friends there and the field is definitely harder haha. 
On monday we were picked up bright and early by the AP's and they took us to the Presidentes house which is not in our misión. It was about 2.5 hours away with the traffic but they said it doesn't take that long when there's not traffic. It was in the rich part of town and it was very very nice. We had a typical Mexican breakfast that consisted of refried beans, scrabbled eggs with salsa, cantelope, some type of breakfast nachos and this really good warm milk stuff...I don't know if thats typical but we sure have it a lot. Then we had some training and interviews and pictures. You got the pictures right. Then we drove back to the misión office next to the temple in the misión and recieved temporary companions. Mine was Elder Walker from Idaho Falls he is awesome and we had a great night with lots of lessons. He is my zone leader now. 
Then on tuesday we went back to the office on a bus and recieved our new companions. They gave us money to take a taxi to the edge of the state and then the metro in the city, the taxis in the state and in the district are different so we couldnt just take one taxi and sense we were both moving we had a ton of stuff and did not want to try and handle that on the metro so we put in some of our own money to take 2 taxis. It was dumb because it wasnt that far but it was better than having luggage on the metro. the first taxis was pretty small and I sat in the back with luggage on top of me so Elder Castillo could navigate. I was so squished but then the next taxi was even smaller so I was forced to sit in the front and Elder Castillo laid on top of the luggage squished to the ceiling haha. It was muy loco. all the missionaries say our house is super nice and they are jealous but I liked Elder Walkers better. Our house is pretty big though. It is above a small grocery store, like a gas station but without gas, it has stuff like milk, soda, eggs, and Candy. then we are on the second floor and there is a karate place on the third floor hahaha. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a decent living room and a small kitchen'dining room place and no laundry. This morning we couldnt figure out the wáter but we figured out that we have to plug in the wáter pump down stairs while we use wáter. We spent a lot of time yesterday looking for the bishops house and meeting the Ward. We had 3 contacts and 2 lessons though which I didnt think was bad sense it was our first day in an área that hadnt had missionaries but it still wasnt up to standards haha. The people here are very kind and its similar to the united states in the way people live but very different. I love the people even though I can barely understand them. I like to talk to old people because they talk slower hahaha. We also ate at Little césars which was good. it is funny because all mexicans put kétchup on there pizza for some reason and I always thought it was super weird when I saw it at the CCM but Elder Castillo made me try it and it was actually pretty good. He kept asking me if I wanted to eat at "Leader Sisters" I was so confused until I realized he meant Little cesesars Its way bigger here to and more like a sit down place. I told Elder Castillo that in Estados Unidos people just pick up their pizza and leave and he thought that was weird.  
Today is pday but normally it will be monday. the only reason it is today is because we had changes. We cleaned a Little and then rode the metro to the biggest mall I have ever seen, it was so huge and had probably every store you could think of, Anna would be in heaven if she knew español especially sense everything is sooo cheap. The mall even had, Walmart, Home depot, sams club, Sears, and a few other huge stores like that Ive never Heard of. We went to this place like deleta to play games and stuff because Elder Castillo is silly haha. We played airhockey and skee ball.... I think. It was pretty fun though and we ate at this place called 60s Burger that Elder Castillo likes. The metro is super nice too and it only costs like 5 pesos and its way more simple than in New York. 
Ill try and write a letter to tell you more...
Yes I know Jose Smith was a prophet of God because the spirit told me. I can feel it every time I teach it and I'm so glad I get to help others know about him and the restored góspel. 
Im not really sure what is going on up in Idaho...Even people here think Iowa or Ohio when I say Idaho or they just ask me if Im from Utah haha. 

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