Tuesday, April 21, 2015

 Our ward is normal sized but it didn´t have very good attendance this sunday part of it is probably because it starts at 8 in the morning!!!! We get a ride to church from this great widow across the street and her son because the church is probably 25 min away walking mas o menos but they weren´t ready until 8 exactly. I was frustrated we were going to be late- what a great example the missionaries are setting. Of couse Elder Castillo wasn´t worried at all haha. But we showed up and there was hardley anyone there. Church started at like 8:20 and people kept showing up until 9 haha. Mormon standard time is way worse here haha Pres Rose would be ashamed! Church starting 20 minutes later than it is supposed to haha.
You´ll have to tell sister Rawlins I´m sorry I never went out with them. I didn´t realize how important and how big of a help it is. I thought of it mostly as practice for me and not as much as help to them. I shouldn´t have been too  busy. We have 3 youth preparing for missions in the ward that are going to go out with us. Its cool because they are all pretty much my age. The ward has 4 missionaries 3 sisters and one elder all serving in Mexico except the one elder is in New York. The ward loves missionaries. It is so great the ward is amazing but they do not have ward missionaries or a ward mission leader. Im not sure why. A lot of things are confusing for me. We teach a lot of less actives and try to reactivate them and a lot of the are part member families but never really understand why they dont come to church haha. Im glad to here the stake has more missionaries. Every ward here has a set or two haha. Our ward is pretty big comparatively so it is surprising we only have one. A lot of walking. 
Good to hear about the stuff that goes on at home and in the stake and thank bro driscoll for the stake email also. 
Its funny I feel like my mission is just like yours but in Mexico. Ecatepec is their version of Arlington. Everyone works in the city but Ecatepec is also huge. It has some pretty nice parts and some parts that members tell you not to go. It sounds pretty similiar to your stories but more members so probably smaller wards. And in Mexico people spend so much more time in the street so its easy to contact people while walking.  Its true absence makes the heart grow fonder because I miss them too. Its fun going to members homes with kids because it reminds me of home. There are so many kids in this ward that are Josies age its crazy! there are going to  be 5, 8 year old baptisms just in october! The relief society president has a 7 year old that really likes me and likes to hang all over me and talk to me about dinosaurs and super heros its fun. I dont understand a lot of what he says so I mostly just say si or wow but its great. 

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