Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Este semana fue mejor. This week was better. Its still frustrating because we don´t have that many investigators but we´ve been trying to contact investigators from the past and we´ve also contacted a bunch on the street and we´ve taught a lot of less actives. Its discouraging because the goal of the mission is to have a baptism every week but we haven´t had any and we probably won´t have any for a few weeks because we don´t have anyone that is ready. We have 3 investigadors and una familia that we are focusing on the first one is a grandma who actually contacted us the first week we were here. She is ready and wants to learn more but after our first lesson a member of her family was put in the hospital across the city for something so now she is always gone and we haven´t seen much of her. We have talked to her on the phone and she still wants it but shes just too busy right now. Hopefully this week will be better. She also has her grandkids with her alot so we hope that when they listen also they will want to be baptised and their parents will let them. The second is an old man who I think mostly wants to learn English. His English is actually really good and he taught himself. He wants me to help him learn so we gave him the pamphlets and stuff in English and Spanish so he could compare. We came back the second time and he seemed more interested but also told us he had been going to the Jehovas Witness church with some friends and feels like it would be rude to leave so quickly. I promised him if he sincerly prayed and asked which direction he should go he would recieve an answer. We´ll see how that went next time we meet with him. Its cool because We teach in spanish and he responds in English if he can, I get to carry the lesson more unlike the other lessons because understand and my companion does not haha. The third is a guy that was taking the lessons in the past before the missionaries left the area, I think his girlfriend is a member. The family is more or less a part member family. The family consists of a grandma, a bunch of random aunts and uncles off and on and then a mom dad and 5 kids. The Grandma and youngest aunt that is 16 are members but no one else is. They are pretty open to the gospel but the same people aren´t there every time its always different so that makes it kind of hard. Then we have a bunch of less active families we are trying to reactivate. 
The ward is fantastic. I love every family we have met. Everyone wants to feed us and help us and give us whatever we need. We are always recieving the addresses of active members because they want us to eat with them and come visit. Most are converts so thats probably part of the reason they love missionaries so much and also because they are converts- the active ones I think
 have very strong testimonies and they want to share. There are a couple that have been members their whole life and then a bunch that have been for 40-20 years and a bunch of recients. The bishop has been a member for 12 years but his wife her whole life. Her mom is also in the ward...shes crazy haha just kidding I don´t know I just can´t understand her very well because she talks weird haha shes kind of like a really cranky but friendly old lady if that makes sense. We eat with the bishop every saturday and this saturday I showed the bishops wife my pedigree chart because she is really into family history and she was very interested in it. She thought it was crazy how young you and dad are because she is the same age but she has only a 7 year old and a 10 year old haha. The culture with marriage is different here and a lot of people at church actually encourage people to get married after they finish college which is the opposite in the states. Its also cool in Mexico everyone has 2 last names, the name of their dad and the name of their mom. It really helps distinguish families sense there are a lot of the same names here or a lot of families that are related. We would be la familia Inskeep Rollins. I think thats cool. Also people have way long names its hard to give blessings #1 because its in spanish and its frustrating when I don´t know a word or I have to say something exactly and #2 because people have names like Guadalupe Salma Maria Guiermena Lopez Martinez its crazy. And they also call everyone by their first name here like Obispo David, Hermano Carlos, or Hermana Maria. Almost all of the sisters in the ward are named either Guadalupe, Marisol, or Maria haha.
We´ve had a lot of great food. A lot of soup which is weird because it is really hot outside. The main meal here is lunch so we have lunch appointments over dinner appointments. Yesterday we had ham potatoes and green beans. I told them that was a normal sunday meal in the Estados Unidos also and they thought that was weird haha. Everyone thinks all we eat is Hamburgers Hot dogs pizza and spagetti haha. 
For the most part I´m doing much better. Thank you soooo much for the package I loved it especially the pictures. The president brought it from the office when he came to our chapel for zone interviews on thursday. The candy was great. I shared the eggs with the zone while we were all waiting for interviews. All the Americans and Canadians said they missed reeses because they don´t have that here and all the Latinos had never had anything like it so they thought it was pretty great. They don´t really do the whole easter candy thing here its more religious which is cool. They actually had another week of vacation for Easter this week too! I also loved the card and the...I dont know what you call them in English...Tarjetas with articulos de fe and Jose Smith. Mexicans don´t know how to pronounce the S without an E infront so everyone says Jose Esmit here haha.
Your not bad luck people are never home when they say they are supposed to be. Its good to here about la obra del Señor at home and I´ll be excited to see pictures of the house. 
Love you! Hasta proximo semana. Adios
Elder Inskeep

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