Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Queridos papas, 
(papas means mom and dad) Como están. Well this week was interesting, Elder Sumano left on Friday morning and I went with the missionaries in the Ward that shares the building with us Barrio Valle. I like them both a lot but its also hard to be in a trio. We had a good weekend with a lot of good lessons but all in the other Ward so it was a Little frustrating that I couldnt visit the investigators in Muzquiz. Then on sunday I went to 6 hours of church Muzquiz and Valle and then we went to the visitor center with some recient converts and their non member friends. It was good and there was a special event going on so we got to listen to a really good choir while we were there. Its cool because the spanish hymns are starting to sound normal and Im loosing the desire to sing them in english. Then on Monday early in the morning we recieved a call saying that Elder Boyle (who was going to be training the next cycle) needed to be at the Temple in 3 hours to pick up his new companion and go to his new área and that I needed to pack up my stuff and move to Valle for the night because a new pair of missionaries are going to be in Muzquiz and I have changes. I was sooooo sad. Solomon and Monse are going to be baptised this week and a bunch of others super son. Things were going to well and I was so happy, they had also just called a really cool hermano as Ward misión leader, everything was perfect and I was so sad to leave. So I waited for Elder Boyle to pack up his stuff and then we ran back to Muzquiz threw all my stuff in my luggage and went to Valle for the night. Then this morning I learned that I would be going to Estaca Moctezuma, (like Moctezumas revenge, the sickness you get if you drink the wáter here haha...Moctezuma was an Aztec Chief or something) one of the Stakes in the  downtown área. Sense I was the only one from the zone going I had to go in Taxi by myself and I had no idea where the Moctezuma stake center was, I only had the address but like I said before the addresses here do not make any sense. So I showed the taxi driver the address and he said he knew where it was more or less so we went. Moctezuma is close to the airport and traffic is always really bad here so it took about an hour and a half and then we spent 15 minutes driving around the área looking for the church until we stopped and asked somebody on the Street. The taxi cost me 100 pesos which isnt that much in dollars (like $6) but its a lot of pesos. Im now in Barrio Mixihuca (Me shoe cu) and its cool because we´re in the corner of the misión where a whole bunch of misions meet and we have a big part of the actual downtown. The área is super big and it normally has two sets of misionaries but because the numbers of missionaries are going down right now, for now there is only me and my compañero, Elder Preciado from Monterrey Mexico. Ive only been with him for a few hours but I think he´ll be good. The área has a lot of cool stuff and 10 metro stations (yeah thats how big it is) so Im excited. They also have a lot of good investigators apparently so thatll be great. Because we are in the downtown housing is more expensive and we live in a one room apartment on the third floor of a building that some members own that a bunch of other members live in so thats cool.
It was fun to hear about the camping trip and see the pictures. Mom the hike sounded fun and it sounds like Josie had fun fishing, sad that she didnt catch anything. Thanks so much for the letters they were great. 
I just realized from dads letter that in english you say transfer, Ive been saying changes because in spanish its cambios which is changes haha funny, I knew it sounded weird but I couldnt remember what the Word was. 
I knew mom wasnt mad I just wanted to make sure you knew I was sorry. 
Love you bunches and hope this was a good letter! 
Hasta luego!
Elder Inskeep

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