Monday, August 3, 2015

Well Im really sorry about last week but I didnt get your letter. Also sorry about the last few letters, I dont know what to say half of the time. I´m glad to hear that you had a good time on the trek. Sounds crazy.  
This week was good. Our 3 next baptisms will be Monse(the 14 year old), Salomon (a blind man that contacted us on the street, he´s really cool and he has 2 sisters that are active members), and Xicotencatl all of them were at church yesterday and theyre all progressing really well. Monse even went to EFY all last week. We´re going to the Visitor Center with Xicotencalt tomorrow. We also have some investagadors Josefina (pronounced Jose feena an old catholic woman that is having a hard time giving up praying to the Virgin Guadalupe) David (a guy that sells shoes and wants to learn more before baptism...) Noe and Estela (are a couple that own a butcher shop they are reading the book of mormon they just never can come to church) Maru (who sells clothing late into the night so shes hard to find) Irene (a lady we contacted a while back who is interested just super busy) Fanny (the friend of a member that needs to seperate from her abusive boyfriend before she can be baptised) Adriana and her sister (We contacted Adriana´s dad and he told us his daughter learning english was having a hard time learning english so we have been helping her, shes studying medicen in the Harvard of Mexico so shes super smart, Im glad Elder Sumano knows english so well because its hard to teach, a lot of weird rules I dont know why we talk the way we do, shes also pretty interested in the church too so its great and another great thing is they make and sell ice cream for a living so we always get free ice cream!) and Sandra and her family (a big family that are all interested just hard to teach because there is so many of them and they are also busy so its hard to keep appointments) and those are all of the major investigators right now. 
Im a little bit sad because Elder Sumano leaves this week so Ill have a temporary companion for the weekend probably someone whos companion is going home too and then next tuesday Ill get a new one, then I will write on Wednesday next week. Then after that everything for the temple will start happening so thats exciting. We had interviews this week too so that was fun, our president is really great. Then weve been doing interchanges with the other Elders in our district and the zone leaders. I dont know if Ive already told you about my friend Elder Walker from IF yet but hes really cool and hes also going home this week but I learned that his dad was a seventy a couple years ago so thats cool and when he was a little kid he was a mission president in Chile, Elder Walkers first words were in spanish but he forgot them all. Im sad a lot of my friends are leaving. They were working on the sewage in our street this week so we couldnt use the water for a few days so we stayed with the Elders in the ward next to ours. And thats about everything I can think of that happened this week, I hope it was good enough but more than anything I love you and Im thankful for your support and love, I hope youre not too mad at me. Im excited for the next letter. Love you lots
Elder Inskeep

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