Monday, August 31, 2015

Well the ward is pretty big for the mission and normally has at least 2 sets of missionaries but right now were in a low point in the number of missionaries so theres just us. The mission feels super huge because its all city but I know that its not really that big. It takes like 3 hours to get from top to bottom 2 million people live in our stake and sense our ward is the biggest in the stake (the others are pretty small) theres probably several hundred thousand or more people living in the ward limits. Ive never not felt safe. Yeah this week will be the last week of the open house. The prophet was supposed to come but apparently he is sick right now so either Eyring or Uchtorf will come and one of the apostles. Solomons picture was funny huh? Hes a good guy. He reads the book of mormon with a magnifying glass and his face an inch away from the book. 
Thats cool you got to speak. That is a cool topic. Something that we heard in a conference that is basically the same (Im not sure who said it but it was a prophet) that really every women that has a calling has the priesthood because they are set apart and given the authority from God- the priesthood- to act in that area. So all the sister missionaries have the priesthood because they have the authority to preach the gospel and promise blessings to the people its just different than the priesthood that the men have and its the same with all callings.  Thats fun you already had your trek party. We never had ours haha. The primary party sounded fun too. Tell everyone good luck in school, theyll all do great. Thats crazy that Jos in 2nd grade and the triplets in 5th right? Then Jace is in 8th and Annas a Jr. que loco. (how crazy). I hope you have fun camping! Where are you going to go? No I havent been sick..knock on wood... but we have a scale in our house and I have lost like 20lbs haha. Im not sure how much I gained in the CCM but Im sure I did and then just lost a bunch in the feild. I weigh like 165. Was I fat before? No Im not drinking the water. You cant drink it, the people here dont either. Everyone has to buy water from a purifier in 20 liter jugs. Its a pain. My feet are fine but Im trying to find some of those things to put in my shoes to help my arch. They say it should help my posture too (all missionaries have posture problems from walking, our bags, and having to duck down everywhere but Ive been working on my posture alot.) I do love those socks though so the next time you send something I would like more. 
This week Jasmin was baptised. It was really good and she was super ready. She was crying though the whole thing. She says she wants to go bakc to the open house at least one more time because she loved it. Shes sad she has to wait a year to go back and go in the celestial room. We´re trying to teach her 16 year old son because she really wants him to know what she knows but hes not that interested. We dont really have a lot of investigators which is hard because we had a lot in Muzquiz. Elder Pardo is really great but I dont if its just how he is or if hes ready to leave the mission or what but hes kindof just a follower. Which is also weird for me because Ive always worked with my companion on things and shared responsability but now I pretty much just make all the choices and everything. So its been alittle hard because my companion isnt that excited and the people in this area are less friendly and accepting so its hard to find people to teach and to stay excited about contacting. I have learned though that when we trudge through it and keep contacting even though nobody has wanted to listen to us all day we eventually find people that are sincerlly interested so hopefully we´ll have some more dates and baptisms soon. We have one named Radolfo (which is also Elder Pardos name and its not that common so its been weird for him hearing Radolfo all the time) is also super ready, he went to a young single adult retreat with a friend and hes been pretty excited sense, he says he wants to serve a mission and hes not even baptised yet haha. His date is the 6th so he can be confermed the next day and go to the rededication the next week. It will be really good. We also have some others that want to get baptised and are ready but dont have permission. David is 14 and needs his moms permission, Evelyn and her 3 kids and nephew are ready but need permission from the dad that is never around. And Silvia needs to get legally married to her ´husband´ of 25 years who doesnt want to get married which is super stupid after 25 years and 3 kids. But please pray for them and I know we will see a miracle soon for all of them. (Its super rare to find someone outside of the church in Mexico that is legally married so that makes things tough, also the bishops dont have the authority from the government of Mexico to legally officiate a wedding in Mexico). 
Well everything has been great. Today we went to the stake center to play volleyball and hang out as a zone which is cool because normally the zone only gets together for an activity once a month so its shows that our zone is cool and we´re all friends. Oh I forgot to answer what food I miss. Well the food here is super great but I just miss normally food if you know what I mean. And everything here is super greasy and fried so I love it when we have like a salad or fruit. They say that they eat way healthy in Mexico but thats an absolute lie. And then they wonder why everyone has diabetes haha at least the foods delicious though. I havent had one thing I didnt like...well except for papaya..yuck.
Well love you lots and have a great week
Elder Inskeep

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