Monday, August 17, 2015

Well its actually 11 metro stations we learned...You can tell how great my companion is when you hear that he didnt know that the 11th one existed. Its going to be a hard cycle but Im going to try not to complain so much. If your trying to seach where I am I live close to Metro Station Fray Servando, the church is super old on of the older ones in mexico from the ugly time period in arcetecture its right next to metro Mixihuca. We also have half of Zocalo which is where the goverment buildings are including the presidents palace and the legislature building. The 4 corners of the area are Zocalo, San Lazaro metro bus center, Metro Mixihuca, and the corners of Avenida San Antonio and Avenida Santa Anita if you can find either of those. The colonia we live in is super nice I like it a lot and it has this really cool park 2 streets from our apartment that looks like a forest and has all these cool bike paths and playgrounds and stuff. Our house is super small but we have a super cool ´patio´and the members that live below us are really cool. Its the families of two grandmas that are sisters and each of them has 2 children that live in the building with their kids so the house is divided in 5 houses and we live on the top of one haha its nice and they have a WASHING MACHINE!!! Im so happy for that. The District Federal is sooo much nicer than the State of Mexico. The streets are clean and theres bright street lights on every street. Transportation is also way cheaper and theres a ton of really cool old buildings and churches. One bad thing is we are close to the airport so we hear the airplanes all day and all night. 
We dont have that many investigators because they didnt work much before but we have two colombian immigrants (sisters) that are two of the most beautiful people I have seen in my life that are actually progressing really well they just had a few doubts. (One of the sisters was a model and her boyfriend is governor of one of the delegations (divisions like Manahattan or the Bronx in NYC) in the city) I told them that if they read the book of mormon and pray every single day with the intent to recieve an answer they will have the answers to theyre questions and they said they would be baptised if they recieve answers so that might be this week. Then we have a family of mom and dad three kids and a nephew that lives with them, everyone wants to be baptised except the dad and he wont give permission. They are going to take him to the open house and hopefully he´ll change his mind. The brother of the mom is a member and returned missionary so that has helped too. (We cant go to the temple open house with our investigators because its going to be so busy president says like 6 thousand people daily and you have to have an appointment. We just have to help them make appointments and have members go with them. Its been on the news and we´ve been giving out a bunch of invitations and stuff so people will go. Its soo cool. Today is the first day the press day when all the news stations and important people like the president of the republic are there. All the sister missionaries, area seventy, and president and his wife are there with the press. I think we have an assigned day this month we can go and then we get to go threw one of the first sessions after the dedication). Then theres one more investigator who has already been attending with her boyfriend who we are going to teach and baptise in the next 2 weeks. 
Today for the zone activity we all brought/made food from where we are from I brought the dried  Idahoan potatos haha, how crazy is that that they sell idahoan potatos in walmart in Mexico. Kind of lame but I dont know how to cook or anything soo... haha We had tortas, kentucky fried chicken, jello (from utah haha), corndogs, guacamole, and a ton of other stuff, it was way cool, best activity Ive been too. Then we also played kickball, district verses district and now Im in changes with my grandpa in the mission (The trainer of my trainer) because my companion went somewhere with the zone leaders. Its been fun.
Im glad you all have been having fun and been staying busy. You have to find out which part of Mexico Trenton is going to serve! Time is going so fast and I hope to have a lot more to tell you and show you next week. Hopefully Ill get to go to Salomons baptism this week (he wasnt baptised yesterday for some reason...) Love you so much and have an awesome week. 
Hasta luego 
Elder Inskeep

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