Monday, August 17, 2015

Well this week was interesting. My companion had transfers...haha...he had a girlfriend in the Ward and some other problems before with some of the stake leaders that I dont really know about so he had to leave the área yesterday after the baptism. My new companion is Elder Pardo. He was Elder Castillos trainer so the say hes my grandpa (I dont know if they said stuff like that in your misión dad?). He seems cool even though Ive only had a few hours with him because I had to do divisions today because he went with another Elder to one of their old áreas to say bye to some converts (he leaves in october). One of the cool things that happened was that because Elder Preciado was having problems we had to go to the Temple/offices for an interview and president told us to bring some investigadors to the open house so it wasnt a waste of a trip. Elder Preciado went to the interview and after the investigators were still waiting in line so president said we could go with them. It was SO COOL. And super big. Elder Preciado was telling me that before there used to be escalators and he didnt know if there still was. I thought he was joking but there actually was haha. Its super super big on the second floor all there is is the chapel and then a ton of sealing rooms and then on the third floor is where all the rooms for the sessions and the Celestial room are. So beautiful. And then when we were in the celestial room one of our investigadors Jasmin that we are going to baptise on saturday started to cry she said she felt the spirit super strong. It was lucky that we got to go because we still dont know if the other missionaries will be able to for sure. 
We had a baptism of 3 kids on sunday whos grandparents are members but their parents arent (their parents are also some of the worst people ever) This family is super por. Probably the poorest family I have met here. They live in a super rough part of downtown. Their house is like a super old mansión that used to be cool but now its super run down and people rent individual rooms. In some of the bigger rooms and in the courtyard people built shacks. Their grandparents are super good people but kind of oblivious to the world and super mellow. Probably from so many years of living in such a rough place. The kids are Tomas (8) Jorge (9) and Jose Armando (12). I dont think theyve left their neighboorhood very much because when we took them to the church for their interview they were amazed by every Little thing. The airplanes, a soccer field, the part of the metro that is above ground, my camera WOW,WOW,WOW! I feel really sad for them but the church will help them a lot. Jose was living with his mom in a different house and he never went to school so he doesnt know how to read. Then his mom decided she wanted to go the US and she just left him here...
There áre a ton of other kids in this building that love to talk to us so we are hopefully going to be able to help a bunch of them. 
Anyways at the baptism I got to baptise Jose and Tomas and then our neighboor that is preparing for his misión was going to baptise Jorge (thats how the kids wanted it and it shows how great of a missionary Preciado is, he didnt want to baptise any of them) I baptised Jose and then Tomas and then it was Jorges turn. He started freaking out, he was super scared of the wáter (a ton of mexicans are because hardly anyone knows how to swim but he was more than scared, screaming and crying as his grandma tried to make him get in the Font.) So they closed the Font and we went out in the hall and tried to talk to him and calm him down so he could be baptised (I felt bad for our neighbor (Kevin) because it was going to be his first baptism and he was super excited) after a while we finally got him to get into the wáter on his own (as the congregation was singing hymns for amost 45 minutes) Kevin baptised him and did really good but as Jorge was going into the wáter he started to get scared again and his hand came out of the wáter, so we would have had to do it again but he started freaking out again so we eventually decided that we cant forcé him and we´ll try to talk him into it for the next week. It was sad but it was a good baptism with a whole bunch of non member family members there that seemed interested so we´ll see what happens with them. 
Sounds like youve all been super busy still. Thats great the bathrooms are almost done and even though it really isnt its funny that Jo has so many cavities. Im not surprised. Shes funny. 
Salomon did get baptised! I was so sad that I wasnt there but Im super happy for him. The Elders there say that he still talks about me a lot so that makes me happy. Im going to count him as my convert even though I wasnt there when he was baptised because I taught him all the lessons and hes such a great guy I love him. Monse was also baptised and her sister has a date so thats great. They are going to baptise a 13 year old kid we found our last week and Xicoténcatl next week too so thats all super happy. Hopefully I can visit them all soon. Also Margarita because shes super great. 
Que mas...what else.
Well for the most part things are good I still dont know the área but it will be good to have a companion that will work more and we can learn and find more people to teach. The members and the área are super awesome.. Yep super. Did you know that super is a Word in spanish too?! 
Love you lots and thanks for everything. Ill read the talk tonight dad Im going to print it and thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Tell everyone hola. Hasta luego
Elder Inskeep

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