Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wow lots of stuff going on. Well sorry about last week I didnt realize that the letter was that short. Honestly I dont know whats wrong with me but it has been a hard change for me. Its stupid but I've been sad. But I'm getting better. Who said that I havent written them? I havent really written many people the past few weeks 1. because I dont have a lot of time and 2. because its been hard for me to sit at the computer and focus...Another sad thing that happened this week that you might have already heard but my first zone leader Elder Walker from Idaho Falls who went home in August, died last week. How sad is that? He was one of the best people I know. His tractor he was driving was hit by a truck. 
Well it only rained last week and this week it has been super hot!!! I'm overheating right now its so hot. 
Its crazy that you are all ready to tear down the kitchen. Keep sending pictures!!! Did you find anything under the porch? 
Its cool you can look up my area in google. The areas that are called Guadalupe Insurgentes and Industrial are nice. Like almost a little boring because there isnt anything going on in the street and its just a bunch of houses but the area Vallejo isnt that nice and almost all of our investigaders live there. This week Jose is going on a business trip. His aunt (the bishops wife) tried to convince him to be baptised before he leaves but he didnt want to. We actually had a really cool lesson with him yesterday when the bishop, his wife and his mom (who lives next door) all testified of the truthfulness of the gospel. He told us that he wants to but hes scared because his family has already told him that they will disown him if he gets baptised. It has to be super hard but he knows its true!! The same thing happened to his aunt (the bishops wife) when she was baptised 20 years ago and went on a misson. But after all of this time the family has forgotten and they treat here normal now. 
The bishop and his family are really great. I have been helping the bishop a little bit with his english because he is studying pathway. The pathway program in Mexico focuses a lot in English and a requirement is to have a native speaking partner from the US that talks to you through skype once a week. His partner dropped out so now he doesnt have anyone to talk to and asked for permission to talk to me until he finds a new one. Its been fun. He's an Electrical and Mechanical Engineer and he has his own business so hes studying pathway to get a business degree and learn english better. 
They are from Oaxaca (where ELder Gomez is from) and everyone says the food in Oaxaca is the best Mexican food that there is and I think they're right. They also gave us some grasshoppers that they eat there sometimes (I saw them on the internet before I came on the mission and I hoped I would never try them) but they were actually all right. I think now after trying cow eyeball, grasshopper, cactus, and fried pig skin I can eat anything. Its awesome because dad always told us about gross stuff that he had to eat but I've never had to eat anything gross or that I didnt want to in the mission...knock on wood...I just dont like the pig skin or papaya but I can eat em. 
What else...? We also have a new couple named Pedro and Gabriela. Their family was listening to the discussions before but never got baptised and they have never listened but they are excited to learn. It looks really promising,  we're hoping they are married... We have an appointment tomorrow but we might have to cancel becuase I think we are going to the temple haha...It stinks but its also great we are going to the temple! 
Love you lots. thanks for everything and we'll talk soon! Sorry I had to change the date but HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM!!!!! ¡Feliz Dia de la Madre! I love you so much mom thanks foreverything you have done for me! Have a great week and we'll talk soon!
Elder Inskeep

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