Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Well the area is really different than Mixihuca. Its way more peaceful and there are less people. The Rio Consolado, Insurgentes and the Calzada de Guadalupe and Misterios are all really important streets/highways in the city but the neigboorhood is quiet. Which is hard because there are less people we can talk to. Its not very big either so its weird. The Cathedral (Basilica/la Villa) Isn't in the area but its close. We can see it and the all of the stores are like Walmart La Villa or Honda La Villa. So we're right there. It would be interesting to be here in December when they have the pilgrimage (People from all over the world go to the Basilica to worship the Virgin Guadalupe the 12th of Dec.). My companion is good. He has the same amount of time as me in the mission and hes from Tabasco the Banana Capital. Its good to be with him he's a good companion but I'm still a little sad not to be in Mixihuca with Elder Gomez. I really miss him. I actually did fight with him but I think that helped us be friends. 
I'm District leader again in Industrial my district is Elder Villanueva (Tijuana MX), Elder Avery (Provo UT), Elder Cadena (Colombia), Elder Wach (Eagle Idaho), and the sisters Villamar and Rivas the only 2 sisters from Ecuador in the mission (its funny that they are together). And our Zone leaders are Elder Hansen (St. George) and Elder Rogriguez (Cuernavaca MX). They are good. My friends Elder Dominguez (Veracruz MX) and Elder Anderson (Virgina) are in our zone too so thats cool. 
This week it has rained a whole bunch so I guess it means that the rainy season has started again. Its been rough because we dont know anyone so we've pretty much been getting wet in the street the whole week. Its nice at night though because its nice and fresh and I sleep really well. We dont have a laundry machine so that stinks (a lot) but theres a member in our ward that has a laundry busness so we can give him our clothes and he'll wash them. The only thing that is bad about that is it costs money and it takes 2 days. 
We have an investigator named Jose (24) who is the bishops nephew. Hes reallly great and ready for baptism he just needs to get an answer (we think he already has it he just needs to realize it). I like him a lot and I feel like we can connect a little because about a month ago he moved here from a really small town in Oaxaca (the state were Elder Gomez is from) so hes just barely getting used to the city and everything is new for him. Hes been alittle home sick but hes getting over it and says the gospel and living with his aunt and uncle has changed his life and his way of thinking.
We also have Joselin (17) whos grandpa is a member. She also needs an answer. And Luis (18) who is really open to learning but doesnt have a lot of time. He plays the piano, guitar, and violin, sings and teaches lessons. The cool thing is you can tell him to play whatever song and he plays it. Hes pretty cool. And those are who we are teaching right now.
Sounds like youve had a busy week (like always). You do a lot. Good luck with everything this week and thanks so much for your prayers. Love you lots!
Elder Inskeep

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