Saturday, May 14, 2016

Happy Mothers Day again! How was your day? This week has been good. Itzel from Mixihuca got baptised on saturday and President gave me permission to go. It was great. After 3 months of waiting for her dads permission she turned 18 and he said it was alright. The next baptism in Industrial should be Daniela. Her baptismal date is the 21st and shes excited. She already has a testimony its just hard for her to go to church on sunday. Jose is also ready but he goes to Baja California tomorrow for work and he'll be back in 3 weeks. We're hoping hes ready by then and if not we're going to fast with him and the bishops family that Jose's family will accept his decision. Its a little frustrating with him because everyone (Elder Jimenez, the rest of the zone, and sometimes the bishops wife) want to pressure him into it but I dont want to pressure him. I know he'll do it if he wants to and if not then hes not ready. Pedro and Gaby are also progressing pretty well but they need to get married first haha. Pedro is like an investigator from the mtc. "I dont know why but I feel the need to join a church and be closer to God" "its true what they say I feel great when you're here" hes so awesome and his wife Gaby is cool to. They also have a son named Balam thats 7 and a daughter named Ariana thats 2. 
Things are looking crazy at home. How do you make food? Laundry? Yes I did like the grasshoppers, I didnt enjoy them that much just for the thought of eating grasshoppers but I'd eat em again. 
Well I dont know what to say because we are going to talk tomorrow. 
Love you lots and we'll talk more tomorrow!!!!
Elder Inskeep 

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