Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Its so crazy that its already the end of the school year! I cannot believe that Jace is going to be in high school and the triplets in YM/YW what grade are they going to be in? Its weird how they count the grades here its first through sixth in elementry school but then in middle and high school they count the semesters so they say "Im in the 3rd semester of high school." 
thats crazy about all the mission calls and graduations too. I dont know who chase is but thats cool about Justin. If you see Charlene tell her I said hola she was always a nice lady. haha. speaking of another justin. did you hear that Jessica (loveland) and Justin are going to have twins? Cool right? She wrote me last week. 
Last week we were having some problems with the investigators and so we fasted on thursday that they would progress and go to church and this weekend was really great and not only did we have more investigators at church but we found several new ones. Daniela still hasnt been baptised but hopefully soon. Then Karla and Jose next week. Then we'll see about: Fabiola: a single mom of 5 that we met that are super great. They literally live in a shack along the train tracks but they are super awesome and everytime we go she invites us to eat... so nice. She works nights as a secretary in a government office. Pedro and Gaby (and their 8 year old son Balam): they are the best investigators and complete with everything except church assistence which is difficult because they always have good excuses. Fernanda: a girl we met in the store that is really nice and has read everything we've left here. Aime: Danielas daughter that is studying to be a vet. and Karen: who owns a gift shop in the market in front of our house and is the neice of a recient convert. And we'll see about the rest.
Today was good we cleaned the house, relaxed a little bit and then went to the Buenavista Mall and ate Sushi buffet with Elder Wach (Eagle ID) and Elder Cadena (Colombia) from our district. It was good (the second time I've tried sushi) the workers hardly spoke spanish and it only cost 138 pesos which is like 8 dollars for all you can eat! 
What else did I want to say... It has been hot again. Now we're in the season when its super hot in the morning until like 5ish and then it rains. Which is just a pain because its cold for like 4 hours and then at like 9 or 10 it gets hot again...
Love you so much and thanks for everything!!! 
Elder Inskeep

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