Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Definitely the hardest and most looked forward to part of the week is emailing time. I love to hear from you guys and all of my friends. But its the only time I feel a little home sick. Other than that Im doing great. Everyone says the blog looks great. Im glad you get to do so much missionary work. Everytime I here of someone going to Idaho I tell them how great it is and how awesome the people are. I hope I hear of someone going to Pocatello, everyone Ive met is going to either Twin Falls Nampa or Boise.
 Its not just sunday in spanish everything is in spanish its so hard. The only time I can speak english is with my district but our teacher just told us yesterday we shouldnt be so everything will be getting way harder haha. 
So this week we did a lot of cool stuff, on wednesday we went downtown to the immigration office to do more visa paperwork. It was sooo fun. Its weird im considered an immigrant though. It is so different downtown it was so cool. Its their capital so they have all these monuments like we do in DC for their revolution and wars and stuff. Also skyscrapers for miles. I love this place, Im sad i couldnt take pictures because it wasnt p day. We had some street tacos which is what Mexico City is famous for and they were so good!!! I never really liked corn tortillas until now hahaha. The streets here are pretty much just like the state fair everywhere haha, people and booths selling anything from tacos, churros, and hamburgers to pottery and furniture haha. Its crazy. The coolest part was probably driving past the government buildings and all the cathedrals and ruins. Some of the really old cathedrals are built on top of the ruins because the Spaniards didnt want the natives to worship their gods in their temple so the just built on top of the natives temples theyre way cool. I cant wait to go see them. 
Today we went to the temple and it was so beautiful and way bigger than it looks in pictures, It was as big as IF or bigger. They said it was the biggest temple outside of the US and has the 3rd biggest visitor center, also the biggest temple square besides salt lake. The visitor center was really cool and it was fun to meet the hermanas that work their because they are in our mission!!  The visitor center had so much cool stuff I loved it! They also had a cool gift shop and I got Jace something with the money he gave me haha. When I leave the CCM I´ll find a FedEx to send it home. The teachers said to never trust the Mexican Postal system even with letters but they said fedex works. 
On sunday the CCM president gave a devo and it was super awesome he spoke in conference back in 2007 when he was a seventy you should look him up it was good. His name is Octaviano Tenorio. He is so funny. We also had a broadcast from Holland again that was sooo good. And last tuesday night we had a Devotional by a Mexican Area seventy that was very good too. 
One of my teachers Hermano Cayetano is going to the US after we leave for his vacation to visit temple square and some mission companions he had from Rexburg and Pocatello. I told him it would be cool if he saw you guys haha. Hes so awesome. He doesnt know much english though haha. We also get to do this way cool thing called TRC= Teaching recent converts so we actually teach real people its so crazy because they dont know english and they are real people but its so awesome to learn!!! 
I know theres so much to tell you I really should keep a list because I know I forget stuff. Itwill be fun to talk to you for reals in a couple months. Agh I knew there was more
I love you some much
Elder Inskeep

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