Tuesday, March 31, 2015

¿Como esta? Este semana fue muy bueno y muy difícil. Haha Hmm thats weird you couldnt find it. I know they have it in the states because most of my district had had it before...(´¨had had¨ stupid English) haha. Yeah I ws thinking about you when I was sick, . I´m not sure how it works but I just had to take a pill for like 2 weeks and then I think its supposed to fix it. I have another pill too to take if it gets bad but Ive only used it twice and just right after I got them because the first pill fixed the problem. They worked instantly, I dont know maybe its mental but either way it works. 
The birds- Yes and there are sooooo many everywhere. The other day we were teaching our investigator ´Miguel´(hes actually just our teacher pretending to be one of his favorite investigators from his mission) anyways were sitting there and a breeze comes by and knocks a big ole chunk of dried bird poop on to my lap. Good thing it was dried. Then another time we were teaching Álberto¨(same situation different teacher) I put my hand down on the bench into some bird poop. I have issues. The birds are sooo loud all day too its kind of insane how many there are. 
Im glad you liked Tenorio he´s such a good man and soo funny. In one of his talks he was telling us about how he met his wife. He was a branch president in a very successful branch when he was in his early twenties and he received a call from the stake president saying they wanted to make the branch a ward and he was going to be the bishop. Tenorio was very surprised and then said ´but Im not married¨ the president said I know you have 2 months and if you don´t find a wife we´ll call one of the nice single Hermanas of the stake to be your wife hahaha. So he prayed specifically about that (I remember now this was in the specific prayers talk) and the next sunday there was a new Hermana that moved in from the Mormon Colonies in Chihuahua. He said the moment he saw here he knew and then he pretty much went straight up to here and begged her to marry him haha. He has sooo many funny and very spiritual stories. The people here are so humble they notice so much of God´s hand in their lives. 
Im so excited for you to be a missionary and I cant wait to hear more about what goes on.  
I I love Mexicans!
Its crazy it is already spring break!!! Im glad to hear that you guys are having fun....and that you replaced me with KIM....just kidding haha. Its crazy how close Ive gotten to my district and how it just seems normal now to be with them every day. They and my amazing teachers are my substitute family. I am going to miss the half that go to Monterrey. Its also kind of hard to be with them everyday too though and I definitely understand everyone that talks about hard companions now and I know that its something that I need to learn to deal with and it will help me in my life. Im so glad I have a good companion that truly is one of my best friends here.Please pray for me to have kind thoughts because it is a struggle haha. I have also become great friends with Elder Turner and he´s going to BYUI and keeps telling me how excited he is for it and that we will be able to hang out after the mission which is way cool so you guys will probably meet him someday. Elders Haggard, Tuia, and Clark are also going to BYUI and I really like all 3 of them too so itll be fun.
Yep this is my last week in the CCM. Its sooo crazy! It went so fast. I leave monday morning at 7 which is super nice because most people leave way early in the morning...like anywhere from 2:30-5 so its nice that because we are in the city our mission president will come pick us up. There are 4 American and 3 Latino elders going there that day. Its also nice because I get to email again on Saturday night to give you more details on my travel even though Im only driving. Also we have been doing this crazy thing. We´ve always been encouraged to speak only spanish but thats so hard when youre not in class like at meals or at home, but now our teacher is making us to 5 push ups for every english word you say and there is someone in the district assigned to keep track of someone elses english words. It is so hard because we cant even say like ¨como se dice toast¨ because it is still speaking spanish. I live in my dictionary. But I am also so grateful that we are being forced this way because we always try but it is so easy to get off track when no one understands spanish as well as english or knows all the words. I know I learn so much even after only a few days of doing it I can see so much improvement. Also trying to tell jokes or stories in spanish makes everything 10xs as funny so theres a plus haha. 
Talk to you more on sabado (saturday)!
¡Adios! Mucho amor

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