Tuesday, March 17, 2015

1st Month

Hola, I'm not sure what my favorite thing to eat is. Honestly the food is really good but it is all the same. The natives say that it will be better in the field because this is just cafeteria food. My favorite is either the hamburgers or the chicken bake just because its nice to have American. haha the chicken bake is from costco so if you get the chance you should try it its super good. I have had some rice pudding and it was alright it was store bought though so Im sure it will get better. They have this really weird jello-pudding stuff here I cant decide if I like it or not but it looks like jello but its not clear and its creamy like pudding. They have like every flavor you can think of and sometimes its really good and sometimes its not. I really like the tamales and stuff here and the fruit is all really good. 
About being sick. It was weird because I never got very sick from the food like a lot of the other missionaries do the first week but my stomach had been hurting off and on for the whole time Ive been here and its not like a sick hurt just like a sore hurt and it was mostly around my upper stomach and my ribs. Anyways it got pretty bad wednesday night so I went to the infermería on tuesday afternoon after I couldn´t handle it anymore. I was scared it was just going to be gas or something and I didn´t want to be a wimp but apparently I have some type of stress induced gastro something or other problem where my stomach releases to much acid when Im stressed (which is weird because I haven´t felt overly stressed but he said it could be just new things to) so they gave me some magical pills and now I feel wonderful so all is well with that haha. 
The temple was so awesome I seriously hope we can go back someday as a family because it was amazing. I am so glad it is in my mission and I will be able to go back and also take investigators there. It will be so awesome to be here for the rededication too. 
Everything really is cheap here. 1 dollar equals aound 14 pesos and even with that everything is way cheap. You can get a candy bar for like 4.80pesos so its pretty cool. Yes! We definitely need to have a Mexican vacation and we need to go to a bunch of ruins for sure. 
So this week has been really great. So last tuesday after I emailed we had the devotional which was live from Provo by Elder and Sister Cook and then we went back to our classroom for testimony meeting. It had been a really nice day but as Elder Haggard was bearing his testimony he started talking about the first vision and how when ever you teach it something happens (which we have definitely already seen) anyways as soon as he started talking about the first vision there was a HUGE crack of lightning and the loudest thunder I have ever heard. Then the power went out. (which is actually pretty normal here but normally it comes right back on after like 30seconds) There was hail the size of ping pong balls and it was super windy. Then we went out in the hall and noticed our friends in the classroom next to ours needed some help. I guess one of the Hermanas had been having a really stressful hard week and storm was the straw that broke the camels back. We asked her if she wanted a blessing and she said yes. It was so spiritual, her district leader our friend Elder Reis (from Hawaii whos brother is in the district movies) gave the blessing and it was awesome. During the blessing the sound from the storm outside went away and all you could hear was Elder Reis. Then the lights came back on and we went back out in the hall and started singing hymns with other people in our building (there are probably 6 districts of 8 in our building) I love the spanish hymns and scriptures because it makes me focus on the words and theyre meanings. They are also very beautiful and I love the unity that singing brings. It was funny some of the Latino elders had saved a small bird from the storm before the hail had gotten too bad and they were holding it wrapped in paper towels haha. As we got done singing called to serve the bird decided it was better and flew out of the Elders hands and down the hall. The hermanas that didnt know that there was a bird in the building freaked out haha. I also hate birds but I only freaked out on the inside and laughed at the hermanas on the outside. After an hour the storm slowed down just enough for us to walk home and then started up again. It has rained every night after dinner sense then but never very hard. It has been fun to wear my raincoat and sweaters.
We also had some amazing devos this week that I will have to tell you about another time. Did you look up Presidente Tenorio? He is amazing. He have a lesson on sunday about specific prayers and so I decided to try it out and be more specific. I decided that I would pray for specific help in my language goals and that I would be able to work hard enough to be worthy of the gift of tongues. Yesterday was amazing. My spanish definitely improved a bunch just yesterday and our lessons went great. I know that God hears our prayers and he really does want to help us. 
Thanks for all your love, support, and prayers
Love Elder Inskeep

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