Saturday, March 7, 2015

2nd week

¿Como esta? ¡Muy bien! ¿Y tu? hahaha
This week as been pretty great. I probably won\t have as much to say sense we are now in the swing of things but it has still been awesome. Thank you for the update on things and also the pictures! I wish I could print them out they look great! When I\m out in the field you might have to send them to me. I\m glad the science fair went well and that you guys liked the area broadcast thing. Hows the blog going? I got lots of emails about it so it sounds like youre doing great!! Also thank you for the cards you left me in my suitcases they mean a lot to me and they make nice bookmarks haha.
You can tell Carter that yes my companion is choosing the right and I love getting emails from the kids. 
Spanish is getting better but definitely keep me in your prayers because I really need the help. I understand a good amount of whats going on but it takes me a long time to figure out how to respónd to most things. Our teachers are really great though we have Hermano Cayetano and Hermano Tinoco we spend most of our time preparing lessons to teach them and they pretend to be investigators. We also have a couple spanish lessons a day but most of the learning happens from just being around it. Sense it is 'week 3' we are not aloud to speak english for most of the day so that is muy loco. I feel like I´m just getting really good at spanglish and really bad at both english and spanish haha. We also found out that it is summer here right now and this is the hottest it gets which is awesome because its not extremely hot. Its way hot when we have to wear our suits on sundays and to devos but Its pretty nice besides that.
I really like my companion a lot and we{re good friends but its hard to be with him at all times haha. Its crazy this is my second week (at the CCM they call it the third week) at the end of the week we will be half way done. It seems like I´ve been here forever but also like I barely got here. Its weird that there are so many missionaries newer than me because I feel brand new! Its fun because I get to meet a lot of new people and we´re all here for the same reason. The latinos are on a different schedule than us and most of them are only here for a week and a half if they are going spanish speaking so we dont get to see them much which is sad. It also seems like there are new senior couples like every day so they must not stay long.  
Probably one of my favorite parts of being here is sundays because so much goes on and its so spiritual and no stress. I especially love when we have CCM wide meetings and we sing. Even though I don´t understand most of the words it is so spiritual and it feels so unified I definitely believe the song of the righteous is a prayer and how awesome is a prayer said by hundreds of missionaries relying on God for help in learning the language and learning how to teach his gospel. We also have weekly devotionals either broadcasted from Provo or live here from general authorities. We´ve heard from Elder Bednar and Elder Holland from Provo and we´re supposed to be hearing from a Mexican area seventy soon.
I love it. 

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