Thursday, June 16, 2016

who knows what has happened with your email but this is the third time right? Everything went well this week. Karla was baptised saturday and confirmed sunday. It was great but Ill have to send you the pictures next week because I still dont have them. Elisabeth didnt go to church again because she was sick but Daniela went and she said that shes going to do everything possible to be baptised this month so we put her date for the 19th, Luis Fernando has his for the 26th and Jose when he gets back...(still waiting). WHo knows what happened with the Tovar Family, they cancelled every appointment we had last week and didnt go to church, we're going to look for them later today. Gaby and Pedro are progressing little by little we talked with them about sacrifice and that its important to go to church and keep the sabath day holy. I think they understood so we'll see how that goes. We're really happy with how Antonia (Karla's mom who is reactivating) and Neyla (recent convert who wasnt taught very well and doesnt understand anything) are progressing too. They have changed a lot and have gone to church every week. 
 I know I need to be frugal thanks for reminding me. 
THe pictures of the house look cool! whats going in the basement? How long until its finished? 
Jace got a frig? thats kinda wierd but cool I guess. Sorry I forgot last week but HAAPPPYYYY BIRTHDAY JACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ¡¡¡FELIZ CUMPLEAƑOS!!! 15 right? Super crazy! I cant believe how big everyone is and its going to be crazier when I actually see them. Whats Neymar? and who is Eileen? 
Holly wrote me and said that she has her call to Dallas Texas. I guess theres a lot in Texas from Blackfoot Holly, Cooper, Benji Bigler, Emily Jensen, and I think theres more..? 
Thats good that you have a lot of work dad and that Anna is going to start working. Will you hire me when I get back? What advice can you give me about leadership. The first few weeks of being district leader were hard because I didnt know what I was doing and I was nervous about the classes but then after that it was great but now after almost 8 months of being district leader its hard again. My district is hard and I dont know how to help them, Ive fasted and prayed and I remembered the best leader example that I have my Dad. They struggle a lot and dont really pay attention ever, like they all know what to do and dont need the class, sometimes I feel like they dont like me very much which isnt that important but it makes me feel bad and not like them that much either and if I dont love my district I cant help them. 
Thanks for everything and love you lots!
Elder Inskeep

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