Thursday, June 16, 2016

Well first I want to thank you for writing me every week. This week I realized why Elder Jimenez gets done writing so fast, I looked over when he opened his email and saw that he only had 4 letters, 2 from president, 1 from the church telling him how much money he has in his card, and 1 letter with just one paragraph from his mom. Its a little sad... Thanks for writing so much and always supporting me! Love you lots! 
The pictures of the house look great! You still havent answered me! What is in the basement?! Send me the plans again! How much time do they say until its finished? 
This week we didnt baptise but we're hoping soon. Daniela would have been ready for this sunday but she didnt go to church this week, she went last week and was really excited to be baptised this month but shes really inconsistant and we want her to take it seriously and make church attendance a habit. She doesnt even have good excuses. Jose is still in Los Cabos, Baja California...ugh. He's still progressing though, he reads the book of mormon and even listens to conference talks at work, he talks with his aunt, the Bishops wife, every night on the phone and tells her about it (they're really close shes really good with him). Luis Fernando is going to 100% ready for his baptism the 26th, he could actually be baptised the 19th but we dont want to rush things or pressure him. Its been really great to see his family (his wifes family=inactives) progress, his wife Magali, and her parents Rene and Rosa (yep Rene is a mans name here) have all started to go to church again and her sister Avigal is going to this week and invited her boyfriend Eric. Rosa is already endowed but we are working so Rene can prepare for his endowment and then be sealed in the temple. Magali and Luis Fernando are really excited for the day they can go to the temple and be sealed with their 3 month old Nahomi. Its really awesome to teach them because you can really see that that is what they want and its their goal. Elisabeth isnt really progressing that much right now which stinks.
I know school is expensive. I've been thinking about what you said, Mom, last week and you're right. I really dont spend my money on whatever but I can be better and I need to be better. I'm going to work on it. I think I will want some money at the end of the mission to buy a couple things but for now I should buy as little as possible and look for ways to save money. I know that God blesses us for our obedience and our efforts and especially for the mission so if I want help after the mission I need to work hard now to make good habits and get used to living with a little. I think when I get back I'll probably work with Dad and see if I could find something little Kelsers or something a few nights so that I can save up as much as possible. I'll be bored at home anyways and itll only be a few months. DON'T SAY I ONLY HAVE 6 MONTHS!!! Because I have like 8 left...almost 9. Time has gone really fast. 
Today we went to "La Villa" (the basilica and all the catholic stuff) I'll send you the pictures it was actually fun and beautiful. I think all of the catholic money in Mexico goes to La Villa because the rest of the churches look a little run down but La Villa was nice.
Que mas....thanks for the advice Dad. and Mom for your great example ...Also if you could check/think if you could find something that would be typical Idaho. Or maybe like a cool t-shirt or something? and let me know what you think of haha. 
Well everythings great. Thanks for everything! Love you!
Elder Inskeep

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