Monday, October 10, 2016

Yeah well this week has been a little rough... The area is really great. I like it. Its really different to be in the State again. Its a lot calmer, everyone that works in the city (which is like %80) goes really early in the morning and comes home late at night so the majority of the people we talk to during the week are old people or moms (theres more stay at home moms in the state too). Its cool because almost everyone lives in a house (not so many tiny apartments like the past year in 2 areas close to downtown) the people are more like people in Idaho...or maybe I've just been on the mission too long haha. I dont know but when I went to church yesterday the ward reminded me of going to church with grandma in Wyoming, (which is weird because I'm still in the city, about 2 million people live just in the suburb I'm in) everyone was super chill and half of the men came in jeans with big belt buckels (who knows why...we're in the biggest city in the world for crying out loud) and there are also a lot of families. (In Industrial there were a lot of old people and individuales who came to the city for work, not many families). Anyways I really like it and I'm excited to start working with them! My companion on the other hand...might be a little dificult, not because hes not a good person and I dont like him but theres a couple issues. Luckily we had interviews (the whole zone) with president today and he helped me alot. (I really love President Naumann, Im going to send you the letter he sent me just so you can see how great he is). Lets just say E. Jacobs worries a lot, hates Mexico (so he hardly speaks/understands spanish), and is lost in our area even though hes already been here 3 months.....but its good. I have something to learn from him. 
I'm really liking being a zone leader. Its a lot of work but I'm excited to be able to make a difference in my Zone and help other missionaries more than I could as a district leader. I also really like my zone alot. We have a few Elders with some problems but we're getting there. My zone is E. Gutierrez (Sinaloa, MX), E. De la Cruz (Mexicali, MX), E. Gomez (Oaxaca, MX), E. Vela (Aguascalientes, MX), E. Pola (Chiapas, MX), E. Garcia (Chihuahua, MX), E. Bartlett (Gilbert, AZ), E. Mendoza (Peru), E. Jimenez (Santiago, Dominican Republic), E. Gonzales (Monterrey, MX), E. Winget (St. George), and E. Ruano (Guatemala City). Almost all the zones in our mission have 2 districts, and ours is one of those. We have Zone class every month, district class every week, and zone conference (with president and another zone) every other transfer. I'm also excited because we get to work more with the stake because the zones are stakes so the zone leaders meet with the stake leaders to help solve problems in all the wards. The Azteca Stake has 7 wards. 
Honestly I cant say much about the work or investigators because they didnt have anything when I got here. But everythings going great and the next week Im sure we'll have several new investigators to tell you about. 
What food do I miss? Everyone asks that (the probably want to make us something we'll like, I love the people here soooo much) but I honestly dont miss anything specific, Just the food that mom cooks. 
Its good to hear you are busy and happy. It made me laugh to hear what you said about Landan, especially what Anna said hahahaha. Jace got glasses? Send me a picture haha. I loved the pictures in the field by the way, I'll try to send pictures of my area soon! If you want to see my area the limits are: Avenida Central Carlos Hank Gonzalez, Boulevard de los Aztecas, Circuito Exterior Mexiquense, and Boulevard Halcon. In my area we have part of downtown Cuidad Azteca, Plaza Aragon (a huge mall), Mexipuerto (a huge mall/important metro and bus station) and a cementary that is really annoying becuase its in the middle of the area and we can't cross through it so we have to walk around it all day.  Love you lots! ¡Les amo muchísimo que tengan una buena semana! 
Elder Inskeep

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