Monday, October 10, 2016

wow well dad must be really busy because its the first week in my mission that he hasnt written me! Good luck!! You havent sent me pictures of the house in a long time. And I told you I'd be writting earlier from now on, well today was an exception, next week I should write around 11ish. The talk alot about pioneers here mostly about the pioneers that brigham young sent to the Mormon colonies in Chihuahua and also about the first people that were baptised in Mexico City a little bit after that and the trials they had to pass but they dont celebrate pioneer day. The story from the friend was good it made me laugh haha! And it sounds like the primary kids are pretty funny too! This week was alright.
This week we put a baptismal date with Ivonne for the 28th of August, shes super cool, we've taught her the restauration, plan of salvacion, and the gospel of Jesus Christ just in these 2 weeks I've been here and its been awesome. Normally the super cool life changing lessons are either the restauracion or the plan of salvacion but with her it was the gospel of Jesus Christ. She accepted everything really great but it was when we got to repentance and forgiveness/Atonement that we got her. Shes a really great person but she feels bad for things shes done in the past and is willing to doing anything to be forgiven. Its awesome. The front of her house is a farmacy where she works so we normally go over after the lunch hour when its calmer and she lets us in behind the desk to teach her. She says that she and her husband are pretty busy so thats why we havent been able to teach them in their house with their 3 kids (ages 13, 6,3) but that shes going to arrange her schedule so that we can and we kind of thought that maybe her husband was against it and thats why she hadnt let us meet him but on sunday she went to church with her husband Cesar and her youngest son who is also named Cesar haha. It was awesome. The sacrament meeting wasnt really the greatest in my opinion so I was a little bit worried that she wouldnt like it but I looked over and she was crying. When she left (she could only stay for sacrament meeting, 3hrs is hard when you're starting out) she said it was beautiful, she loved it. 
We also have a baptismal date with Roberto for the 7th of August, he's an ex-Jehova's Witness who realizes that the JW's are wrong, he came looking for the church and he is super prepared and has studied alot, he's one of those people who has actually studied the bible and applied it, he already knew about repentance, the law of chastity, and even the word of wisdom (except coffee and tea but he knows now haha) He said that he had been looking for the truth and praying to God for help so when he heard the first lesson he knew it was true. He said he felt so great he thought he wasn't diabetic anymore haha (he realized that he still is but he's still convinced on his answer). I think those are our main investigators right now...more to come.
The ward is cool. We live about the bishop and his wife Jessica and twin girls Sofie and Eveli (the are 6 years old and don't know how to talk normal, they yell...and they get it from their grandma haha) The bishop lives on the 1st floor, on the second floor are Jessica's parents Bro and Sis Rivera and Jessica's younger brother Ruben. There's also a really big puppy named Napo haha. Their cool too, they always give us food (like leftovers or dessert) and they let us use their washing machine haha. There's also another Ivonne who works in Ivonne the investigators farmacy who is awesome and really excited about sharing the gospel (thats how we started teaching Ivonne the owner of the farmacy). She introduced us to her son Jorge and Jorge introduced us to his friend Miguel Angel who are both looking for work (their both 20 and need money for college) yesterday we took them to the stake self-reliance center (do we have this program in the US?) Its really cool because they can take a free course to learn about being self-reliant and how to look for jobs, get hired, interviews, and everything you need to be successful, they can even help you find jobs with other members who own busnesses or busnesses who want to hire mormons, if we have it in the US I want to take the course. Jorge and Miguel Angel are really cool and hopefully they'll be new investigators soon, Jorge also has a girlfriend that Ivonne wants us too meet and theirs another girl that is Ivonne's neighboor that shes sharing the gospel with haha. 
The area is a nice mix of nice and not nice haha. Half of it is the actual Cuidad Azteca which is pretty much a huge subdivision of nice houses but their about 30 years old now so their still nice but its not the most beautiful neighborhood in the world. Cuidad Azteca is really big and there are 4 other wards (3 from our stake and 1 from another) that have part of it. Then theirs the cemetery and on the other side is the neighboorhood where we live called Riconada de Aragon, it has the mall and a lot of town houses that are all the same but they are also like 30 years old and the people can buy them so every one can do what they want (remodel, add on) so all they houses have the same base but they all look different (for example the bishops family added an apartment on the 3rd floor and thats where we live). Then behind all that is an area called Poligonos (theres like 6 but we have seccions 1,2,and 5) They are known for being a rough area a lot of weird things are there but its alright. The area is good I like it better than Muzquiz and Industrial but Mixihuca is still the best.
Sorry about the pictures I always put it off or forget about it until I'm here in the internet cafe. Love you lots! Thanks for the prayers and have a great week! 
Elder Inskeep

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