Monday, October 10, 2016

Looks like you're having fun camping! I'm glad you get to rest a little! 
This week has been alright, we found some new investigators that we are excited about, we've also been in the process of doing divisions with everyone in the zone so its been interesting. On tuesday we did divisions with Rio de Luz ward who are Elder Winget (st. George) and Elder Ruano (Guatemala City) it was good, I went with E. Ruano and sense I'm still not really familiar with the area we were looking for a street where a part member family lives when we found an elderly sister (Sister Carmona) walking in the street, as we were talking with her on the other side of the street (where there was a soccer court with a bunch of kids playing (those things are never empty in MX)) she saw someone she thought she knew, she waved at him and he came over she greeted him with a kiss (like Mexicans do) and realized that she did not know him haha. But he knew us, he started talking to us and told us that a few years ago he had a girlfriend that was a member, he went to church with her almost every week, went to her little brothers baptism and had even been invited to be baptised himself, the cool thing is is that he wanted too! But before he could he broke up with his girlfriend (who lives in another suburb called Texcoco) so he didnt know what to do, he liked the church but didn't know where to go or how to keep going. Until he found us. His name is Alejandro and he's 21. We made an appointment for the next day and he even called us that night to confirm it. We went the next day and he introduced us to his mom, Silvia, who is in bed paralyzed from the arms down after a car accident a few years ago. They are both super interested and Alejandro said one of the coolest prayers I've ever heard. He said he was going to go to church yesterday but at the last minute cancelled so we'll see what happens with them this week! Anyways after talking with Alejandro, Sister Carmona showed us where the part member family lived, the Melendez family is a huge inactive family (that includes the grandparents, their 4 kids and their spouses, and 10 grandchildren) that has young kids that are not baptised. We're working with them to reactivate them and baptise a little 9 year old girl named Michel (Meechel). Michel and her mom Sandra are the ones that are showing the most interest, we're not sure about the rest but Sandra said she wants her daughters (she has 2 more that are 6 and 4 years old) to grow up in the gospel. Michel has a baptismal date for the 4th of september. Things with Ivonne are going well and Roberto is ready for his baptism this week! 
Yeah we've been fed everyday here, the food in the state is better than in the city because the people aren't as rushed. The tacos and other street food are better in the city though, but more expensive. The ice cream in Mexico is really good, there's a little ice cream shop that is everywhere (like everywhere) called the Michoacana that is awesome, they also sell homemade juices that are amazing, theres also a lot of fruits here that we dont have like mangos, guayabas, guanabanas, mamey, fresh coconut (which are my favorites but theres more I cant remember right now). 
My companion is alright, he's a hard one. He's got a super bad cold right now and the pollution makes the colds here worse. Elder Gomez is like Neal, Elder Sumano and Elder Jimenez were great too. In the beginning I thought elder Jimenez was super weird and he was but we got along well and I miss him, his weirdness made me laugh a lot and we had fun. I also saw Elder Pardo a few weeks ago when he came to the city to go to the temple and on sunday went to a ward where he had served which happened to be one of the wards that shares our building. It was nice to seee him and talk with him. I've learned a lot from each of my companions and I'm grateful for each of them. 
I am a so grateful for the great example you have always shown me that we always go to church, its awesome you went to church in stanley, not a lot of people do that and its important to partake of the sacrament every week. I hope people start to understand that better like you have. I was thinking about it and I honestly cannot remember the last sunday I did not go to church, I think its probably been several years.
Time goes by sooo fast. I cant believe Tanner and Jacob are already home. Caleb gets home this week, you should find out when his homecoming is and go. (Anna and Mom). 
That is extremely sad about the tongan sister. How has the work been going with the sisters in the blackfoot east stake? I have realized that the ward/stake names are really boring in the US. In mexico its cooler, but it also helps that all of the neighboorhoods have names to name the wards after. The wards in our stake are Guerreros (warriors), Aguilas (eagles), Fuentes (source or fountain), Queztalcoatl (the mayan god the feathered serpant or Jesus Christ), Central (central haha or downtown), Mayas, and Rio de Luz (River of Light) I like it too because the neighboorhoods in Cuidad Azteca alll have something to do with the Aztecs or Mayas. 
I'm ready to see pictures of the house! Tell everyone I said hola! Love you thanks for everything!!!
Elder Inskeep 

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