Monday, October 10, 2016

Elder Inskeep, 
I am glad the Lord called you to serve as a Zone Leader. I feel you have a lot to teach the missionaries in your zone. I also feel that you and elder Jacobs will learn much from each other. I want to give you some council as you begin this service and new part of your mission:

1. Be humble. Leadership positions may make some individuals become proud. Pride is a sense that one gets if we forget from whom all blessings and opportunities come. The best way to keep humble is to serve those you lead. Minister to them. Pray for each companionship in your zone by name. Instead of telling them what to do, offer your help. Most of all love them.

2. Love your companion. Companionship as leaders is a high responsibility. You must be an example to your zone to show them the ideal companion relationship. As both of you are from the U.S., be extra careful and sensitive to the needs of those who are latinos. As I referred to in the first part, stay humble.

3. Speak Spanish with your companion. It is a bit of a temptation to speak English with another U.S. companion. Make sure you continúe to improve your language skills as it is crucial to continúe to teach the gospel.

4. Study how the Savior served as a leader. When you read His life, look at it differently than you have in the past; read it anew, trying to find patterns of leadership in all His doings. You will be amazed how the scriptures will take on another meaning. 

I love you Elder Inskeep. Know that the Lord wants to you serve at this time, in this assignment, and with this companion. There is no doubt in my mind.

Have a great Preperation Day!
Presidente Naumann

he's super awesome and makes me really feel loved and trusted. President Anaya was really great too and I also love him but I can really feel Pres. Naumann's concern and love for us. I know Pres. Anaya loved us and he showed it too but sometimes when I was with him I felt a little intimidated or pressured to be on my best behavior because I felt like he was grading me, with Pres. Naumann its different, I can be myself (which I have really learned to be on the mission) and I know he knows I'm a good person but not perfect. I have never recieved so much help and felt so  understood in an interview in my life. 

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